Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Uber Amazing Award

I was given a very nice award from my fellow blogger Konot, the Uber Amazing Award. I am supposed to paste the award somewhere on my blog, but I can't seem to do it. Just know that the award is super cute and in pink.
This is what Konot wrote about me:
dia ni kawan kamalia sebenarnya.. never met her personally.. kenal pun thru blog. suka baca blog dia, especially pasal anak2 dia yg comel and cheeky.. bila la kita nak jumpa cik myra oiii..

Aku mmg nak giler jumpa hang Konot oiii....

so these are the rules..
# Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award.

# Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies.

# Pick your ten (10) most deserving recipients and describe them.# Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged

# Paste the award badge in your sidebar

5 interesting facts about Konot:

1. Have never met her before. She is my old friend's Kamalia's friend (he he... tak cukup vocab) and we met through each other's blog.

2. Have never met her sure but I like her and I think we could be good friends.
3. She is one lucky gal because her husband is one of the kindest person I have ever read about. And I have told her this.
4. She is blessed with 2 lovely daughters. Balqis who is just lovely and rather mature for her age. And oh so adorable Koala Bear.. he he..
5. She once sms-ed me to ask about something funny before flying off to UK... keh keh... Aku hari tu mmg tak gelak kat hang tapi dah lepas2 tu aku bantai gelak habih. Jangan marah... Atau aku yg silap baca hang punya sms hari tu ?

10 interesting facts about me ? Hmmm.... I lead a very boring life, so this is gonna be hard.

I love having friends popping by. Tuesday Ian came and stayed until 1 am. Yesterday Noreen came and stayed for almost an hour. I love that.
Am in baking mood. These past 2 weeks my kitchen have churned out 4 type of chocolate chip cookies and 2 batches of brownies. Then when I finally exhaust it out of my system, I will stop. Don't know when it will take off again.
Tengah tension pasal kerja. Don't know where my job will take me to.

Kuat mengusik and kuat bergurau. Just ask my poor children who sometimes have to face objects jumping at them from the dark. Aku le tuh...

Suka cari gaduh dengan laki. Sian dia. I am sure he is tired by my antics now. Dah kuruih dah pun. He he... I got to get my adrenalin fix from somewhere...

Ulat buku. Can read and read and read. Prefers British authors though. Don't know why.

My dream nak peluk Harrison Ford, Colin Firth and Keanu Reeves. Dah siap susun ayat dah. "Hey Harry/Keanu/Colin, give us a hug, then.." He he...

Nak beli rumah kat London. Poodah chit. Rumah kat Malaysia pun sesak napas, kat London konon.

Susah nak buat aku marah sebenarnya. I am very easy going. It is very hard for me to merajuk or marah lama-lama, it will take some time for me to keraskan hati but once I do, there is no going back. Am trying very hard unharden my feelings for someone but I just can't. Aku memang relak aje but I surpress semua inside and remember everything. Unfortunately, there is somebody else that I just had enough of. Can feel my heart is slowly turning into stone. Hate is not dangerous, nonchalance is.

Loves watching whodunnits like NCIS, CSI's, Without a Trace and the likes. Also loves sci-fi.

Am under a lot of stress. I miss my late sis-in-law so much. Friends asked why there was no entry about her on her sort of 1 year of passing. Well because I do not want to be reminded that she is gone. I miss her, I miss her and I miss her. I yearn for her because she is my kakak. I am the eldest girl so I need my kakak. Shera... Ha... kan dah nangis !

I have to nominate 10 people now but I do not know many, so here goes.

Sheik - hubby of my friend Kamalia. Very kind and helpful and senang je nak masuk dengan kita orang. I consider him one of my friends now. Kamalia tak leh nominate dah sebab Konot dah buat.

Sib - husband my best friend Amelia. Aku tau hang ada blog Sib hiding soemwhere, so walaupun aku tak leh baca hang punya entry, hang buat sajalah. Blog pun mau sorok ka ? Can't nominate Amelia though because she ain't got no blog.

Ana Miraa - My classmate sementara masa form 1. Terjumpa balik in FB. Always smiling and I love her mad, mad blog !

Dessert Rose - Baru terjumpa blog dia and it is fun and hilarious. I love her attitude and courage. Really DR it takes a lot of courage to write like you. Keep it up ! Bila nak jumpa ni ? Dah dekat sangat dah kita.

Kak Puteri - Arwah Shera's friend. A teacher like her and whom I like very much. The first thing that came to my mind when I first met her, "Aiseh, lawanya perempuan ni !"

Maya - My brother's oldest friend. Someone that I knew since I was small. Always smiling, suka buat kelakar and very relaxed.

Kak Ezza - I love her blog. Tried her recipes dah and it was superb. An amazing woman who has 8 children and still cooks and sew ! She reminds me of my own mother.

Lyana Mauseth - Dessert Rose's cousin. I tell you hilarity is a trait in this family. Loves her blog because it always makes me laugh.

Nuyui - another blog friend. A sweet girl from Brunei. She came to Malaysia early this year and we promised to meet up. Masa tu jugaklah telepon ku hilang !! Kalau tak dah jumpa dah !! Tension den. So very sorry Nuyui and please come again and akan ku sellotape kan tepon ku kat dahi nanti.

So there you go. Ada ka 10 ?

And thank you, Konot ! Muah !!

SO now my Sunday

My Sunday….



Woke up early as usual but no tennis class to send the kids to. Coach has a tournament. Nice… can golek-golek while making plans for the day. It involves Pasar Kelang, SSF and then the Jati furniture shop where we bought our coffee table.

As we talked, the phone rang. Hubby said Abah ajak pegi jalan. Okay, sure. No problem. Where to, I asked Hubby and I don’t think I am being impossible by asking that. If we were to go on a trip, it would be nice to know where it is.

Subang Parade ke, Pasar Tani ke, Port Dickson ke.

Hubby said he doesn’t know but being his companion for 16 years, his flared nostrils and red skin tone didn’t gel with his I don’t know.


I really thought somewhere near so I didn’t pack anything. Imagine my surprise when arriving at FIL’s house I saw pillows and a bag filled with knick-knacks for long travel. I heard Gerik was mentioned. My brain scanned the length of my bumi bertuah’s map and located it somewhere in Perak.


I am game though, but it would be nice if I had brought my camera, said I to MIL. Ada ni ha, I bawak, said the husband of mine. Hmmmm….. He said he didn’t know where we were going then why the camera ? Surely he had already known about our destination but why he concealed it from me ?

