Sunday, May 30, 2010

Balik Perak

It was my cousin’s engagement yesterday. In Perak. Ha… Lovely Guthrie Highway made it possible for us to make it a day trip.

Anyway, I love getting involved in a kenduri where caterers are not in the picture. My aunt didn’t cook for sure, she ordered the meehoon goreng, the various kuihs. And her neighbor sedekah kuah kacang and ketupat. But everything else was done by us. Since we left early morning, we arrived at 11 am, rested awhile before starting the preparation.

The dinnerware, cutleries, glasses and cups to wash and then the buat air and what nots… Cousins and aunts and uncles and helpful neighbours came one by one to help. Sangat meriah. Sangat-sangat.

My aunt’s husband passed away about 5 years ago so it was up to our uncles to handle the situation. I love my uncles. Aku sebak sikit bila Uncle E, Uncle K and Uncle M sat at the head of the sepera. Uncle K as usual diam aje, nampak macam tak interested but I know he was listening intently… And be careful he might open his mouth if he finds the need. Uncle E started the ceremony, Uncle M added his thoughts here and there but when Uncle M added a lengthy speech about if things didn’t work out, it will be Allah’s will and we must redha terbeliak jugak mata aku sat.

When our guests left, I asked my darling Uncle why he mentioned such thing. But before he could answer, I cheekily said, “Sebab tak nak masuk Harian Metro, ye ?” And everybody laughed. Well, the more civilised we as a society get, the more lawyers we need in our daily life. DR… aku rasa hang better handle lawsuit2 ni sekali.. Sure banyak duit.

As soon as the guests left, CY, Kamil and I started the cleaning up process. Kamil and I plus a few other cousins collected the dirty plates. CY scrubbed them and our Grandma’s maid rinsed them. Then, Kamil and I arranged the washed dinnerware to be air dried.

I was busy going in and out of the kitchen and on my like 20th laluan, I heard my uncle asked the whereabouts of Kamil. The uncles and aunts and the grandma were eating at that time. My Mom said, “Kat dapur buat kerja…..”

And one piped in, “Dia memang biasa macam tu… Jadi orang dapur… Rajin…”

And another one said, “Ishh.. dia tu memang rajin…. Tak peronahnya duduk diam….”

And my mom said, “Memang.,.. dia memang boleh diharap….”

And one went, “Yelah… betul tu….”

Aku tunggu gak ada nama aku keluar ke idak ? Ada… dalam context, “Bertuah betul si CPK tu…. “

Cess !

So I stomped my tired feet and aching back and slammed down the dirty plates. “CY… dah tak yah basuh pinggan tu… Kita suruh aje si Kamil basuh sorang-sorang… Ko tahu, kita pun buat kerja, tapi yang dia orang puji kaw-kaw kat depan, si Kamil ni….. !” And aku bagi jelingan yang paling maut lah.

Kamil looked at me and smiled broadly.

“Ha ? Aku ni sampai sakit-sakit belakang tau !” Said CY yang dah termakan cucukan ku… Keh keh…..

Kamil chuckled and we stared daggers at him.

Benci ! Bukan le mintak dipuji… We know our responsibilities, tapi kalo nak puji, pujilah semua !! Boring tau !!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weekend yang baru-baru ni eventhough another weekend is juust around the corner..

Ha ha… padan muka aku… Nak sangat tukar kerja, sampai I couldn’t do one of the things that I love … blogging.. a.k.a ranting on the web.

Anyway… well I really don’t know if stories of my weekend is relevant anymore as I seriously couldn’t remember what we did. Well not much anyway. Probably it is a blessing in disguise so now you guys wouldn’t be bombarded with 3 pages long essays anymore.

I was away on business from Wednesday to Friday. I know… last week was my first week at my new job. Monday induction, Tuesday I read the files and had a very cursory feel around. Wednesday I was off. And the real training started. It couldn’t be more real than that, folks.

Anyway, upon our return back to our hometown, my colleague sent me to Ikea where Kamil came to pick me up. He is kind, this N. He sent us nearest to our home eventhough I am sure he was tired from all that driving. He had wanted to send me home but since he lives in Damansara, I wouldn’t let him. He had been driving the whole time we were there and I just couldn’t do that to him.

Anyway, was soooo happy to see my little family. The kids were asleep of course but I was just happy to see them, I didn’t care what state they were in.

