Friday, June 24, 2011

Just wanna say hi...

So it is midnight and as my son always love to say it, it's today's tomorrow !

Indeed ...

I have orders of chicken lasagna and like 200 cream puffs. Okay, the problem with

1) chicken lasagna is I have never done one. I have protested but the person who ordered was confident that I could overcome whatever problem I have in my head. The only time I use minced chicken is for halal scotch eggs (hehhe... have to stress the halalness) and chicken balls. I am not liking the way my chicken ragu is looking right now.

2) cream puffs... tak jadi !! Setelah bertahun-tahun buat, today of all the days it didn't turn out like how it should. And aku super berpeluh sebab the client wants it for her hantaran.

Help !

I was on leave since Tuesday. Kamil... well... dia buat perangai lagi and quit his job. So since he is on in-between-jobs holiday and knowing his perangai yang susah sangat nak ambik cuti, we took the opportunity to have a short holiday in Terengganu. Kamil told the kids he wants to see where I was born. Ada aje....

So we went early Tuesday morning and came back Thursday afternoon. Friday morning we were busy in and out of abang and adik's school then busy beli barang for the orders that I took and then pegi jumpa abang's paed for his appointment.

And then now, aku sakit kaki macam hapa aje, worrying about the cream puffs that are not puffing as they should.

Will tell more about our Terengganu trip next entry.

Anyway, we had a kenduri doa selamat last weekend. Family and extremely close friends only as I couldn't find my cutleries so in order tak nak meminjam dari sapa-sapa and risk losing theirs (cutleries like to hide themselves), so aku invited agak-agak cukup sudu aku aje.


It was a success as far as kenduris go. MI didn't come though. The only way I could think of to lure him back was promising joget lambak after orang balik but still he didn't come so no joget lambak. Darn.... heheh.

Okay, my second batch of cream puffs still failed to puff....

Early morning ketung ketang in the kitchen nampaknya.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

My weekend

So this weekend felt like Hari Raya....

Because we went to sooo many birthday parties rasa macam dok pi open houses aje... Hhehehe...

Started with birthday party of the daughter of one of my oldest and dearest friend. And they celebrated mine too which was soooo nice and made me sooo terharu.... Ada gambaq. Sat na... Nak pi pinch from her FB jap.

Anyway, that's us. Form giggly girls to giggly mums. Thank you, darlings. It was such a fun meeting even for a short while.

Then we went home, to bathe and pray lepas tu shoot off to Kamil's aunt's house for her granddaughter's birthday. Makan lagi. They barbecued and it was really nice. Kenyang pun makan jugak because Angah is known for her culinary prowess. Her nasi goreng was delicious.

Took family pictures, the whole lot of us but I kenot paste it here.... Takut ada orang tak suka their pictures posted without their permission.

Balik terus tidur macam ulau.

Pepagi Kamil played football with Anu and Shazmi so I had to sent the kids to their class. Since Kamil offered to go to the market for me, aku berlingkar with the latest Dorothy Koomson. I was jolted out of my semi-enjoyment of the book(because it wasn't that nice... boleh ajelah)because Kamil ... well... hehehhe.... pi langgaq the gate.

I was just so happy it wasn't me so I said nothing while I watched his bewildered face and frantic look around trying to pin somebody the blame. Hheheheh....

Luckily he knew his obligations so even though he hasn't the mood, he dragged himself to Shera's parents'house. Birthday of their granddaughter too.

That was my first time actually entering their house after her death so it was rather emotional for me. I sat on the same couch where I saw Ana for the first time, so round, so fair lying on it. I kissed and kissed and kissed her and congratulated my sister-in-law for her cleverness producing such a fine specimen. I remember she went, "Ye ke ?" and laughed her unique laugh.

They had tables outside for their guests so I sat and ate where my mom bathed the body of her beloved daughter-in-law. Where I pour cold water on her body, something that I don't know why we must do. And the little nieces and nephews she has never seen !

And to see her siblings, they share the same eyes, some share her mannerisms was hard for me. Even after 3 years I still mourn her. It is really not easy. She was a big part of our lives and ... ah well... There is nothing I can do about it now, can I ?

We stayed for 3 hours talking to her family who still welcome us, still thinks that we are family.