I started to get annoyed because even though it is a day trip, I still need stuffs !! Like;

1. Wet wipes for dirty toilets
2. Plenty of tissues
3. Extra pants for me
4. Change of clothes for my kids

I gave him so I was duped look and he responded with a nervous one. Just tell me lah ! He knows I like traveling so why the covert operation ?

It’s okay. Cannot fight in front of PIL because I will surely lose. It’s okay, Hubby. It is okay.

But like I said, I love traveling so I looked forward to the trip while I was already on it because I had no time to look forward before the trip as I wasn’t given ample time to prepare. In fact I was given no time to prepare at all. Sarcasm to the max.

It is fine really.

We stopped for gas and my Mum called. Am on the way to Gerik, Mum, said I. Gerik ? That is far tu.. Masuk jauh ke dalam…, she said. Err….. never mind lah.

Anyway, the journey was uneventful. The day wasn’t hot and the kids behaved. Plus I can’t cubit my husband until we get to R&R Sungai Perak.

R&R Sungai Perak. Gelak takut. "Betul I tak tahu kita nak pegi Gerik.."

R&R Sungai Perak very nice and clean.

Drove past the exit to my kampung. Then passed Ipoh then Abah said take the exit to Kuala Kangsar. I was happy because Adik who was on my lap started to grow spikes on her butt during the journey. Abang asked “Dah sampai ke Atuk ?”, something that I dared not asked and my heart sank when the answer was, “Jauh ke dalam lagi…..”

Err… almost 3 hours already and I started to think about all the clean and dry pants I left at home. Damn !

Passed by Tasik Raban which was really nice. FIL asked to singgah sekejap to see the place.

Tasik Raban

Then we went on and on and saw signage to Kota Bahru. Waah… there is Kota Bahru in Perak also. But then started seeing stalls selling nasi kerabu and nasi dagang. Errm… what ? Kota Bahru, Kelantan or Kota Bahru, Perak ? Sweat trickled out.

It is not that I don’t like it, it was just

1. I need a fresh pair of pants
2. Adik was on my lap. She has been there for almost 4 hours

Adik dah boring.

Luckily when we finally got there I forgot my petty grievances as the place was awesome. Beautiful. Surrounded by trees is this one huge lake. So beautiful and calm. There were plenty of foreigners there eating, checking in and what nots.

From the hotel we found out that there are the occasional elephants who like to bathe in the lake. There was a picture of one happily doing this and it was truly majestic. I was in two minds to ask FIL to wait for them to come. Yelah tu.

Rafflesias and hornbills which I thought were indigenous of Borneo Island only could be found in the Belum Rainforest.

Thailand is like 2 hours away. Kelantan about the same. (Waa !! I traveled that far without wipes and fresh pants !!)

Thailand dah dekat sangat. Bawak passport pi Danok kalau aku tau..

After a quite a good lunch, we started our journey home. It was faster this time because we know the way already. However we were stuck in a jam before Behrang exit due to an accident. Arrived home at 9 pm.


On the way home.

Hubby got out off the car with a very sore arm from driving. Me ? I can’t lie on my back. I had to sleep on my tummy (meniarap lah tu…). We were too tired too sleep, we laughed about our day. Dari terpinga-pinga tak tahu our destination to where the bloody hell is Gerik, to waaa ! Nak balik !! Jauhnya !! Panties ku basah !!

I called my mum and mum laughed out loud. Hubby was giggling and grinning beside me. “Mummy… Hubby promised that he will take you anywhere you like from now on. No muncung no nothing…”

“Ye ke ?” Mummy laughed.

“Right, Hubby ? Say Yes Mummy…”

Hubby smiled sheepishly and went “Yes Mummy…”

He he… my trump card for Raya…. Evil, I know…. Keh keh…

We were too tired to sleep.

“You knew where we were going right ? You saja je tak nak bagitau I…” Finally after 12 hours of keeping that question inside. Well not really, I did manage to ask him in Sungai Perak but being me, I just have to ask many, many times for his answer to be true..

“Tak… Sumpah ! Mak cakap nak pegi jalan je… Kat rumah baru dia cakap Gerik…”

“Then why did you take the camera with you ? You should have known we were going somewhere far ?”

“I knew from the way she said it we were going somewhere but I just didn’t know the location !! I tak tahu pun Gerik. I ingat Gerik dekat aje. Sampai Kuala Kangsar terus sampai…”

“It doesn’t matter. You should have told me of your suspicions because I need dry and fresh pants !! I don’t mind going just I need my stuffs !!”

“I tak tahu….!”

Aiyoo !! Why lah this guy ?

“You owe me big, Hubby…” Said I.

“I know….” Was the sleepy reply.

Good. He he….

Monday, July 27, 2009

Only my Saturday...

I have always regaled you about my very busy weekend didn’t I ?

Well today I am going to tell you about my very, very tiring weekend. Kamalia had always asked where did I get all the energy to do the things I did, well Ya… finally I admit defeat. I am so darn tired, I .. well… Babah and I spent a good hour laughing about out creaking bones and stiff muscles before we went to sleep last night. Funny ? Read on.

Saturday was okay. Quite relaxing actually. After the kids’ classes, lunch with PIL then dinner with Ian at Tanjong Harapan. The food was good. My family has never eaten ketam out of the house before. We only ever have it at home or other people’s. Had never experienced eating ketam in restaurants before. Never placed any orders for it.

Until 2 years ago that is when I went to Kuching for work, Ezam ordered black pepper crabs and it was heaven. When the ketams came, I looked at it in wonder, wondering how to attack it with my very inefficient cutleries.

I looked at Ezam and said, “Ezam, I don’t know how to do this…”

He raised his eyebrows and said, “Follow me….”
And I did, matching his pace… and quantity. I have forgotten if the rest of our party followed suit. He he…

Anyway, ordered black pepper ketams which was really good. Abandoned cutleries and used our fingers. Babah who couldn’t take spicy food surrendered after 3 pieces so it was all up to Ian and me.

Apart from that we had Jenahak 3 Rasa, Udang Nestum (something new for me too) and Mixed Vege. Kids had Lemon Chicken as usual.


Went home, watched Mummy’s Return to China or something with Ian, drinking tea and eating cookies. Babah snored on the sofa next to Ian, pretending to be awake once in awhile, jumping in our conversation and joining our laughter when he did. Funny guy. Nak tidur, tidur je lah.

Ha ha..

Went to bed, with fires in our belly and sore, red mouths.

Then… well.. Wanna know something even funnier than my butt busting Sunday ? I errm… have to continue tomorrow because I haven’t downloaded the pics to go with the story yet…


Friday, July 24, 2009

Funny kids, us...

