Monday, December 31, 2007

Movie Review : Shoot ‘Em Up

This is a funny movie. It was made to be cheesy and over the top and it delivered. Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti and Monica Beluci was excellent. Don’t know how to describe it, really other than it is excellent and was meant to be stupid.

Watch it !!

PS: X-rated sikit so don’t watch with your kids. Nasib baik we screened it first because Abang so wanted to watch it.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Cuti ku

During my lovely cuti ( tak kemana pun. Sibuk prepare budak-budak nak sekolah ) I keep imagining the things that I want to write about on my blog. This and that. But when I am finally here, nothing comes to my head. Apa sebenarnya aku nak tulis ?

Anyway, we stayed at Shang-Ri La on Saturday with my brother. Watched Alvin and The Chipmunks ( Movie Review : Alvin and The Chipmunks – If you concentrate on the 3 chipmunks, the movie is good. If you watched it as a whole, you will find the story very cheesy and the actors bad. That guy from ‘My Name is Earl’ brought Earl into the movie. Alvin, Simon and Theodore very cute… Comel sangat…! ) and then my sister in-law caught a pick pocket. Kesudahannya they were stuck at the balai until 10 pm and we trudged back to the hotel without them. (PS :- Shera chased the pencuri with my niece Alisya in tow. Batwoman and Batgirl to the rescue ). On that note, please be careful friends when you shop. The girl Shera caught was either Vietnamese or Burmese and she was in a group of five. They used knives to cut a hole in your bag to get your goodies. In the girls’s purse there were like 8 handphones and a few purses… So beware.

Okay, allow me to moan about the foreigners who came here to steal. Please do it in your own country as we have our own baddies to deal with. Get out of my country !!

Went to Awana Genting with my in-laws on Tuesday. The weather was nice and because Abah used the Batang Kali Rawang route, we arrived there fresh with our wits intact. The food was good too and since it was Christmas the buffet had turkey with its trimmings. Nice. Nobody wanted to go up since Hakeem whose Mom followed the normal route vomited 3 times and therefore spooked all the other kiddies, so we went down to the flatlands again.

Dah cuti dari Sabtu sampai Selasa, both of us shed tears on Wednesday morning because work beckoned. Tak pa… nanti nak hantar Adik pegi sekolah, 3 hari aku ambik…. Ha ha….

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Gosh, I really do need to be inspired. Am really bored with the books that I purchased lately and have resorted to those that I know is good and could entertain me. So am reading the Chronicles of Narnia by the ever-brilliant C.S Lewis and will start on Tolkien next. Maybe my Austens would save me or even a Dickens. Maybe I will just read Lady in White again.

I love Lady in White, for some reason.

I don’t know what went wrong but I was even bored with the new Nicholas Sparks. I was even rather uninspired with Julia Quinn’s new book. Maybe Ms Fiona Walker need to get her new book out as soon as possible, to save me from my literary meltdown.

Have I turned into a cynic then ? I used to squeal whenever I read romantic scenes in books. Now I just read and went hmmmppph. Apa itu ?

However I was not disappointed at the cinemas though. Enchanted was enchanting ( for want of better word ) and The Golden Compass was intriguing and leaving me waiting for the sequel. Just like Eragon…when is the sequel coming ? Very interested to watch Mr Mongariums Wonder Emporium but that has to be at the weekend… so watched telly to make up for my book-less day.

However, the telly managed to fail me too, yesterday. Watched Monk. It was rather predictable though as I could guess the clue that will make him deduce that it was actually a murder and not an overdose. So, yeah… the genius Monk failed to entertain me. Rather insipid, I should say. Should have watched House instead but since I have seen the whole season 3, I decided on Monk instead. Last night was the only time he failed me though, that Adrian.

I do really need an aspiring book from new authors. My classical authors are well and good and I can’t keep re-reading them. I am up for suggestions.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Book Review : The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn

I haven’t done book reviews for some time. It is just that I have been reading books that were not worth a mention. There were about 3 boring books before I stumbled a new one by Ms Quinn.

Oh I do love Miss Quinn that I quickly finished the third blah book I was reading ( hell, I couldn’t remember the head and tails of it right now ) so that I can be literally entertained by my darling Julia.

Hmm…. It was okay, I suppose. Is it because it is not about the Bridgertons ( there are 8 of them and she has written about 7, so I am waiting for her book about Gareth ) that I feel … well lacking. It was fun but I feel bored all the same. I hunted for all my other books by her and could confirm that I only really enjoyed her writings on the Bridgertons. Don’t know why…

Anyway re-reading Splendid now ( not about the Bridgertons at all ) to further test the theory….he he

Monday, December 03, 2007


Two days ago on the way to work, me and my colleague, Jit, talked about cats. I told her about the numerous ones we had and about the ones that I love. Today, I read the entry of a blog buddy about her and her cat and I think, well I wanna share about my cats too. I was called to write about my Pit.

It all started with Nicky. Nicky was a lovely gray tinged with white. I dunno where he came from. Probably a stray, but he was attractive nonetheless. Ayah brought home 2 stuffed monkeys from one of his trips abroad, 1 pink and 1 orange and Nicky somehow liked the pink one. When he feels sleepy ( which was 70% of the time ), he would find the pink monkey, carry it via his mouth and would hug the toy while he sleeps under the organ.