Sad thing, Kamil had to work the whole weekend. What a bummer. I was soooo looking forward to spend my weekend with him. Horrendous these employers in Malaysia. Simply horrendous.

I made lunch, baked a brownie while Amelia came for a chat and we shared the still warm brownies when Kamil came home. Bliss…. I love seeing him. I really do miss that man. Luckily Amelia was there or I would have pounced on him for a very tight and loving squeeze.

I made dinner too because he was tired and we spent the night talking and filling in stories that happened during the time we were apart.

Sunday I waved him goodbye and did revisions with the kids. Exam time and therefore Mummy and kiddies worked hard. Made lunch of grilled sarnies before going of to Kamalia’s house for a visit. Noreen came too (actually it was her idea). The kids after drinking and eating what Kamalia offered went off to visit her neighbor kat depan pulak. Teruk le budak-budak ni. Kacau Jubei pulak. Jubei jamu makan lagi. Macam raya, from house to house.

I made dinner too after seeing my beloved slumping on the sofa. Tired and a bit under the weather. Sian dia.

And as usual, suddenly it was Monday.

Sad isn’t it ?

I think so.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cerita weekend ku minggu lepas... Sorry aaa...

Okay… my last weekend.

As you know Friday night I went to watch Robin Hood at Sunway Pyramid. Punyalah besaq Sunway Pyramid but still it was hard for the 3 of us to decide on food. Again Kamil took the lead and led the way to Mr Teppanyaki.

My first time there. The food was good. I had salmon. But then bila waiter hantaq prawn tempura besaq muka kat orang sebelah meja, tak ke aku tension ? Tension !!!!! Aku nak tempura tu. Untuk pujuk aku, Ian kata maybe the batter aje besar, udang kat dalam ciput… I hope you are right, Ian because aku macam teringin sangat…. Keluar dari restoran ternampak lak Pak Tong Koe…. Yummm….. My favourite. RM 1.40 and keraih kedengkiang… Nyampah ! Kalau kat Penang tu, very soft and sedikit chewy and 100% uber delicious.

After 2 weeks of hiatus, me and the kids showed ourselves sgain at the music school Saturday morning. I kena tiaw dengan my teacher sebab tak practice. Yelah how to practice ? Sakit kan ?

As soon as Kamil got home from work, we went straightaway to Min’s house for her new son’s aqiqah. The boy is gorgeous, muka kak dia ! Food was good, nasi Arab, laksa Johor, soto and fruit tartlets. I love tartlets so I had a few. Yum.

The kiddos ajak swimming but sorry aa…. Exam lagi 2 weeks so we did revision much to their annoyance. I was annoyed too because if they had been very prudent in their learning, we don’t have to this ! Betui dak ?

Anyway, for dinner Daniel took us to Big Food at TTDI Jaya. It was okaylah. I mean you have to choose your food carefully. Tak semua sedap. I had wanted to order mixed grill but because I don’t like lamb, I asked to substitute it with beef. When the waiter asked which side of beef I prefered, I got scared lah pulak. Berapa gram the chef nak bagi ni ? But the waiter failed to answer my question, dok tercangak-cangak with his pen poised on his pad. Plus Kamil dok geleng-geleng kepala sambil suruh je aku ambik lamb, tambahan dengan mak aku punya suggestions and adik aku Ijat kept saying, “Bagi je aku lamb tu……” so aku macam confuse and pi bantai ordered keawtiaw goreng. Semua orang tercengang. Termasuk le waiter tu pun. Padan muka semua orang ngan aku-aku sekali sebab tak sedap.

Kacau !

This paragraph and beyond is actually written today, Saturday of the 22nd of May. Baru nal sambung tulih pasal weekend lepas. Aku kebusy-an yang terlampau minggu lepas. So sekarang ni mana nak ingat apa aku buat hari Ahad lepaih.

I don’t remember what I did……..

Oh yeah…. Baru teringat sebab apa yang I dok busy belek-belek last Sunday baru aje lalu.

Early Sunday morning my sister CY and CT datang hantar anak kucing CY. Mak kucing depa tahu beranak saja tetapi sangat malas jaga anak. Apparently itu adalah perangai biasa Persians. Memandangkan Kamil’s cat G baru aje bersalin gak (only one kitten… percaya tak ? Terboyot-boyot macam hapa and last2 keluar sekoq saja… Aku nak habaq kat orang pun segan…) so we spent the day trying to coax G to let the 2 kittens feed. Depa adik beradik ada 5. Tapi CY bawak 2 je sebagai anak susuan si G. One will be ours so yeay ! He is super gorgeous, kay.