This morning on the way to work, I saw a middle aged lady walking. Her gait was slow I think due to 2 heavy looking bags she had on each arms.

I stopped and offered her a lift. She assessed me for a few minutes, to see if I am a knife wielding material I suppose and agreed. Her journey wasn’t far but she was glad anyway for the help.

Today’s episode reminds me of my mother from whom I learnt to do just that. She would forever stopped her vehicle to offer lifts to ladies and children walking at the road side, sending them to their destinations. She would be extra generous if it is in the middle of the day when the sun shines directly above your head.

“Kesiannya…” she would say before stopping her car.

Anyway, whenever she offered anybody a lift, us kids would always and I say always gather around to look curiously at our passengers. Don’t know why we did so unsmiling, with our eyes never leaving their faces.

They would be further puzzled because as soon as the car stopped, we would be waving and saying goodbyes like old friends. As the car moved on, they would hear snickerings. He he…

One day yeah, we were on the way to seksyen 11 and Mom stopped to pick up an Indian lady about 40. She was on the way to TNB so in she entered. So there we were, like the natives of a remote island who had never seen other people before, gathered around looking at her solemnly.

The woman looked at us and broke into a smile. She was not intimidated or got self-conscious like other passengers before her (ha ha) but smiled and smiled and smiled. In fact her smiles never faltered at all.

I have to say, we were rather taken aback by her demeanour. Usually the hitch-hiker (can I say that when mom is the one who offered the ride ? I just don’t want to use passenger anymore is all) would give an initial smile then would look away when they do not know how to handle being put on exhibition by 5-6 children.

But this lady took us in the eyes, one by one and beamed. At the end, somebody started to laugh and collectively we sighed in relief and guffawed and snorted and giggled too. It turned out she had the upper hand and managed to unseat us instead.

She got out of the car still smiling and waved about with us chorusing our goodbyes.

What a woman. Must be a mother...


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where Andrew Zimmern took me.

I watched Bizarre Food yesterday. As a family we love it. We love him grossing us out… he he… Anyway yesterday he was in Korea and he said the beef soup he was eating reminds him of his mom’s pot roast.

I had always been an advocate of mums to cook because a lot of things that associate with food take me home. The sound of the pestle and mortar reminds me of home, the smell of curry and sambal reminds me of home, the sight of sayur kobis masak lemak reminds me of home. And all these reminder of home makes me happy, and warm and I feel loved.

All these reminders of home would make me see my mother in various stages of her age. When she was younger when she would cook in stylish trousers with aprons tied to her back. Her in kain batik, a bit older with her curly hair in a neat bob with an apron tied to her back. Then her now, much older with loose trousers and baggy t-shirts or embroidered blouses still there, standing in front of the stove, cooking for her children. Apron a permanent fixture.

Recently I got upset with her. She had wanted to cook rendang for me to buka. Around 5 she called to say that she can’t make the rendang after all as she had just returned home after one whole day at her shop. Can I just make ayam masak kicap instead, she asked.

“Mum… you sound tired, Mum. Don’t cook. I’ll be fine, I can just eat outside…” Said I.

“No… no…. Makcik Idah took out the chicken already, so I can just cook now. Just want to ask if ayam kicap is okay for you ?”

“Mum… you are tired, please go upstairs and rest. Please don’t cook…”

“No lah…. I still have to cook anyway. Mummy masak aje lah …”

“Mum ! Why you bother ? I will eat outside !” I was so rude. She sounded tired, and I mean well. I just want her to rest.

“Takpelah… the food outside is not nice lah A…. You can eat here or just pack the food bawak balik. If you don’t want pun tak apa, I will still have to cook….”

Regret and exasperation mixed.

“Mum… why can’t you just ask Makcik Idah to cook… Kan senang….”

“Alah… budak-budak won’t eat if she cooks. Alah senang aje, she has prepared everything, I just cook… I don’t have to do anything….”

With that she bid a hasty goodbye and I sat on my chair, stewing with worry and regret and frustration.

When I go home and I mean my home with my family in tow just before adzan, there were fishball soup and ayam kicap and sayur kobis goreng and bubur kacang.

She was so happy to see us, her face lit up.

She sat with us, made the drinks, pushing food to my husband and my kids and talked a mile a minute.

The food was good and I went home a much chastised daughter. But I just don’t want her to trouble herself. That is all. But she knows eating her food makes us happy. Even my husband sometimes asks if Mummy is cooking anything that day.

So again, food reminds me of home. The sight of chocolate eclairs and cream puffs reminds me of my mother bending to pipe the pastry. Puris and murtabak reminds me of her with her rolling pin, cross-legged on the kitchen floor with her pastry table. Bubur gandum reminds me of happy afternoons with my siblings as she walked past us, busy doing whatever a mum has to do.

So a mother has to cook. It doesn’t matter if you suck at it because your kids won’t know, won’t care plus, their taste bud is developed by you. Whatever you cook would come out amazing because they are used to your brand of cooking.

Adik and Abang love it when I cook. “You are a good cook, Mummy !” Adik would say every time and I mean every time she ate anything done by me. Bukannya sedap sangat pun but she is used to it.

Like when I was pregnant with Adik, Kak Jo the cleaner at my first outfit asked her mom to make some pecal for me. She oooh-ed and aaah-ed her mom’s kuah pecal so much that the sight of the tupperware with the much raved about kuah pecal in it made me want to swoon.

Anyway, Kak Jo was the first to take a bite and she closed her eyes, and went ummmm….. in ecstasy. I quickly took a bite and … it sucks. Because makcik tu letak belacan and I dah tergigit belacan yang tak hancuq. Ok, never mind. Washed my mouth and took a belacan free bite but I failed to be swayed by its beauty. Because to me the beauty isn’t there. Nak kata tak sedap, tidak lah pulak but I have had better. Namely my mum’s.

Disappointed, I complained to my mom. She laughed. “Memang lah dia suka mak dia masak… Dia dah biasa. Kalau dia makan Mummy punya pun, I am sure she will say not as good as mak dia punya.” Never ! I said and my mom just laughed.

So …. What is the point of all this ? Masak lah… Hancus macamana pun anak-anak need the memories. Surely you can manage fried eggs ?

Macam pandai aku ni… he he… To each his/her own lah kan… ?

PS : My pot roast is very dry. How can that be ? 8 hours of roasting in the pot and it came out dry… Any ideas ?
PS : Tak berterima kasih langsung kat mak Kak Jo... Sorry makcik...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

My weekend.


Well… let’s just get on with it, shall we ?

