Saturday, November 12, 2011

Penat weii...............

Phew.... !

I am so knackered and sleepy. But can't go to sleep yet as I haven't finished packing and seriously, there is no place for me to sleep in my own bed since Abang and Adik dah bergelimpangan on top of it awal-awal.

Tomorrow, off to Bakun...


Macam penat aje dengar kan ? 2 hour flight followed by 3 hour car ride... Extremely bumpy car ride I must add.

Yawn... I really should sleep. We had a very busy day today.

At 7 we were already in the car to hantar Adik to school. Rombongan sekolah hari ni.. to TUDM airbase, Planetarium then Lake Garden, specifically Taman Rusa. Hujan dah turun rintik-rintik when Kamil opened the gate, via the remote control. Tapi tak mau bukak.


Pi check rupa-rupanya the washer was a bit loose and sort of obstructed its movement. Damn ! Kamil had to dismantle it and while dok busy godek-godek, the rintik-rintik turned to extremely fat droplets at a much, much faster speed and in droves.

Must it rain now ? Heavily ? Now ?

I ran to get brollies and when I got to him, he was already soaking wet. Alhamdullilah we managed to opened the gate by 7.15 and rushed to send Adik. Dalam kete sebab baju basah Kamil tak nak pakai seat belt as tak mo sandaq to the seat.. so the car went Beep ! Beep ! Beep ! the whole way. Aku dengan kesejukan and dripping wet really could not take the damn noise. I could already feel the dreaded migraine dropping by and arriving soon. Waaarrgghhh !

We singgah Immigration to buat my passport. Going on a holiday next week and I need to re-new it. Punyalah ramai orang and it was not even 8 yet. Seperti biasa, the passport re-newing kiosk rosak. Benci tau !!!!

Because Kamil had to switch cars with his staff at the office by 8.30 we really can't wait and off we went to another Immigration office to try our luck. Lagi haru. Punya ramai orang berhimpit macam tin sardin. I did not even bother to check if the kiosk is working there.

What to do... Have to wait until I return from Bakun then.

Waited for Kamil sekejap at his office then Kamil bawak Abang and I makan nasi lemak kat Kampung Baru. Sedap jugak. Not the best ever but tasty lah... Abang asked for sambal sikit which shocked Kamil. He didn't realise anak dia dah boleh makan sambal... Unlike him yang masih take his nasi lemak without. HHehhehehe............. Tak tahan pedas.....

Anyway I had to swallow a couple of paracetamol with my breakfast sebab by then mata aku dah kecik tahan sakit.

Rushed to hantar Abang to his piano class pulak. Then went to his parents' house to take our car and change the plate number. FIL bought a new car and wanted our plate number, so now our old car has a very new number. And looks weird. Percayalah, I would not be able to recognise that car even if it talked to me. Btw our car was at FIL's house because he borrowed it while waiting for his new car to arrive.

Fetched Abang from his class. While we were in a toy shop to look for a birthday present, FIL called and ajak lunch at a Chinese Muslim restaurant.

Errkkk ! Just had nasi like an hour ago tapi pegilah jugak.

So... fetched his parents and ate again. To be polite I ate the lauks only sebab taking nasi again would just be overkill. Heheh...

Singgah beli lunch for Bibik first before balik.

Then by 3 keluar pulak for Abang's next class. While he was there we went to the birthday party. Tension lah jugak sebab pegi birthday party budak 5 tahun tak bawak anak. But.... what to do.. We still have to honour our friend's invitation so pegi lah jugak.

It turned out to be a HUGE do ! I really expected to just duduk makan-makan while we politely sing the birthday song and watch the birthday girl bukak hadiah. But .. we were greeted with khemah, clowns, full catering with a variety of food. Ada deejay lagi...

Duduk sat (had cupcakes, karipap and coq badak which I shared with Kamil and a bit of pengat pisang) then ambik Abang and A who usually come home with us sebab nak main dengan Abang. Pukul 6 keluar lagi sebab Abang ada extra piano class (cikgu baru tak puas hati dengan cikgu lama punya pengajaran so she has been conducting extra lessons for Abang, FOC. Nice kan ? So dedicated......). Met A's mom at the music school to deliver her son while Kamil shot off to Adik's school to pick her up. Kamil then came back to the music school to pick us up. Sempat pulak budak-budak tu mintak Baskin Robbin dari bapak eh...

Balik to mandi and solat and what not and by 7.45 keluar balik to Subang Parade sebab I need a new laptop bag. Dah kena curi kan ? Mangkuk ayun punya pencuri. Had pizza and pasta at the new Market Place in Subang Parade. Tak sedap.. so don't bother lah aaa........ Hehhehehe........ Dessert pun tak sedap. I was really dissapointed with their pumpkin pie.

Balik... packed sedikit sebanyak, then teringat kena hantar report to my boss.. so with a very HUGE sigh fired up the laptop first, send the email .. then dah hooked up on the net tu.. alang-alang kan...

So... here I am......

Aku serious penat !!!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Selamat hari raya Aidil Adha.

Selamat Hari Raya !

Mak Pak kami balik Penang so apa kah anak-anak yang tak pi sekali ni kena buat ? Masak le...

CY made kuah kacang. I was supposed to masak rendang ayam tapi sebab nak buat soto lagi, chocolate cuppies with strawberry cream topping lagi so rendang we used the frozen and instant ones yang mak kami masak. Selesai.

Ada lemang. I bought it for RM18. Terkejut gak sebab I expected it to be paling mahal RM8. Tapi sebab I haven't bought one in ages, so I thought inflation happened since my RM8 purchase eons ago.

Sekali keluar kat berita TV3 yang confirmed my expectation was correct. Giler apa kena tipu beli lemang. Dah lah separuh masak.