Anyway, after that we came home and Kamil and I golek-golek in bed, just talking when I heard Abang coughing. He was just sitting outside our room, doing God knows what while he coughed again and again. So I called him and when he answered I could hear his tears. He was actually crying softly outside.

Sedih hati mak ni dengar so I called him to me and he came and laid next to me, sobbing softly. Kecik hati dengan Adik rupanya, and waiting anxiously for his friend that was suppose to come.

Aku pujuk dia sedikit sebanyak then we went down together.

We watched the telly together before I realised that I haven't seen Adik around. Called her and there she was sobbing sensorang jugak rupanya on the couch.

Laa... awatnya ni ?

Kecik hati dengan Abang because she heard him blaming her for his sorrows when she is the one upset because Abang wouldn't let her blow her noisy balloon (you guys know right those party balloons that made a trumpet-like noise when you deflate them ?)and now the balloon has burst.


Sedih hati mak ni tengok anak-anak yang bawak hati jauh-jauh sorang-sorang.

Well it is my fault, really.

Because I have a lot of siblings, I couldn't hear my children fighting. I will after a while but usually I can just block it off my head. I think because I am used to the noise of people bickering so I am immune to it. Kamil is forever telling me off for letting the kids fight.

But... because I have a lot of siblings, I cannot take the sound of people crying. I suppose because I hear it a lot when I was growing up and I am sooo tired of it. It irritates the hell out of me. My children know that Mummy hates crying so they have been trained to either swallow their cries or take it elsewhere.

So really, I am forever stumbling upon my children heaving and sobbing in a corner somewhere and I find I am a better mother for it because when I see them like that, I would take the time to listen and pujuk.

But.... itu kalau aku jumpa. What about those heart-wrenching episodes that I didn't see and my babies just cry their eyes out alone ?


Do I need to change my rule now ?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Dah lama tak tulih pasai my boring weekend

Last weekend was quite full for us.

Friday abang and adik had a sleep-over at their cousin’s so their parents thought that they will have a nice time tengok wayang ke hapa ke but it turned out these stupid mak bapak ended up fighting and didn’t even have dinner together.

Bapaknya sulking tunggu mak ajak dinner. Mak super duper bengang went out to tapau food then makan sengsorang dalam bilik while watching old NCIS dvds. Pueh hati. Plus, I didn’t know he was waiting for me to ajak makan kan ? Plus, why must he wait for me ? Can’t he make the effort to say sorry and ajak dinner ? Let us not go there…. Jadi lain kang entry nih….

Anyway, mak pagi2 pegi bawak maid buat FOMEMA. While waiting, bapak ada hati call mak. Lepas tu call bukannya untuk say sorry ke hapa, but call to ajak makan dengan mak bapak dia !

Errmm…. HELLO ?

You must be kidding me. Gilo apo ?

Mak hung up the phone. Pueh hati.

Sampai rumah, bapak pun keluar. I thought he went out with his parents (pukul 10 pagi lunch… awal giler, she thought) so mak dok diam-diam nengok tv. Then, tiba-tiba balik rumah orang tu.

Aiik ? Tak jadi ke ? Then terus landing sebelah mak nengok tv sekali. Err…. I thought we are still fighting ? How dare you duduk sebelah I ? WAAAAAAAAA !!! Sakitnya hati.

Dalam 20 minutes of watching the telly in silence and stewing at his audacity of sitting next to me (I tell you people, I was bloody pissed off of this fight … I really don’t know why), suddenly dengaq ada orang honk kat luar.

Bapak quickly got up. Must be his parents picking him up. “Please come with me….” He said suddenly, eyes so very redup with hope.

Hhehehe…. Tergelak kejap. Tapi dalam hati only as no way can I show him just with that 4 words aku terus tak marah dak… Ego orang tua….

“You have 20 minutes sitting next to me and you didn’t say anything ? Last2 minute baru nak cakap ?” I asked in a not too friendly tone and bristled for good measure. “I thought I dah bagi message loud and clear that I nak you pegi….” Jawab bapak pulak.

“Message apa you bagi ?”

“Tadi… I dah laga-laga kaki dengan you….” Hhehehe…. Sian dia.

Okaylah… The wicked witch of the west I am not so I grabbed my tudung and followed him out.

“Where are we going ?” and even though my question is expected, his answer made me bristle again.

Awana Genting Highlands.