Watched Harry Potter at CineLeisure. It was lovely. I love it. But Babah and Ian deemed it boring and felt the movie was dragging a bit. Too much talking, they said. Boys. What do they know ? There were 3 kids and 3 adults, sitting at the kerusi romen, so each adult sat with a child. Me and Abang, Babah and Adik and Ian with his son Haziq.

Had dinner then went home, about 10 I think. Funny thing, my son who is super duper talkative was shy towards Haziq. I had to keep introducing topics for them to talk about. It is okay lah, at the end but let me just say that I am shocked at my son’s sudden ability to be quiet and reserved. Shocked !


That was Saturday. Sunday was Adik’s Sport’s Day. It was not well organised but the kids were such an entertainment ! The ones that cried and refused to play, the ones that was so eager to play, the ones that fell, the cute ones, the chubby one and the ones that I want to take home with me as if I didn’t have my own 6 year old.

And the parents ! I love the way the parents rooted for their children and their teammates. Parents who were really involved. One parent even took the time to give his child’s team a pep talk ! The kids didn’t listen of course. For pictures please read Abang and Adik’s blog at

We didn’t wait for the prize giving ceremony because the electricians were at our house already to repair the gate. So we waited and waited and waited and they were done by 3pm. If I had known I would have cooked instead of baking cookies. Rushed to Subang Parade for lunch (Sakae Sushi… yuck !) and present for a wedding at Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam.

Went home, cleaned up the house, ate the cookies then got ready for the wedding. It was a nice wedding. The bride and groom was truly a beautiful couple. I have never understood the Bagai Pinang Di Belah Dua thingy because I have seen buah pinang and there is nothing remarkable or remotely wedding-y in it at all. Suffice to say, one beautiful girl married an equally handsome husband. Cun dua-dua. Unlike me and Babah, where I was the comel one (I am saying this with a straight face) and he was the one with the big nose. Now after 10 years it the table has turned as he is the handsome one and me… the one with the big stomach, bingo wings and… a hoard of other ailments.. Never on the same page, me and him.

Again, I am keeping my face straight.

Anyway, I love weddings. I love the way it made the bride and groom happy, the family happy and the friends happy.

My baby boy. Langsung tak reti nak tangkap gambar elok - elok.


My little girl.

Babah said we couldn't take pictures together because the skin tone is different.

I should take pictures with this guy, he said.

Babah said Abang and Babah pun different skin tones.

Ini baru betul, Babah declared.
Suka hatilah, Bah.

Sorry I have no pictures of the new couple as.. well he he… I don’t really know either one of them. We are actually breast friends of her cousin and her brother-in-law. We were invited because well her parents know us, we have been attending a lot of their family functions since her cousin is our best friend. Then when our other best friend married her sister (yes now two of our best friends are cousins-in-law), well we get invited to some of their family functions as well. Plus she and her parents and her sister attended our wedding, urrm… 10 years ago.

He he…

So it was a busy weekend but it was good and I am yawning as usual. That is why today’s entry lack finesse and charm (like it had ever been filled with one) and rather abrupt.

PS : I was introduced to a couple of my boss' friends today, a father and son. As soon as I clapped my eyes on the son, I was filled with fury directed at my boss. When it was just the us in his room, I demanded, "Why you didn't tell me Pa***** is handsome ? Kalau I tahu I would have put on some lipstick !" My boss didn't apologise. He just laughed. I want some explaination and apology !

Friday, July 17, 2009

Malam yang indah dan permai. Tiba-tiba...

Last Saturday, Babah and I had the most kelakar moment… well this year. I know Sib voted me being kissed by a mouse to be the funniest thing that happened to me last year.

Anyway, the kids were asleep, happily exhausted from playing with Sophia, Farah, Ayesha, Luqman and JR (baby Umar). Babah left something in the car and trying to be a dutiful wife (trying is the operative word, compadres), accompanied him outside. When we stepped out, we were hit by the loveliest breeze ever and so we decided to sit outside for awhile and enjoy this lately rare gift from Allah SWT.

We ended up sitting there, talking and laughing for 2 hours. The breeze was that lovely.

Anyway, I think it was around midnight when I noticed an anomaly in this big cloud. I saw movements. White, wispy UFO going back and forth. When I say UFO, I didn’t mean alien life form, I meant Unidentified Flying Object to the T kay as whatever it was, it was unidentifiable and flying.

In reality it looked like a smaller cloud, prancing about. Suspiciously, it looked like a white cloth, flying about.

Before I alerted my husband, I played scenarios after scenarios in my head.

The first one of course the cloudy thingy gets closer and closer to us before revealing its face.

Didn’t like that one very much, I must admit.

The second one is of course a real alien, flying in our air space, scouting for God knows what.

My mind totally refused to compute anything logical, especially as the thing was moving back and forth in a very orderly and structured manner.

Funny, after I opened my mouth and made a fool of myself then the truth or the most logical explanation dawned on me. It also happened after I clutched my husband’s hand in horror and whispered in alarm.

“Itu lampu lah…. Macam lampu suluh SUK tu (my father calls it The Eye of Sauron)….” Said my husband.

He he… that make more sense.
"Tapi... I pun terkejut gak tadi...." He admitted sheepishly. He he

Although… hmmm… SUK is like way over on my left, and this light is like right in front of me… So, which building is doing that ?


Thursday, July 16, 2009

I sleep late again... Yawn...

Last night, kami buat perangai lagi. Tiduq ntah pukui berapa, pastu nan la dok menguap. When I was small and the school kept choosing me for camps and what nots (I must have been a terrible student if they kept sending me to Bina Diri…), I learnt a lot of new words like kain sal for tuala and sangap for menguap. I don’t like sangap. Menguap makes more sense because when you say the word, your mouth would be open wide, like well… when you menguap lah. Try it. Me Ngu Ap. Betui dak ?

Could never stick to the topic can I ? Sorry, yawning again, complete with tears.

Anyway yesterday my husband asked for puri. This boy rarely made his needs or requests clearly known okay ? He prefers to hint, to insinuate. Hardly ever he says, I nak makan puri hari ni. He prefers, You nak masak ke hari ni ? You nak ke makan nasi ? I tadi dah makan nasi dah. So malam ni kalau kita makan macam roti canai ke. Tapi makan kat rumah lah.

So I start guessing. You mau bungkuih roti canai ka ? Then he will go, Itu lah malas lah nak singgah mana-mana. Kalau you larat, you masak lah. Kalau tak larat takpe.. kita pegi lah mana – mana tapi I tadi I dah makan nasi. Burger pun tak lalu lah…

I would then be raking my head, trying to solve the puzzle, with whatever clues he deemed is sufficient enough. Okay, so he wants me to cook, but doesn’t want nasi or western food. He did say he wants roti canai, but I can’t make roti canai. I can make the dough sure but I do not know how to ‘fly’ it. Something that is he well aware of. So… hmmm….

