Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cuti Raya Haji

Selamat hari raya Haji kengkawan....

I went back to Perak as usual... Actually didn't plan to go pun but then received news that my uncle was warded at the hospital, so mau tak mau I had to go.. Sayang kat pakcik kan..

Don't know why I was sooo ralat to go. Until the very last minute I was ho-humming about going. My family actually booked rooms at the Impiana but I was so reluctant to do so.. I only asked CY to book my room like 10 minutes before we actually left. Nasib baik masih ada bilik.

So we went and visited my cousin who just gave birth.. like 3 months ago... Then checked in the hotel, feelings of trepidation still lingered. I was trying to understand what was the problem and could only blame it on my workload, things that I absolutely have to submit Monday.

I slept... I seemed to be doing a lot of that lately, then we visited our uncle at home. He was discharged the day before. We left around 10, made sure the kids were okay with their Tok in the rooms and then the 5 of us went to watch Sinister at Ipoh Parade.

If you love horror movies, this is definitely for you. If you are like me yang takut tapi mau therefore spent the whole movie burying my face on Kamil's shoulder, well... don't because it is scary indeed.  Very, very disturbing really and rasa sungguh menyesal for going. The wayang itself was very busy indeed. People kept nipping off to the loo or somewhere. Some came back, some didn't. One guy who walked out of the wayang while shielding his face from the screen definitely didn't... heheh. People screamed and the guy next to Kamil were very determined to concentrate on his phone instead of the screen.

Next morning we went back to our uncle's house and left for home at about 2. Sampai rumah dalam pukul 4 and I was presented with the reason why I was so reluctant to go, why hati aku tak sedap aje to leave home...

My orange boy, my Moggy was lying down lifeless next to his food bowl.

Kamil menjerit, Abang howled with grief. He kept calling his name over and over again, his face contorted with pain. Adik and I was luckily still near the car and didn't see him. Adik ran off to see for herself while I shrank back and pasted my self on to the car. It was such  a commotion sampaikan our next door neighbour came out to see what the hoopla was all about.

Kakak kata she noticed that Moggy wasn't eating when she came by in the morning to re-fill his bowl. She said his food was untouched. But she did give him fresh water. I forgot to ask if she actually saw him.

My orange boy dah keras but still untouched by the elements, ie ants and all so maksudnya he had just recently passed. If only we had come home sooner, maybe we would be around to comfort him during his last moments, seeing how much he loved us. Probably if we didn't stop for jambu at Tapah...

I asked Kakak to pinjamkan something we can use to korek a hole to bury him and as I gave my first hack, it started raining.

Typical drama cerita melayu. I cried and cried while I attempted to dig a hole big enough for my boy while Kamil was tasked to balut him with paper bag or something. Kamil came back wholly upset and unable to touch him in that state, unmoving and hard. It was excruciating for the whole family.

Therefore aku terpaksa call adik aku MJ to come and help us. He was upset, all my siblings and my parents were upset.

Oh boy....

Susah aku nak cerita lagi...

Nanti lah... Let me recover first...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Michael Bolton pulak

Last Saturday I went to KLCC, nengok Michael Bolton. Adalah sedikit gila kejap bila mamat tu keluar and start nyanyi. Sejibik macam kat radio kay. The concert was superb. I can't complain. Cuma... well dari dekat he looked a bit like Rod Stewart... hehehehhe.....

He was chatty, and told many stories which I think was nice. Jason Mraz although not as chatty as Michael, did say a few things. Yang langsung tak nak bercakap was Adam Levine... But I just have to forgive him sebab dia hensem Ya Rabbi.

Anyway, as I said the concert was superb. Yang tak superb ialah the audience. Sebab semuanya dah berumur, most of them nengok concert keras membatu. Susah nak nampak orang yang menari-nari in their seats apatah lagi actually jumping out to dance. Sebab aku dan Kamil yang dah biasa pegi concert bersama orang yang melompat-lompat, kami rasa sangat out of place sebab kami terpakasa tahan kan spring di kaki from working.

There were few people yang bising-bising but they were far from us. Kamil said next time, we should sit near them. Hehhehehe.....

Anyway hearing Michael singing brought so much memories. Especially when he sang "How am I supposed to live without you" where I suddenly found myself in my room, maybe about 15 looking out the window, taking a break from my homework that was in front of me.

Throughout the concert I felt like I was in high school again and sat lagi nak kena balik sebelum mak aku cari. Hehhehehe.....

Kamil and I held hands, and we sang and we beamed at each other and it was such a nice night. He was a wonderful singer.....

Anyway come Monday I was back at KLCC but this time for Internal Auditors' conference. Sigh..... I don't have to tell you that it wasn't Michael Bolton.... hahah.

So... who is coming next ?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tengah seronok-seronok boleh tetiba jadi sedih pulak....