Another quirky Nicky thing was he would wait for my return from school. Bukannya apa, he would wait for me to take off my uniform, I would then lay it nicely on the bed ( him waiting for me to do so on the bed, watching the ritual ) and when I am done, rolled all over the outfit, especially at the armpit area. We always laughed about how Nicky likes the smelly, salty odour… ha ha.

We do not know what happened to him though. One day he just went missing. I miss him still.

Then came Pit. If Nicky was the family cat, Pit was mine ( because boipren ku my husband yang bagi, we were in form 5 at that time ). Oh… what a mighty specimen he was. Pure white with yellow eyes, so handsome, my boy ( dah nak menangis ni.. dok teringat…. Alahai Pit….)

He was really clever. He never tried to leave the house at all when he first came. When Husband came holding a white fur ball in his hands, we grabbed him, hugged him and went head over heels in love due to his ultimate cuteness. He didn’t even try to run away as that afternoon he lepak’ed at our front porch. My father commented how nice he looked sitting there, with his white coat gleaming in the sun. “ Elok ja dia dok tang tu…” said he.

There were no other cats in the house, and he was a playful and energatic cat. So he decided to play with us and began chasing us around the house. We would run riot to try and escape him, screaming wildly. If we ever heard a piercing scream, we would join in the fun. Sometimes we would entice him too, stomping our feet in front of him or waving it madly at his direction and he never failed to take the bait. One night we woke our parents up because he has started chasing us and to escape him we had to climb up our parents’ bathroom table. On the occasion where he did manage to get us, he would just pounce on us with his un-clawed paws. Brilliant boy. I do have to admit sometimes he used his teeth too but it never hurt us. It was lovely. What fun...

A few months after his arrival though, Abu came to the picture. A scrawny Siamese like kitten given to us by my friend Isa. He was much loved too, not just by us but also by Pit. Pit stopped chasing us and started to chase Abu around instead. We were rather bereaved when he chose his own kind to play with but he was still around to hug and love.

Pit grew up to be so handsome and hunky, very much a male and that was part of the problem. He was a hot blooded chap, a warrior.. well actually more like pailang seksyen 8 than anything else. When he came of age, he felt that Seksyen 8 is his and terrorized any other male cats that dared to come near. Due to his many, many fights, he started to get dirty and would come home gloriously ( to him le ) adorned with battle scars. Then one day he came back with a wound the size of my palm.

How I wept and wept for him, knowing it was painful. I begged him to stay home, but then my inability to speak cat made it fell to deaf ears. He couldn’t understand my sobbing and begging and went out to stage wars every single day.

I would anxiously await for his return to inspect his wound and feed him ( because you know soldiers need sustenance to win and this guy was the general ) and when I can’t stand it anymore, locked him in my mother’s balcony. He was a huge guy and I just can’t put him in a cage and so my mother offered him the verandah.

Then our love affair with him really began. We loved him so much. His drinking bowl was always full and he gets visitors all the time. I would study for my SPM on that very verandah, keeping my darling Pit company. But how long could you keep him there ? After about a few months, we decided to just let him go and roam the country…you know … do his things ( I couldn’t deny him his conjugal rights too, I suppose ).

He became dirty again and the healed wound re-appeared. Since from the very beginning he joined our family, Pit slept with my parents. My father loved having him sleep on his feet because he loved the weight. When he got dirty, my mother banned him from the room. Oh, what agony that was for him. Every passing chance he got he would jump on my parents’ bed and watched telly or slept. But whenever my mother found him there, he would be chased out. The saddest thing he did was if the door was closed, he would just put his paws under the door, and sat there for hours at end. When we first saw him like that, we wept and wept for him.

One day though, my mother went away, I don’t remember why. My father… he he…. He was so sweet. He laid out his kain pelikat on the bed and called for Pit. Pit jumped at the chance and they slept together that night, man and beast.

After that apa lagi, whenever my mother was not home, we would make Pit his bed on the bed….. he he… Of course things you do behind your mother’s back would be found out and the inevitable happened. Mummy felt the reason why Pit liked to sleep in her room so much was because of the air-cond, so she persuaded my father to install a unit in our family room upstairs. But nope, none doing, Pit still loves to go in her room ( actually until now, the best place in the world to sleep is her room, I can vouch for that ).

After maybe 5 years with us, one day, he staggered home. He slept in long intervals and seemed to loose his energy and gait after that. He looked sick. The vet told us he had kidney problem. Our world dimmed, especially mine since he was mine and I think I loved him the most. My baby…..

He died after a few weeks being sluggish. He stayed at home, venturing out sparingly. His final days was terrible as he kept peeing and at times it seemed the urine river was non-stop. I couldn’t bear to look at his dead body. I dug out his grave and my sisters took his body to its final resting place. I never looked.

My heart still skipped a beat whenever I see a white cat. I would try my darnest to see what colour of eyes it got. If they were ever yellow, my heart would soar, filling in the gap a bit. I felt like I was looking at my lovely Pit.

I do not want a cat after that. Still don’t want one. They break your heart, they do and I do not want to experience that kind of agony anymore. So there….