“You nak puri ke ?” I tried. The closest thing to roti canai that I can make.

“Yes please. That would be nice..”

Orang lagu ni pun ada ka ? Penat tau nak cuba teka apa dia mau. Awat dia tak buleh cakap teruih apa dia nak. “I nak puri malam ni..” Kan saaaaaaaaat saja. Tak sampai 1 minit pun. Ini habaq dalam bentuk teka – teki, lama ooiii nak bagi jawapan. Aku pun letih dok pikiaq. Kalau jawapan aku tak betui, macam mana ? Why is the process so long and winded ?

But that is him, and I am used to it and apparently I have veered off the subject again. Which I am sure you are used to, too. Heh.

Anyway, luckily all the flours I needed for puri were available. Cooked the curry, made the dough but no vegetable. Hmm… I hate that. I have forgotten to get some on Tuesday’s pasar malam.

Saw some potatoes, and thought hard and well, turned it into a rosti lah.

Ian came. The kids had dinner earlier because of mengaji so there was only the three of us. Babah frowned at the sight of the rosti, totally not the kawan for puri and chicken curry. What to do. I made a mistake when cooking my rosti as I used my expensive Meyer pan which is a sticky one. He he… not a non-stick. So the rosti although quite crispy, would have been crispier if it was not sticking to the bottom of the pan. Expensive pun no point, kan ?

Luckily Ian liked it so not a total failure. Babah, I don’t know. Sengap saja. Okay lah kot.

Ustaz went home at 9, Harith soon after. Abang mentioned Harry Potter. Don’t worry Abang. We planned to buy the tickets that very night. Babah did the bed time reading, I put on a jacket over my tatty t-shirt and Ian wondered out loud if I was cold. Got nothing to do with the weather, bro. I just don’t want to change my clothes, is all. The jacket is just to obscure my scruffy t-shirt from view.

Stopped by the boys' office as Ian needed his lap top then Jubei, now I know where is SS2. Babah followed your directions. Well, Ian helped too. Keh keh…

Bought tickets for Harry Potter at CineLeisure, to be viewed on Saturday. It was miles and miles better than the very packed Sunway Pyramid because we did not have to wait in line at all. The joy of buying tickets 3 days early is getting to choose our seats. Yeay !

Watched a game of dodge ball that was going on the ground floor of the building which was nice. Then Ian wanted to take a stroll and I was glad we did because the place was much nicer at 10.30 pm. It was peaceful and quiet and beautiful. I have always loved The Curve because it is a totally different concept from the normal Malaysian shopping complex. Out in the open, plenty of fresh air with lovely sun (or moon and stars plus a comet if you were lucky). Just plain wonderful. Like a British High Street or to me more appropriately it reminded me of Perth.

Anyway, bought some fruits (very wholesome us three that night) and had a relaxed walk while fortifying ourselves with natural goodness (the fruits le. Ian bought a pack of mangoes. It was so good he bought 2 more. Babah and I shared a pack of pomelo… he he… limau bali Ipoh mali to us Malaysians).

Babah suddenly had the urge for A&W float, and as usual just angin-angin kan aje kehendak hati nya itu and tahu-tahu, we were parked at the A&W Kota Damansara. He he… unfortunately it was closed. Only the PJ one is opened 24 hours. Oh maybe the SJ one too.

So, started our journey home. I had always love night car trips because everything is so peaceful. It reminds of the trips us kids took with our parents.

Arrived home about 11.30. Ian left and I sahur. He he….

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My husband doesn’t read my blog so it is safe for me to write this.

Don’t know why I miss him today. So much so I googled his name. Nothing much came up, just his facebook. It didn’t give me any satisfaction doing that, to tell you the truth. As nothing happened really to eliminate my … sorrow. It is not like by googling his name, he appeared in front of me, smiling happily away.

Don’t know. Is it sorrow or is it… don’t know. Sorry, just couldn’t put my finger into it. I feel so detached from him and again I don’t know why.

Nak kata meroyan… well it is like 6 years too late.

I have to admit my hunny bunch is still a head turner, a giggle inducer. I still see women eyeing him appreciatively and it took me all my might from hugging him close in a territorial act. Malu wei… I have seen women who do that and I find it rather embarrassing.

Handsome benar ke laki hang yang hang ingat aku ndak sgt tuh, I always wondered. Ha ha..

And there I was trying my darnest not to pee all over him.

So probably seeing other women looking at him a few days ago, made me feel a bit insecure.


What a swinging bowl I am.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Monday night

Yesterday was busy. He he… If you know me well, I love being busy.

I was fasting. Came home, and my 5 minutes later my hubby arrived. That is definitely a rare treat. But… not 1 minute after I see him, he got a call from his boss, and off he went back to his office.


7.20 drove to my mom’s for buka and sampai-sampai aje dah adzan. Yahoo ! Mum fried cempedak, which is my absolute favourite (not even the pisang goreng masak can compare to the cempedak’s sweetness) and we had sambal tempe, tauge goreng with tauhu and sup tulang. Oh man, feels like going home for lunch pulak… Yumm…

Sembang-sembang (have you noticed that my world revolves around sembang-sembang. Funny activity for somebody as quiet as I am….) then we were monkey-shocked when Marlin saw the time. 8.30 and none of us had prayed yet !

Pinjam telekung Marlin, and went home straight after because Noreen was coming over. She just got back from UK and I of course buat aktiviti pesan memesan… Buat batter cucoq udang, did my Isyak and waited.

Ian came too so we had a nice time talking (lagi !!) and looking at photos of her trip. Nice. Babah arrived after half an hour they were there and we settled down for a long chat.

Shazmi and Nadia (I swear she is one of the loveliest creatures I have the pleasure of knowing) came by at 15 to 11 and I was in heaven. Ramainya orang kat rumah… Suka !

The first thing Shazmi said to me ? “I can hear your voice from outside Ala !”

Well yeah, didn’t you like say that, like ALL the time ? Meaning for the ohh… past 18-19 years ? So it fails to surprise or chastise me.. Uweekkk….

So more talking and sembang-sembang, more drinks poured, chocolates shared. By 12.45 it was just me and Babah again.

I had a lovely time.


Apa yang Babah cerita sampai kusyuk sangat Nadia dengar ?

Noreen, what is so funny ?

Soon to be neigbours. Discussing their houses.