So pagi tadi Adik couldn’t find a clean, fresh kain for school. Kelam-kabut Bibik naik atas to search for it and finally she came out, kitted in a kain that is a tad too short.
“Saya pakai kain masa saya darjah satu…” She announced, standing next to me while I ironed my baju for the day.
“Darjah satu ?” I asked, very much annoyed at Bibik.
She must have thought my annoyance was directed at her because she said, “No, no…. Good for me, actually…” and promptly left.
Hehhehe… Good for her because she can still fit in her darjah satu clothes… Hehhehehehe….
Anyway yesterday a colleague received flowers for her birthday. One day early though as her birthday is actually today. After counting the stems, my boss scoffed that the guy is cheap for sending only a dozen roses. The romantic thing to do is, “to give the equivalent of her age…”
So I went home and told my husband what he said and korang tahu tak apa laki aku yang as romantic as Atilla the Hun tu cakap ?
“No… The most romantic thing to do would be tunggu kat bawah pagi-pagi and give one stem to each staff yang lalu for them to give to her…. SO bayangkan lah.. satu-satu datang bagi kat dia.....”
What a romantic idea ! I went awww… before,
“Wah wah wah… banyak you punya idea romantic ye ? Apasal tak pernah buat kat I ?”
The cengkerik berbunyi for quite a while before he sheepishly said, “I do have a lot of ideas. Cuma I tak berani nak buat aje…..”
Rolling my eyes, I said, "No… I am just not pretty enough for you to do it for…. Kalau you kawin ngan orang cantik, mesti you buat……”
Oh… jadi kisah sedihlah pulak…
Sob sob.
Btw, even though she doesn’t read my blog, Happy Birthday to C, a gorgeous girl inside and out.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Of crossroads, ambik wuduk in nude, lucky tummy and I love yous

Please believe me when I say that I just do not have the opportunity to write, to those who care anyway. Hahah.
I am in such a dilemma right now. I am again at a same crossroad that I was at like 5 months before. However now I realised that my decision before was a huge mistake.

Well… I only realised it after my husband pointed it out to me. I of course bristled for a good measure at the suggestion that I made a mistake, but then no dignified protests made its way out of my mouth as …..well… he was right.
Believe it or not (again if you actually care), I am obedient. I may protest and object but at the end of the day if you are my boss, my parents, my husband (he will laugh at this), I will relent. Okay, I do have my moments where I actually tak dengar kata, and dating Kamil was one of that… Hmmm… come to think about it, I should have taken that as an excuse not to obey as that turned out all right, didn’t it, disobeying my parents’ no-boyfriends-while-you’re-in-school rule…. ? Okay.. right-ish… but okay lah kan… ?
Anyway, I followed the advice given by those who are more experienced than me and knowing they were doing so with my best interest at their hearts. And now this happened.  Please do not think that I am blaming them. No siree…. They wouldn’t know this would happen pun…. But I should have just followed my instincts and wants…
So now, I am trying to gather up the courage to change my decision.
But being Melayu, ketebalan kulit di muka is as important as happiness.
So….. Hmmm…..
Anyway hari tu I was praying and Adik was preparing to pray next to me. Up came Abang who called out, “Adik… sembahyang !” not knowing that Adik already beat him to it. When he saw her in her praying garb, he asked, “Dah ambik air sembahyang ke ?”
“Dah !” Came the irate reply.
“Bila ?” he challenged.
“Tadi, lepas mandi !” Dah hot dah… ni nak sembahyang ni, saaat lagi nak bersujud kat  Allah ni pun boleh naik angin lagi.
“Pakai tuala tak ? Kalau tak pakai tuala tak jadi…..” he cautioned and promptly left the room to prepare for his prayers.
“Dah lah ! Saya tahu lah !” Was the very incensed reply given to his retreating back. Abang answered with an, “Okay… okay….”.
Then, the little one took a quick jenguk from where she stood, tore off her telekung and quickly masuk toilet balik. The sounds of running water came next.
Hhehehehe…. I do not have to guess what she was doing there.
Kelmarin pulak Kamil expressed his wish for Swensen’s ice cream. I told him that if we are going then I wouldn’t be preparing any dinner. Their servings are huge and you either have dinner or ice-cream. Biasalah, he said he’ll think about it but never came back with a decision, so I took it upon me to make dinner. I made mee bandung which the kids had seconds.
Lepas tu barulah abang kita tu cakap, “Jom makan ice-cream ?” Adoi lah…
Nak marah kang kata derhaka. So, aku iya kan ajelah walaupun perut macam ada possibility nak pecah walaupun aku telan angin.
Tetapi nak tak nak aku kena makan jugak sebab if I did not partake any, Kamil akan merajuk sakan punya. With that in mind, as we walked to the car, I said to Adik, “Can we share a small one ? Mummy kenyang lah and I do not really want any….”
And minah yang tadi makan sikit punya banyak mee bandung cakap, “It’s okay… we can take a big one as I brought… (here she lifted up her top)…… my lucky tummy along…..”
Kesudahannya, Babah kena jugak habiskan dia punya….. Lucky tummy konon.
Btw, can I just say this ? When we were watching Maroon 5 that day, it was not me who actually shouted "I love you !" to Adam Levine. I repeat, it was not me, Adik or Abang......