Doesn’t he know that for travels that cross the state line I need preparations ? Loo visit first then extra knickers then wipes, loads of it, extra clothings for the little ones and so on and so forth.

I need to prepare !

Aku cuma sempat loo visit aje and because his parents will be in the car, his arse was saved.

I didn’t eat much up there because the headache generated from his very fast driving up the hill. Whatever I partook was good though, the chicken soup, and the red jelly, chocolate pudding and its caramel version. The cake was dry, so urgh… Oh yeah the yong tow foo was good too.

We were up there for 2 hours max before we came down again. Sent the kids home then mak bapak yang dah reconcile ni (heheh) went to The Curve to get tickets for X-Men. No dinner for us adults, but the kids who can’t read their tummy properly had O’Brien’s sandwiches, while mak bapak watched and salivated over every bite they took. Hehheheheh…..

X-Men was nice. I love it ! It was so good, Adik didn’t sleep in the darkened wayang even though we caught the 10pm show. James McAvoy is yum-mee ! Sigh…..

Sunday morning mak and bapak braved the rain for pasar tani. We buy our biccies from there and we were running low. Aku tak tahulah, maybe because we came from the generation that buys our biscuits by the kilos, bapak and I had always felt that biscuits dalam packets are not as nice as the ones that came from dirty and rusted tins. And being ol’ timers, we only like biskut jagung and good ol’ chocolate wafers. Yumm……………..

After beli biskut sampai RM30 (dah beli dalam kilo… mahal le….), cari breakfast (makanan kat pasar tani tak sedap sangat… so memang kena cari carefully) then balik. Bapak went to survey for new rims and I… ? Well kelam kabut mangkit dari tiduq when I heard his car came in…. HEheheh… boleh tertiduq pukui 10 pagi….

Anyway, siap-siap by 12 we headed for KLCC and we reached there by 12.30. Yup… you read it right. Half an hour to get to KLCC. We couldn’t believe it either. Went to send my watch for repair (sebulan okay to just assess what is wrong and give me a quotation… Orang kat Malaysia tak tau repair jam… depa kena hantaq pi Singapore… Buat malu aje) then pusing-pusing sat before heading or the food court for lunch. Punyalah ramai so we abandoned the plan and brave ourselves to try the new restaurant Ben’s Place which replaced our all–time favourite, California Pizza Kitchen.

Sedey tau… I love the ravioli at California’s Pizza Kitchen. Why good things never last ? Why ?

Food was okay. My steak sandwich was all right but the chicken pie bapak had with his daughter was tough and uninspiring. Abang seemed to be okay with his burger, though.

We were actually on a mission so we stopped by Mid Valley but our mission failed so we consoled ourselves at MPH and later Delifrance. I was planning for an Italian dinner and looking at the array of crusty baguettes, I ordered 1. Nak flavor apa, kak ? asked the guy at the counter. Ada flavor ? Rupanya we can either choose kaya or garlic. I chose garlic and menyesal tak sudah because that guy was spread happy that very minute because he slathered, and slathered and slathered some more of the fattening garlic butter on my bread. So much so I had to ask him to stop and go easy. In fact I asked him to scrape of some and transfer it to the other bread. Dasat.

Anyway, balik.. guling-guling sat then I made dinner. And had the butt enhancing garlic bread.

Friday, June 03, 2011


So hari tu I watched the Switch, janda si Brad Pitt with the Teen Wolf guy ? She looked so old, aku rasa macam kesian sangat. Eventhough she is beautiful, she no match for Angelina Jolie, the sexy siren.

So I pitied her while I watched her acting it out, not just because of her sad love story but also because the movie sucks. Well not sucked really but I was none to impressed. Biasa aje. The movie didn't make me feel all nice nad lovey-dovey or euphoric but actually like most movies of late, it is sort of unfinished and looked hurried. I don't think she is very successful on the big screens. Kesian pulak.

Because the other woman is phenomenal in the movies. Always hated if the other woman wins.

Am watching Jake Gyleenhaal and Anne Hathaway's movie now. I see a lot of her bare skin and it is beautiful. Simply gorgeous. Her body is narrow and lithe with creamy skin. Made me feel very nervous... about how I look... he heh.

Anyway, it was Shera's birthday 3 days ago.

I miss her.

I really do.

Especially when I hear Anuar Zain's new song. She would have loved that song.

It is a nice song.