More talking.

And talking....

Monday, July 13, 2009

The weekend...

I had a busy weekend. Saturday we had a wedding high tea at 2.30 (very nice concept. Ada briyani and kuih muih and bubur) and a birthday party at 4.

Hmmm…. Dilemma for me really when choosing my attire. Kenduri kawin equals baju kurung but I do not want to wear baju kurung to my friend’s do. They are one of my closests friends and I know I won’t be there for an hour. I fully anticipated staying until Maghrib. And baju kurung being dry cleaned only kind of thing, I will have to be on guard all the time, well….you know lah….

Babah reasoned that since the wedding is a high tea kind of thing, maybe it is safe to be casual. Hmmm…. So I opted for trousers and kebaya top. And sucked in my tummy.

The wedding reception was for my arwah sister’s-in-law brother, Ujang. He proudly announced that he will now be known as Kawin… ! He he… Predictably, I shed a few tears while eating because I expected arwah to be there. And predictably, my mom and her mom parted teary eyed and therefore induced my eyes to water. Again.


Went straight to Min and Farid’s and was the first to arrive. Well seksyen 11 and seksyen 9 are only separated by a road so it took us 2 minutes to get there. As predicted, we stayed until almost 8, talking and teasing and laughing.

I had always liked a small gathering of close friends where we could really sit down and talk. The food was good. They barbequed chicken and sea food and it was lovely. I was so relaxed.

Plus the kids were busy playing, so we didn’t have much to do… Keh keh…

Thank you, Min and Farid. I had a lovely time.

Sunday, Babah and I took my mom to Pasar Tani while the kids were with their coach. Babah refused to let my mom out of my sight because he observed, the women in my family all have the same tendencies. So he is very sure that my mom, like my grandma would just go off on her own and would be lost among the crowds. Yeah well, my mom does own a mobile, le….

Babah's father asked us out for lunch. Went to Subang Parade, then had Baskin’s for afters and the kids wanted to go home with Atuk. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading and Babah watched the telly.

Picked up the kids, bathed them then went out to Shah Alam Mall for dinner with the in-law’s again. Today is Abah’s birthday, so I supposed he just wanted to be with his family although only we were there with 6 of his grandkids. The rest already had prior engagements.

So came home, the day rather filled with activities.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Who is Mrs Jones ?

I have been listening to Me and Mrs Jones for the past few weeks.

What a sexy number. Uber, uber sexy. The piano, and the sax… well, made me yearn for my own Mr Babah. If this song is a woman, she will be Jessica Rabbit personified. Red dress, boobs out, pouty lips, tumbling locks, the come-hither look… Errr… Not lah, that is more cheap, than sexy. Keh keh..

Moving on…

When I listen to this song, I would have the compelling need to close my eyes and my body would sway to the rhythm. The lure of the music is intoxicating. Since I can only listen at the office, I have to be careful and not get too swept with the alluring tune. Or HR will come a-calling.

But, now the question is who the bloody hell is this Jones woman ? For weeks I have envied the tremendous love bestowed upon her. What powers does she have to stir so much feeling and emotion that her lover composed such a tantalizing and soulful song for her ? A song that stabs my heart sometimes, to be honest.

Marvin Gaye, Mr Sexual Feeling himself sang for her, Michael Buble is very much worshipping her in my ears at this very moment. If Harry Connick Jr does the same, I fear I would swoon. He would jazz it up beautifully.

The thing is yeah, I don’t think the relationship is sexual because they meet everyday, at the same cafĂ©, same time at 6.30. There is no indication whatsoever that he ever followed he home or she him.

They just seem to only hold hands, listen to their favourite songs on the jukebox and make plans.

What a woman she must be to be loved passionately so. Possibly by 2 men. Her husband and her lover ! Hmm…. She could be a battered wife, true. That is why she has somebody else on the side. SO run awaylah Mrs Jones, because this guy loves you. He has been singing it, begging you to be with him silently (the undertones are all over the song…)

But then again, there is his wife. So… well… Being a wife, I don’t want you to be a bitch and breakup a family, happy or otherwise.

I hate this song.

But I have to listen to it every single day.

He he…

PS : Bought the cd yesterday… Bloody sexy….
PS : Listen to the song. The widget is on your right.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Blue River

I am reading a book by Freya North at the moment, called… erm… ahh…. Well something. Sorry, the title completely eluded my memory. Just so you know, this is not my first book by her.

I have red Chloe, and Pillow Talk, and Home Truth and Fen… Love them all.

Anyway, I am only halfway through it but I can say it is rather good. Quite a different style of writing from her norm. The subject is of course love, but in a nicely different angle and totally gripping.

How to know if it is gripping ? Well if I have to read in bed, and not keep it for the on the john moments only. He he…

Anyway, nice as it was she had made one error. It is imperative that I give you a bit of a summary of the book to help you understand.

Tess took a job housesitting Joe’s house. Joe builds bridges and travels a lot so he wants somebody to housesit while he is away, to you know let the air in, feed his dog, turn on the pipe especially in winter as the pipe might get frozen if unused, blah, blah, blah.

Of course the inevitable happened and they fell in love. There is a picture of Joe that Tess found when she first moved in and had always wondered about because he looked happy. So she assumed somebody that Joe truly loves was the one behind the camera for him to smile so handsomely for. At the back of the picture, KL was scribbled.

In came Joe’s Alzheimer sufferer mom who let it slip (well she was not herself) that Joe once had a girlfriend called Kate. This revelation was made when Tess had fallen in love with Joe and therefore she was consumed with jealousy. So that who KL was. Kate L something. In a moment of madness (madness because they were still just employer and employee, skirting around does she/he like me issue), she confronted him when he got back from one his travels.

Joe smiled because he explained, KL stands for Kuala Lumpur. He had a bridge built there and apparently a Japanese guy with 3 kids was the one behind the camera.

Now here is the mistake. Mortified, Tess took a good look at the picture and wondered why she failed to notice that the colour of Sungai Klang was blue, instead of the murky milky tea colour of the River Tees, where she initially suspected the picture was taken.

Errm…. Hello sister. I have never seen the Sungai Klang to be blue. Never. It had always been milky tea to me, no matter from where I looked at the river.

Now I am asking, is there any point along the river where it is actually blue ?

Ada ke ?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Now I know why he is balding...

I was a bit merajuk semalam.

And to pujuk, my husband jumped on me and started to gomoi. Please, it was not sexual at all.

He was terrible at it when we first got married. He couldn’t understand the concept and didn’t know what to expect.