Anyway G was being very unkind by hissing at the 2 new comers. So we had to paksa dia terlentang to expose her 8 boobs for one kitten tu (kedekut taik hidung masin kucing ni), I had to tickle her ears to calm her down but the 2 poor kittens need no such persuasion. Depa terkam kilang susu tu sampai tertolak lah anak G yang much, much smaller itu, walaupun depa cuma beza 2 hari.

Buatnya pulak the orange one that is supposed to be ours main kasar, habih dia tolaknya semua orang sampai Kamil naik angin and separated him from the litter for time out.

“Tak malu ke ? Itu mak dia and kau nak tolak-tolak ? Ko ni tumpang aje…!”

Aku geleng-geleng kepala tengok si Kamil. Ada ke cakap macam tu kat budak-budak… Issshhhhh……. Mana dia nak paham. Namanya baby pun.

He he….

Malam we had a family dinner again. Bawak Hyrul’s mom to Tram Car. I had a very tak sedap mee kari. Sigh…. Nasib. Selalunya sedap. Tetapi hari yang aku memang super kemaruk ngan mee kari pulak dapat yang tak sedap. Cess..

Eventhough it was like 7 days ago that Sunday, I remember feeling very anxious because the very next day will be my first day at work.

New job, new office, new colleagues and paling takut, new boss !!!!!

Dah pagi hari Isnin baru teringat… Kenduri kak Kay !! Matilah aku, matilah…

Jangan marah darling… Sibuk nak bagi kucing menetek sampai lupa…..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kak Puteq, I have started my ranting ni....

Aku sangat sedih.

I was visiting my usual staples of blogs when one blogger posted a video of a Malay girl screaming and crying at her boyfriend on the phone. She was on the Putra LRT from the looks of it, yelling;

Aku nak jumpa kau !

Sapa perempuan tu ?

And some of the times, Sapa perempuan tu Pu***** !


Nak gelak pun ada…

Geleng kepala pun ada…. Tak malu ke dik ?

But the feeling that is stronger than that is, “Siannya… let me hug you.. Meh sini meh.. Alallalala…..”

Alahai, sian okay ?

Aku kesian giler kat dia.

Okaylah tolak malu menjerit-jerit kat khalayak ramai and see how much she is hurting. She is hurting bad okay…I gathered she saw her boyfriend with another girl. And that is enough to set anyone off okay. Sure some had more dignity than that but dear me….she is hurting.

The crying and the anger and the begging… Siannya..

I salute her friend who stayed with her. Who didn’t ditch her while she made that embarrassing display but stood there trying to soother her and pujuk dia. But seriously who could ? Only that man can. The matters of the heart ni is very funny kan ? It has been known to drive people insane and commit murder even. And let us not talk about stalking and plotting revenge lah, as when it comes to love, things can get out of hand.

Lagilah if there is a third person.


Aku kalau imagine si Kamil dengan orang lain pun boleh membuat jiwa kacau. Baru imagine. Belum betui2 jumpa dia berjalan berpegang tangan ngan orang lain. Mau aku tikam depa sat-sat tu gak. Temporary insanity kan dah biasa sekarang ?

So, aku anggap minah meraung melolong tu had a temporary insanity due to extreme heartbreak. At the thought of losing someone you love can be really heart wrenching.

Aku benci lelaki tu.

I do hate him. Sampai hati. Kalau orang Melayu punya amaran senang aje, “Nanti jadi kat ahli keluarga kau baru tahu….”

But tell me, if it really happened, how would he know that is was a punishment for him ? Selalunya aku tengok, orang tu selalunya tak sedaq pun bila ada apa-apa yang tak elok jadi tu sebenarnya kena batang hidung dia. Especially if it happened to people close to him and not to him itself.

Like baru-baru ni, a person I know kena fitnah. Dengan orang tua lagi. And then like 6 months after that, anak orang yang gemar membuat onar kena fitnah pulak kat opis sampai tergugat bonus dia.

Makcik tu tak sedar pun. Tak tahu pun Allah dah bagi balasan. Anak dia yang innocent suffered. Dia masih hidup diawang-awangan seolah-olah dia terer.