For the soto, I only fried half of the begedil as I wanted to give options to people who is afraid of oil... like moi. Haha....

Anyway, we started cooking quite late on the eve of Raya. Bersantai dan melepak kat Uptown dulu. We only finished all work around 2am and lepas tu bergelimpangan all around the house. Kamil dah awal-awal lagi tidur sebelah CY's son N in the living room. So did Moggy. My darling cat was the one yang selalu teman budak tu tidur whenever he is alone. Comel kan ?

Abang slept on the sofa. Adik, MI and CY in the library, tertidur while watching Smurfs.

Aku of course tarik selimut sebelah Kamil and terkejut sakan bila N bangun for his night feed. Wei.... dah tak biasa wei... Aku pening kepala sampai sekarang sebab bukan saja terkejut beruk dengar dia nangis, habis gorilla and siamang keluar sekali.

But he is such a pleasure to wake up with. Diam aje pastu when he saw us, terus sengih and gelak-gelak. Sebijon macam Abang. Sigh.......

Anyway, when we woke up for N's night feed, I changed his nappies sekali, went to the kitchen to throw the toxins in the bin, turned the water tap on .. and no water came out.

I was confused a bit but I was desperate to get back to sleep so I ignored it.

Woke up to sambung masak and memories of the wee hours in the morning before came back. Ada ke raya-raya takda ayaq.

Called Syabas and was duly informed that the very, very precious water will come back at 3.

Apa nak buat ? I shipped Abang adn Adik to CY's house for their bath and aku sambung masak sengsorang.

They came back and we ate and tidur.

Hehehhe........ what a raya, not !

Friday, November 04, 2011

Nak kata Green Lantern... I don't think so........

Lupa nak cerita.

Tuesday night Kamil and I went to pump petrol for his car along Federal Highway.

Afterwards when he tried to re-join the highway, a car from behind flashed their light so he waited until they passed before he entered the road.

Suddenly a flash of green light struck my eyes and shocked the both of us. And then it happened again. It came from the car right in front of us, the car that flashed at Kamil earlier. I saw the passenger from the car shone a green laser like light to his side mirror and the light ricocheted to us.

I saw them laughing while I rubbed my eyes.

I still saw them laughing when they did it for the third time.

So I called the cops.

Well I dialed 999.

The operator answered with “Ya, Cik Puan Kamil. Cik Puan dalam kecemasan ?”
Heheh……. Terconfuse jap. Macam mana lak minah ni can know me….

But I informed her of what happened and she passed the line to Polis Trafik Shah Alam. The policeman on the other side said, “Dia orang saja main-main tu….”

Memang le ! “Sebab tu Encik kena tangkap dan bagi amaran. Bahaya tau ! Mata saya dah sakit !”

I mean luckily it did not hit Kamil’s eyes. If it did, he could have lost his grip on the car and we could have been involved in an accident.

“Ya ya.. Kami akan cuba cari…”

Seriously aa ? What to carinya ? I gave you the plate number, the make of the car plus the damn colour. I am sure it would have been no problem for them to find the culprits especially since minah jawab 999 tu pun boleh kenal aku…

Betul tak ?

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Merepek di kala demam

I have the flu, ladies and gentlemen.

Been feeling and experiencing it since Sunday. But then I have been rather poorly for the past 3 weeks, really. However when I looked at my harassed boss no.2, I didn’t have the heart to take MC. In my 1 and a half year with him, I have never seen him take even 1 day of MC. I only know that he is under the weather when his eyes are small. Sian dia. Sakit kepala tuh.

Our ex-boss pun macam tu. He only ever took MC for 2 days. Itupun because he had measles. Actually he should have taken like 1 week so it was pure luck none of us berjangkit from him.

Anyway I had a crazy weekend. On Saturday my house were filled with people. First a colleague and his wife came, then my sisters, then my BFF A, then IRM and his son, then my closest friend J, then my mom then….. takde dah. Itu aje.

It was fun but I was sad I didn’t make anything. Percaya tak ? I knew my colleague was coming and I was planning to bake chocolate valentine cuppies, a rich chocolate cake with gorgeous strawberry cream topping. Tapi sebab aku mengukur jalan with A pegi tailor so tak sempat.


For dinner because my sisters remained at my house to melepak, I made carbonara with crispy baguettes and fried calamari dipped in hot salsa. Sedap…. I kid you not. Yalah, sendiri masak kan…

Sunday pagi-pagi lagi I went out with A again. This time she took me for a Javanese massage in KL. I went with the end in mind to go for a massage and I ended up buat bekam.

Sakit !

And don’t ask how come sampai ke situ perginya. I was more worried about Kamil’s reaction when he sees the many, many round shaped bruises because he simply hates that. If I go for spas ke, urut ke and if I come back with apa-apa tanda, all the angins from the four corners of the world will surely masuk his badan.

“Tak sakit ke ? Why must you go through all these pain ?” is something aku sangat takde hati nak layan and answer.


Notwithstanding his angin I think the treatment went well. I was scheduled for another visit but mengenangkan his reaction.. I asked my sister to take it instead.

So since Sunday night I have been feeling the flu. Monday it attacked my head and throat. Tuesday I told kakak secretary that I think I definitely won’t come on Wednesday because I couldn’t concentrate on my work due to the throbbing pain. They were surprised when I terpacul kat office on that very Wednesday. I was not so surprised though. Then today my kakak secretary MC and the other kakak secretary EL.

Lucky them.

My boss looked at me and said that I will be able to rest during the long weekend. Understood. Oh.. he is not being mean, but he needs help. I truly appreciate that that is why I am not pissed off with him. He is a good boss, trust me.

So tomorrow… let us see. Pray for my health, kay ?