He was also very bad at main sepak-sepak. Not sepak as in tendang/kick but sepak as in slap. It was a game devised by my Ayah. It is fun really. It involved us trying our darnest to slap him and he will try his all to block our slaps.

He is very good and we took it seriously because you see, after that it is our turn. He would be the one doing the slapping and we would be working hard blocking and avoiding his rains of slaps.

Sounds bodoh but actually it was fun. SO us kids grew up fully trained in the art of slapping and protecting ourselves from the blows. A bit like Wax On/Wax Off kind of thing, I suppose.

By the way, when I first got married, I was hard at work initiating my husband to our crazy games. But it was fun too…. Keh keh.

But yesterday, I found that he is now better than his sensei a.k.a me.

He managed to pin me down and tickled me with his nose. I nearly peed in my knickers. Then as my hand swung to his face, he blocked it expertly. We were stunned and went “Whoah..” in unison.

Then I tried again and again and again, and he waxed on/waxed off expertly. Last-last aku tarik rambut dia.

Laa… patutlah mamat ni botak…. It was my fault after all.

Keh keh…
PS : To those High and Mighty people, don't you dare go 'tsk' 'tsk' 'tsk' in disapproval. Don't like, toksah kawan, habih cerita... Kan Desert Rose, kan ... Gomoi - menggomoi membawa bahagia...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

An ode (odd)


You are not a loser.

Remember that.

Stop degrading your self.

And putting your self down.

You are lovely just the way you are. Okaylah, you probably need to listen better (cheeky….) but you are you.

People make mistakes.

To err is human. Don’t be too hard on your self.
But errmm.... it doesn't mean I am saying it is all your fault, yeah ?

You will figure it out… this predicament you are in.

We will give you a helping hand if you need it.

I believe she loves you.

So be patient.

And for god’s sake please have some restrain, yeah ?

Oh, don’t be a wanker.

And a twat, too.
Ah well... you know her better, so you know what to do or when to just let go.


Take care.
PS : Thank you for caring and for nosing in... I am okay with that..

Aku merepek meraban

Yesterday, I read the musings of a friend. She said, people like to talk bad about her because she doesn’t conform to the Malay ways of life, because she is different.

I know how she feels because well, I have been treated the same way, too. Little things that I took for granted as being the way of life is perceived as very menunjuk-nunjuk by other people.

I don’t know why I am never in the right crowd. You know, my last office the crowd is like this. At my first job, the crowd is different from the previous one, but among themselves, they are cut from the same cloth. Even here in my 3rd outfit, I still stood up like a sore thumb.

When will I ever get to work with people of my own kind ? What is my kind ? I dunno. I thought we are all the same and different at the same time.

“Makan sambal belacan ?”

“Makan… mestilah….”

“Samalah kita…. Bagus, bagus…”

“Pernah panjat pokok kelapa ?”

“Tak pernah lah pulak….”

“Ade ke tak pernah panjat pokok kelapa ?”

“Laa…. Salah ke ?”

“Psstt… ko tahu ? Minah tu tak pernah panjat pokok kelapa…..”

“Iye ? Ko biar benar…”

Dah jadi cerita…

The truth is, I never minded that they were different from me. I like to have my questions answered really and learning new stuffs. My questions came from watching drama Melayu where I have always puzzled at the fact that since those people on tv are Melayu, and the last time I checked my family is one too, then why do they talk like that ?

I have never heard my mom went, “Abang nak makan apa ? Saya masak yang istimeeeeewwwwa untuk abang….” Lentok-lentok.

My mom says, “Alit, I masak nasi tomato hari ni. You lapaq dak ?” Cekak pinggang.

Or a mom went, “Makan sayang, mama dah masak ni….”

My mum? “Come and get itttt……!”

So takpelah. I always blamed on the fact that we talk a mixture of Penang, Perak, English and normal BM. So when I started working and have a glimpse of their lives, I went like, “Wow… drama swasta is a reflection of real lives !!” And I sat down and learnt.

But they look at me and frown and asked why I talk funny or why am I like that. Of course, we became good friends and I ended up loving 2-3 very much, the feelings reciprocated but to get there was quite confusing and horrendous.

Paling yang depa suka cakap is about how I am with Babah.

I once heard one said, “Tengok tu Kak X. Macam tu dia cakap dengan laki dia…”

Cakap macamana ? How am I suppose to talk to my husband ?

I call him Babah. Because he is Babah. To call him abang is impossible because one, I am older by 3 weeks. Two, we met at school and there was no way I were to call him abang kalau tak nak mati kena kutuk.

Sure when there are times I bengang I will show him my fists. Show aje. Because that is what I do with my siblings … and my dad. I left one colleague with her mouth hung open when I confessed bila dan tika I bengang tahap gaban dengan my husband, if he happens to be on the bed, I will jump on him and start to gomoi.

You see, gomoi is a well loved activity in my family. Sometimes Ayah will holler from the bedroom, “Jom gomoi !!!” and we will run and jump on him and start rolling around on top of each other and went Yargh ! Yargh ! Yargh !

This was the best opportunity to throw a sneaky punch or head dunk or just plain debik sebiji with whomever we have a grudge on. Kalau sorang start “Owwww!” and we will go “Kalau tak boleh sakit sikit toksah main….” And none would be the wiser. Keh keh …. Errm… jangan terdebik Ayah dah lah.. Eleh, kalau kena pun Ayah will just laugh..

But that is me. I grew up like that. But salah ke ?

Why must you whisper behind my back just because I do things differently ? I cannot talk to my husband like you do with yours because seriously, Babah will start looking for Ustaz kat Darussyifa if I do.

“Makan bang… saya masak hari ni khas untuk abang…” Kelip-kelip mata, lentok berbagai.

Lepaih Babah terkedu sat and shudders sebab geli dan geleman, dia panggei GhostBuster Malaya. Haa… baru nak kena ….

It is okay isn’t it if I am different from you because you see you are different from me too. But I take you just the way you are. Janganlah kutuk… Tak best, Allah pun marah…
Anyway who to say who is more Malay ?

Err… you guys get what I am trying to say ?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Robot yang handsome dan oh so macho…

So Jumaat, kita pi tengok Transformers, again. I needed to fill in some gaps, Ian tak pernah pi tengok lagi and Babah just wants to watch it again.

Optimus Prime kata, “I rise and you fall….” Hai lah…Awat hang handsome, robot oii ?

We had dinner after the movie, tak sempat before so stuffed ourselves with popcorn during.

It was still as thrilling.

Megan Fox is a tad too tanned, I think. And she managed to keep her jeans still white after the inferno of fire and the amount of sand and dirty floors action. Sure it was dirty but it remained white. You can still see that the jeans are white. Don’t know why I am picking on that.