Ha ha…

Pandai aje aku. Entah betul entah tidak apa jadi kat anak makcik tu adalah atas balasan Allah kepada dia yang gemar membuat hal.

Ha ha….

Anyway, getting back to that girl just now. Sabarlah. Balik rumah, ambik wuduk and solat. Allah aje yang boleh ubat kan hati yang terluka macam tu.

Sian dia…..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Robin Hood sangat best

Movie Review : Robin Hood


Best le…

The movie is romantic and sexy.

Not because Russel Crowe is a heart throb as he ain’t, okay ? But because the movie is a good one. Very riveting and exhilarating and mesmeric.

Sigh again…….

This is a woman’s view, of course. The men voted Gladiator to be the better movie but I am not gonna say that. Maximus Shmus Mus whatever doesn’t have the panache, the elan of good ol’ Robin. Robin has his arrows okay and that was somehow more delicious than a sword wielding bloke in a leather skirt.

Ha ha…

Sure he wore tights and a funny leather thingy around his collar but it was okay. It really was.

Especially masa ni… masa dia nak bunuh dah orang jahat tu… Aisehman… sexy nya kome …. walaupun he still looked like he didn’t brush his teeth like he did in Gladiator. With the blood and the expression and the whatever lah... I cannot find the words anymore, it was just so believable. He is a fine actor, this Russel Crowe. If only he is not so garang in real life.

Anyway, the setting was amazing, the cinematography was good, the direction too was something to talk about. The acting… well… I wasn’t convinced that Cate Blanchett would make a fair Maid Marion. Well I was right because she didn’t epitomize the typical Maid Marion look, fiery red hair and what nots but…. she is a good actress. A bloody good one in fact so that is what really counts kan ?

When he said, “I love you, Marion..” just before he went to the battleground, saying it with such intensity, with that lowered voice, huskily … like he really meant it … oh, oh, oh I was sooo ready to swoon.


He is still not good looking to my eyes for some reason. I suppose I have always favoured lean men and this guy is definitely bulky, but he did it. By jove he did it because I believed he is Robin Hood. Not Kevin Costner anymore. Seriously Kevin Costner’s version looked like a spoof now… even though there was already a spoof called Men In Tights with Cary Elwes as Robin. ‘Everything I Do I Do It For You’ could not help that movie now… the Kevin Costner version that is.

This one, the Ridley Scott version looked like the real thing. I was so transported into the scenes, I might as well was in it.

It has this raw passion, like it was made by Robin himself, telling his own story.

Ha ha… jangan marah if you do not feel like I did. If it failed to capture you like it did to me. Entah-entah, if I ever get to see it for the second time, aku rasa hampeh lak..

Aku kan…..

Still… watch it, kay. Spend that RM 13….

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dah ... merepek dah..

Sooooooooooo… my chest hurts easily now.

No… not hurt really, more heavy. Mengah kata orang Melayu. It usually comes about if I deign to get out of the house for a spell.

First time I ventured out of the house after my illness, CT took me to The Curve to our favourite store. Tak sampai 1 jam, I was already feeling it in my chest. Heavy. Very heavy.

CT asked me to pick up the kids from school on Wednesday. As I walked back to the car with Esya, I was struggling for breath already. Crazy. It wasn’t even 10 minutes and I still had to go back for Abang.

Hmm……. penyakit apakah ini sampai mengganggu my movements ? This condition will be especially hard for me, a person yang cannot duduk diam one.

Could you believe it that my cuti wheezed by just like that ? I didn’t even enjoy it ? I mean sure I was resting at home but that was all I did. Didn’t do anything fun at all. That sucked big time, okay. What kind of a cuti was that ? And now Monday looms near and I will be starting a new job that I have no heads or tails what my schedule would be like. Would I still be able to catch a movie on a weekday now ? Will I still be able to cook dinner for my family ?

Speaking of that, I have been having knots in my stomach whenever I thought of Monday. I think I am too old for a new job. At my age, I should be where I am most comfortable, even if I was in a rut. Yeah, that is why I left. I didn’t want to be stuck in a rut, in a job that I very comfortable in but is taking me nowhere. Plus I hated it when people addresses me as the boss’ PA. I am no bloody PA okay ? Just because he doesn’t have a secretary, it doesn’t make me one, get it ?

Well….. So yeah, now I was glad that I left.

Ha ha….

