Friday, March 07, 2008

Aku yang tak mengundi di Rembau

Ohh….. Penduduk Rembau….Tolonglah undi opposition. Tolong lah… ini rayuan rakyat yang tak mengundi di Rembau. Pleeeassee !!

Tak undi pun takpelah. Dok rumah diam – diam…

Jangan bagi si KJ (aku nak tulih nama penuh pun tak lalu) tu menang. Kalau apa-apa jadi kat negara ku yang merdeka ni sebab dia… aku akan blame orang Rembau solely…

The future of our country is in your hands…….

(Besaq tanggungjawab tu….)

Dah lah si Azalina tu dah menang… nampaknya plan nak buat sports center kat England tu menjadilah nanti… Rakyat Malaya tak makan tak pa asalkan kita menang pingat emas. Itu pun belum tau buleh ka menang…. Waaa……. !!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Kalau tak suka jangan pandang !!

The cerita benar I am about to relate to you happened to a friend of mine. I have no reasons to denounce his story as untrue as why would anybody lie about this. He said this happened when he was having his meal at a mamak restaurant ( don’t know where ) with his colleague. In front of him was a group of high school students, still garbed in their uniform. There was a couple amongst them and this couple, were having the time of their life kissing and necking and what-nots.

What would a responsible 36 year old person do ? Dia tegur. I do not remember the details of what he said, but he did say something. What happened ? The boy said “Kalau tak suka tengok, pandang tempat lain lah..!” and resumed what they were doing.

Oh man !! Coming from a girl that married her high-school sweetheart, I understand their need. Man, me more so because my boyfriend IS a total babe ( even more now…. He he… ). That kind of love is usually accompanied by this strange urge to touch and taste. But putting that aside, we have a thing called common sense and common decency, drummed into us by various parties in our life ( you know .. parents, teachers, ustazah, kawan-kawan etc ). Allah SWT also gave us a lovely brain to think. Use it. Even in that all consuming, heady emotions you have conveniently forgotten Him, but surely you have shame ?

If you do not feel shame, then what is the next progression ? Butt naked in public ? Contrary to what the telly had shown us, public kissing doesn’t happen at every nook and cranny in the west. Sure there were people who exchanged brief hugs and kisses but I have never seen couples sitting in a restaurant and had a go at it, oblivious to other people around.

I have seen though a young couple snogging in a mall however the people who happened to pass by (like meself and that gorgeous boyfriend of mine) looked twice, even three times at them, making me realised hey… it is rather uncommon there too.

Okay, can you imagine, this girl yeah, who was inspecting the inner tonsils of her boyfriend, looked up ( for air ) and say caught the eyes of another patron, what would she do ? Smile sheepishly or gave a sultry sexy look coupled with a wink… or two. Or would she get upset and ask bravely “Apa tengok – tengok ?”.

And say that very eloquent boy who after exchanging spit with his one true love saw his father standing in front of him with a disbelief look, would he say, “Hai, Pak. What’s up ?” Or what would he do if the Bapak actually ligan and balun him ? Tak malu ke ?

And then mulalah cakap “Korang tak paham…” like they were the only ones ever in love, the rest of us are simply kambings.

Apart from that, the thing that riled me up too is this boy is not scared of anybody. If it was me, a child in a uniform doing things I was not supposed to do being questioned by an adult, I would have legged it. A lot of things could happen, like he could go to school and complain to my teachers. Worst still if the police accompanies him with sirens blaring on and worse with JAIS’ lebai or two. Then of course the fear of me being hauled up to the police station ( with handcuffs no less ) where my parents would be waiting…. ! Oh man.. the agony of waiting for all that to happen !! But this guy is not afraid… Not at all. I am till today left wondering what does he have up his sleeves for that bravado ?

Is he even afraid of his parents ? His teachers, at least ? Hell.. would the sight of policemen cause his sweat glands to work ? I am too wondering what if it happened to me. What would have I done if the boy gave me his, “Kalau tak suka tengok pandang tempat lain.” Would I roll up my sleeves ( I am a Malay mother who usually wears long sleeves tops after all ) and pull the boy up by his ears ? Or would I call the cops and JAIS and demand they make a quick arrest ? Or would I berleter and berleter and berleter at the shop ? I hope I would never find out.

PS : I hope he would grow out of his setan-like perangai… like all of us did ( although I still retain a few unsavoury habits that is rather hard to ditch… In time…. Give me time…. I fervently hope that He has a sense of humour…)