Anyway, questions. What happened to Wheelie and Mudflap and Skid ? Mati ka ? Because at the end tak nampak pun….

Well… that was Friday. Saturday we had a birthday party again. May, June and July are filled with birthday parties for my family.

Started off with Esya on May 5th, then her dad on May 28th then her arwah ibu on May 31st. Then mon anniversaire on the 9th of June. Ima the 21st, Ijat the 23rd and Marlin on the 24th. Mum’s on the 30th, Dan’s the very next day on the 1st of July then last sekali Ita on the 17th. After that, kemarau sat until December.

It is easier with pictures.

Mummy cutting the agar-agar santan gula merah. SO yummy. More popular than the cake that I bought from Concorde Hotel. By the way, the cake was good, too. I am seriously bored of Secret Recipe cakes, okay ?

The birthday boy, my baby brother Ijat and the birthday girl, Marlin. Yang enter frame tu Mail. Not his birthday as his is in January.

Mail and Marlin, our two doctors. They want to eventually open a clinic calls Klinik Mail and Marlin. I told them takde orang pi punya sebab it is as good as calling the clinic Klinik Cumi dan Ciki.

My Mummy and Babah's birthday. One year Babah told my family he wants a birthday party on his own, tak nak share ngan Mummy. He said tak pernah rasa cake tu tulis nama dia sorang. Teruk kena kutuk kaw-kaw punya dengan my adik-beradik. Padan muko.

This time, Adik enter frame sebab nak blow the candles.

Masa birthday party Mummy and Babah on Saturday, Hyrul asked Ijat, our resident photographer, what happened to the pictures during Marlin and Ijat's party. You have to wait a looooonnngggg time, Hyrul. Rasanya dia nak submit gambar2 tu kat National Geography gak, kot. Title, the natives of Sek 8, Shah Alam.

Happy birthday, people.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Beli tiket Transformers

I am down with flu. Urgghh…

Well not really down with it because I am still up and about. Still quite mild, I suppose. Here’s hoping for it to stay mild and swine free, yeah !

Anyway, Dan wanted to watch Transformers again so last night after work we went to Sunway to get the tickets for Thursday. Stopped by seksyen 13 to pick Ian up first, of course. He has the same thing I am having, so Babah had the pleasure of driving two sniffling adults in his car. Heh.

I was so hungry, I pleaded to be fed first before we buy the tics. Pastu memilih lak tu because I so teringin Arab food. Berkerut-kerut muka Babah pikiaq tang mana ada Arab food, pusing-pusing sat then I remembered of a nice Italian place we went to once. The food was lovely.

Pusing-pusing again then Ian saw Information Counter. Ada ka dah tutup Michaelangelo’s ? How come places that serves good food selalu katup but places that sells horrible food (read Chicken Rice Place or something like that… eh, dak dak Chicken rice Shop, not Place) is all over the country ?

While there, saw a bunting of Tarbush. There you go. I know there is one tucked here somewhere. Ian asked for directions and off we go. Entered this section called Marrakesh Market or something like that and we were suddenly transported to the Middle East (macam JetFire buat lah…). Babah was delighted. “I don’t have to take you to Morocco now…” Yeah, nice try, wise guy.

We walked and walked and walked and saw tonnes and tonnes of restaurants but no Tarbush until we walked right to the end of the marketplace and saw Malaysia again. And Wendy’s. If I were Edward Cullen, my father and common decency be damned, I would have grabbed somebody and start sinking my teeth.

“Okay, I don’t care anymore. Let us just go to Wendy’s.” But they boys were not happy about the elusiveness of Tarbush and we resumed walking. Ian stopped for directions again. Apparently there are 2 lanes of the marketplace, took the junction (he he) and lo and behold, there it was, Tarbush, totally obscured from view.

“The food had better be good..” I announced and luckily it was. The lamb kebabs, and the chicken briyani and grilled chicken or something to that effect. It was cold though, very un-Arabic that but apart from it, everything was nice. The hanging tasseled lamps, the plushy seats, the plants, the lovely mosaic tables (kat mana nak beli, eh ?) and the fellows Arab patrons. The bummer is the songs. Hate them.

Ian paid. Babah’s birthday, he argued so merci beaucoup, mon ami.

The ticket line, when we finally got there, was long. But we soldiered on because well, Transformers is important. We were talking, slowly advancing when a little boy about 2, happily ran in between us, then shot off and disappeared among the masses of legs.

“Anak sapa ni ?” I asked when I could still see him. We looked around but found nobody looking at him or for him. That was when he disappeared and that was when we saw his frantic mother. I saw him again and saw his mom looking miles away from him.

I left my post and ran for the little boy who was having the time of his life jumping around. I dared not grab his hand, takut mak dia ingat aku lak nak culik anak dia, so I tried to engage him in a conversation by giving him my most cheery hello.

He looked up at me and boy was he beautiful, with the cheekiest and naughtiest smile I have ever seen. I suspect he has been testing his poor mother a lot. He gave me a wonderful “Haiii !” and luckily decided to just twirl around near me. At one point he did look like he is taking flight again and that was when I decided to hold his hand. He of course didn’t like that one bit and yanked it free.

Mercifully he stayed until I saw his mom. Babah pointed at our direction and she looked relieved. I delivered the precious goods and joined my party. 2 minutes after that I saw him running, very much on his own again, and his mom running after him.

He he… cheeky.

Pandai, anak orang comel, anak sendiri balik rumah mampuih kena ligan…. Keh keh..
PS : Desert Rose, I pakai baju kurung so tak leh simpui baju, so I simpui my tudung... Jadik gak... dah balik rumah pukul 12 malam baru rasa... Keh keh...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Birthday, Babah

Today is my lover’s birthday.

He is 33, that boy of mine, half of it was spent with me.

He has his faults, but since it is his birthday, let us not talk about that.

He is a wonderful guy.

To try and articulate what he means to me will just make this entry messy, so I’ll just say he is my all.

I have always wondered the sanity of some of the older generations who said they still see their partners the same way like when they first met. Their partners who had grown thin or fat, with wrinkles and liver spots, less hair, less everything could have not looked the same 30, 40 years ago.

But when I look at him now, with less hair and a bit softer around the edges, I could still feel the stirrings of desire. He still oozes with sexiness and still very much handsome. If I want to have an affair, I want to have it with him. So yeah, I get what they were saying now.

He still matters. Very much so.

Happy birthday, darling. Semoga panjang umur dan penuh berkat dari Allah.