Anyway, went to Marks and Spencer’s just now and found a lovely pair of trousers for work. I love it. Terrenze at Isetan where I usually get my staple of work trousers seemed to have failed to deliver. Found some nice shoes at Nine West as usual and Kamil actually went inside Coach ! Ha ha ! Best !

Aku merepek apa ni ?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cek sakit le...

Okay…. I know I owe the rest of my sister’s wedding story …

And I also know that I owe my weekend entry.

Please know that I was holed up at home from Wednesday night until today, Monday ( I have no idea when will I be able to post this) as I was suspected to have H1N1.


So the reason I had been quiet in cyberspace was because I was delirious with fever and flu and because I was asked to isolate myself from the world.

Monday I was already feeling a bit weary but I thought it was due to the kenduri. Plus I ignored it because we were busy having fun.

Tuesday I started to feel the fever already. But I went to work anyway because I promised my boss I’d come to replace the 2 days I took off work. With the help of good ol’ Panadol of course.

Wednesday, the flu made its presence really known but I still went to work because it was suppose to be my very last day and I had a farewell lunch to attend.

Kamil came home to find his wife all hot to the touch so after sending our kids to my mom’s for my niece’s birthday party, we swung by a clinic to get me sorted out.

My temperature was 40 deg C. I was coughing and liquid came out of my nose. Plus Doc, my colleague’s son was confirmed to have H1N1 and she was supposed to be quarantined for a week, but she came to the office after 3 days, coughing and sneezing. She was still coughing and sneezing just now.

So ….

Doc gave me 5 days worth of antibiotics, ubat selsema… the drowsy kind, ubat demam and ubat tahan sakit because my body was painful all over. I screamed in pain and shock when Kamil tried to massage me before seeing the doctor.

Oh… please isolate yourself and get a H1N1 check done at the hospital tomorrow, she said.

She also supplied me with 2 face masks.


As soon as I got home, I went straight to the blue room. My main concern was just to get way from Abang. He has asthma, that is why. I instructed Kamil to not touch me, to not enter the room, to basically forget my existence

So there was I all alone in a room, devoid of human contact and any form of entertainment.

Kids would open the door and look at me from the doorway when they got home and after that they would look in intermittently.

Husband would look in and ask about my condition when he got home for like 2 minutes then disappear before showing himself again around 10 just to force me to sleep.

All conversation was done at the doorway.

Since I sleep a lot siang, malam I couldn’t get the all important 40 winks. So I stared at the ceiling and the very, very lonely world outside and took good looks of the night sky. I saw a lot of leaves rustling in the wind and dogs wandering about, sniffing and howling.

And feeling every laboured breath and headache.

And how my head aches. Dahlah I had migraine attacks almost everyday for the last 2 weeks so my stomach was a bit pedih from all the medications.

The cough. The snots. Funny, this was the first time liquid came out from my nose and eyes. I wasn’t even crying.

Of course I worried if it was actually the dreaded H1N1.

The GP advised me to do the test the very next day. But she gave me enough antibiotics to last me 5 days. Called SJMC and was told that since I have no other health problems, and considered to be a healthy adult, normal antibiotics could actually sort out H1N1. So I was advised to stay at home, under isolation of course, take the courses of antibiotics prescribed by the GP and to only come to the hospital if my fever spiked again.

Of course if I wanted to go to the hospital, I could.

I didn’t want to go because I do not want to leave any of the H1N1 germs in the car. Where it could reach my son. So I stayed put. Hyrul, my new brother offered to take me but since he has a quite ill family member, again I just didn’t want to risk it. The risk of leaving germs in his car for other people to contract it, that is.

Kamil was busy at work, and every night he comes home around 8. Kesian dia. And really, I do not want to be a nuisance, so I endured.

Apart from the illness….it was the boredom that could kill me.

I was darn bored.

There was nothing to do.

No telly, no internet, nothing.

Can’t read because the words made my head swim harder. Plus when I requested for a book from Adik, she flung Lord of The Rings at me. It was too heavy for my fragile state.

I literally lost track of time when I was confined in the room. The days seemed the same all over so I couldn't tell what day it was. I only knew it was Saturday when Kamil visited me while the sun was up and he was wearing t-shirts. Terrible. I missed my cousin's engagement. I missed all the fun travelling to Johor with the rest of the Perakians. I heard they had a smashing time. Poor me.

My voice as of today had somewhat returned to its normal pitch. Somewhat because a friend called me just now and upon hearing my voice asked, “Ko sakit ke ?” Apparently my voice sounded sick. Well she should have heard me when I was at the height of my fever.

So was it H1N1 ?

Ha ha ..

Take a guess.

PS : Please get you and your family vaccinated okay ?

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Selepas kenduri di Melaka

Hyrul's reception was held in Melaka, at a Golf Club. Right after the reception was over, we head back to the hotel, changed our clothes then... ha ha.... keluar balik. We went ot Mahkota Parade to watch Iron Man 2.

It was so darn cold in the wayang, Kamil had to hide his hands under his shirt and CT and I were shivering like mad. Aku rasa after the first hour passes, aku dah kejung dah punya sejuk. CT found she was unable to move her legs after the movie was over. It was that cold, okay ? I couldn't concentrate on the movie and had not formed any opinion if it was good or bad.

We rushed out, eager to escape the cold when we were slapped by the cold sea air pulak outside.


Wei aku sejuk ni........

We are hungry.....

So Mail since this is your place, show us where we can get food at 2 am. Mail took us to Subaidah at the Dataran which err.... sucked. Although my roti tisu was quite good.

Acara best kalau pi Melaka. Go-cart ! A first time for Hyrul and second time for Kamil who was eager to win again. Yeesssshhhh !

Ffuuuuhhhh.... Kamil very berlagak one masa ni because he won.

Hyrul was not bad considering it was his first time.

Second round sebab ramai tak puas hati. Lantak korang le.

After a very unsatisfying lunch, bowling. We usually have asam pedas at Kak Mun's whenever we are in Melaka but Kamil and CT didn't want to go because it was too hot. So we dined at the food court in Mahkota Parade which was cool sure but sucked. Aku rela berpanas tapi makan sedap, okay ?

Sebab there were too many of us, we were divided into 2 teams. Bergaduh ya Allah toksah ceritalah. But we had fun. Ini dok concentrate tengok scores ni.

Mail and his stupid cheerleading routine.

CY ajar Abang main. Daniel was our star player in my team. By the way, my team which consisted of Mail, Ijat, Ian and Daniel won. Yeay !!!!

Waktu berebut bola.

Kesian mak kami. Dari kami kecik sampai besaq, kerja dia ialah tunggu kami habih main. Takpelah, ibu mithali.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Weekend paling busy lah setakat ini...

Salam friends.

Last weekend was really busy for me on account of my sister, Marlin... our 5 of 8 got married.

To describe what we did with my usual attention to details would be very time consuming and could definitely induce insanity if I ever attempt to do so...

Therefore, again I present my karangan bergambar.

I am starting with the preparations of the wedding. Tomorrow I would write about what we did after the wedding. The actual wedding I have to wait for the pics from the professional and semi-professional photographers because my puny and simple camera could not do justice. Plus I didn't snap much photos as I was too busy making myself busy.

Ini dia, contractor import dari Scotland. We needed his height. My eldest bro kerja. My youngest bro had to attend classes. We needed Mail for our entertainment, to make us laugh. So Mum had to utilise her menantus and imported anak. Ha ha....

Mom with her menantu. Dengan selambanya she asked Kamil, "Tak nak try pegi Yun Nan ke ?" WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH !! We had to decorate the patio for the akad ourselves as we didn't like what the wedding planner had in mind.

Membuat papan tanda arah. Ini dia adik aku CT yang berkerja keras, most often just with the pengantin (or Bridezilla as we called her nearer to the date) untuk menjayakan majlis. Salute to her.

As usual the kids made things more hectic what with wanting to help.

Baru decorate the wall dah penat. Takde stamina langsung.

Mom had to feed the workers. Fried chicken with yummy fried rice. Luckily mom had a gaggle of cooks to help feed us.

Our patio. Selepas berhempas pulas pegi survey tempat, CY insisted to have the wedding at home, much to Mum's chagrine. She had a very bad experience with mine that is why CT's wedding was held at Tasik Shah Alam. She wasn't looking forward to hosting the reception at home but CY said our home is the most romantic place.

She had wanted a Balinese feel so we went to see Bora Ombak and Bora Asmara but she was none to impressed. We can make use of our patio, Mum.. she said. And she was right, baru decorate sikit dah cantik. Look at the girls enjoying the patio.

Nice huh ? Ini belum pasang lilin lagi.... Mum thought she would suffer like she did when I got married but at the end, she didn't do much because all of us are grown and she had her lovely menantus to help.