Monday, March 28, 2011

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

Soo….. Merong Mahawangsa…..


Ginilah. I am not going to say I wasted my RM8 per head or I that I wasted my time.
It is actually quite a good effort. I was swelling with pride watching about the history of my people.

Buuuuttttt…. Stephen Rahman tu…. Boleh tak next time somebody else tolong cakap untuk dia. Macam dubbing gitu. Instead of body double we use voice double. Because each time he spoke in Malay, Kamil and I burst out laughing.

Sungguh tak real.

The mamat who acted as orang jahat … Kemawas I think his name was, was superb. His acting was soooo good because I hated him at sight.

And the guy who played the Roman prince, Marcus was gorgeous and such a good actor. I wonder which corner of the earth they korek-ed him from. Well done, mate.

Adik si Nor yang gila nar nak kat Aidil tu got the hero this time and she too is commendable.

It is a good effort. Not quite there yet… but good.

Still quite a room for improvement.

And puh-lease don’t tell me I should try and see if I could do better. I am the audience and you have to win me, no matter if I can direct a movie or not.

Just in case adik-beradik KRU baca lah blog ni.

He heh.

Cuma.... hmmm... for next post...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Aku jua tension dengan Anuar Zain

Yesterday... dok boring-boring tang sini I suddenly remembered that this was a good time to catch-up on my blog reading. I haven't been visiting in a long while because of work commitments ... Sometimes I wonder if work is worth it. Not being able to cook for my kiddies as much as before, not being able to sit down and read, not being able to do a lot lah basically...

Melalut tang lain lagi.....

Anyway.. it was this favourite blog of mine that got me into thinking... actually that got me into this mood. This blogger mentioned about her husband that doesn't seem to be aware of her existence and I got so sad because I can so relate to that. Laki yang lebih pentingkan nengok tv dari bini and laki yang lebih suka duduk menyepi dari bercakap dengan aku... And I wonder sometimes, mamat yang dok lena sebelah aku ni... rela ke tidak sebenarnya kawin dengan aku ni ?

And I had always wondered if I ever pushed him towards the kadi and dia sebenarnya tak hingin pun nak together-gether dengan aku.

All the while I was here in Thailand amidst their people who truly, truly LOVE their King.. he only managed one call to me... to rant and rave about our children. Oh yeah another one call to ask why I didn't answer his sms... That was it.

In my head, I was expecting a more lovesick spouse who misses me, as I have been the minute I touched down in Bangkok. One who does not give a damn about the phone bill because all that matters is he has to hear his beloved's voice. And aku being aku has always been very embarrassed about forcing someone to love me... You know... like perigi mencari timba kind of a deal. So if he deosn't want to call... then I won't call because probably he doesn't want to talk to me.

But then again, reading the rest of her entry... she asked if the grass really greener at the other side ? Good point. What if all Malay men are like that ?

Reading her BFF's blog pulak she talked about her aunt who asked, what more do you want ? He comes home every night and a good provider. And if I am not mistaken, the aunt also said, we young people always talk about love loss lah and that kind of malarky.

So mahu tak mahu, I have to agree. It has to be enough. Maybe by coming home is the only way he can show that he knows I existed, then I have to take it.

By God it has to be enough .....

And therefore, I also blame my malancholy ramblings on Anuar Zain. Stop with your Lelaki Ini, please !!!! Konon ! Tipu !!!! Mana ada lelaki camtu...

PS : By now I think you 2 ladies already who u r, so please don't mention about the breadmaker again !!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dekat Pattaya tak ada nasi goreng pattaya

So here I am in Pattaya. Well not exactly Pattaya but Sriracha. Pattaya is near, reachable by taxi at RM150 though.

One week already.

My face has started to look very tom yum-y on account of the many, many bowls of the spicy soup I had guzzled.

The meeting just now was surprisingly successful. I took the lead while my boss looked on was scary. I was more worried about him than the customers.

We went around Pattaya last Sunday. As I mentioned before it was RM150 to get there. Damn. But because I was the lead, I took it upon me to pay for the trip.

Pattaya was crowded. Waaayyyy crowded with sunbathers on the very narrow beach on the many, many sunloungers. Jostling for the already crowded space were the traders, selling from pork (and more pork and more on the porcine kind) and clothes and little bunnies in shirts. That one I like. I was contemplating to bring a few home but… well….. I don’t think the hotel would find that very amusing.

There were a few Halal food traders, thank God but the one we went to sold sausages that looked suspiciously un-halal. Ikan, he said. So with Bismillahirrahmannirrahim, Luqman (my team mate) bought 200 gm.

First bite, I knew it was not ikan. But the damn thing was already in my hand and I was chewing it with burgeoning trepidation. Where to spit around this huge crowd ? And do I have to samak-ed my mouth ?

Walking further on spotted another Halal trader selling the same fish-ball sized sausages. Chicken, he said…. and that made more sense than ikan. But come to think of it, maybe the first guy did say chicken. Why would a Thai guy speak Malay ? Right ? Besides ikan and chicken do rhyme…. Hehehehhe.

There was nothing much to see except the bodies on beach and the bodies trawling the market. Oh… but we did see this oh so gorgeous guy selling ice-cream.

He was holding what looked like a basket of Wall’s ice-cream all the while trying to hold back a girl from leaving while the girl giggled shyly.

He was a dream and I looked at Karen and she was wide eyed looking at that delicious contraption we call Ice-cream Man. “Kenapa dia tak nak jual ice-cream dekat kita ?” I asked while Karen said at the very same time, “Mak aiii…. Handsomenya !”

Luqman said, “Kesiannya handsome-handsome jual ice-cream. Kalau kat Malaysia dah jadi Anuar Zain.”

Keh keh.

We saw 1 katoy. Only 1 !!! But then again that was because the taxi driver helpfully identified him. I wouldn’t know he was one until the driver outed him. Thus I wouldn’t know if the beautiful, beautiful ladies I saw were actually … well, ladies.

After that it was work.

And then the clients took us out for dinner at this simply marvelous place called Cabbages and Condoms. They even provided free condoms for us to take home but I was too shy to indulge. Hehehehhe….

Then more work.

And work.

And work.


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hari yang boring so aku cari pasal

I want to write but I dunno what to write about.

Life is biasa aje… nothing special happening, nothing to rant or rave about either… well.. that is the biggest lie if ever there is one. I have tonnes to rant and rave about.. Cuma I ada sedikit malu untuk cerita.

Work… well… is nice. I loooveee my work… Cuma…. Well, there is always a but, kan ?
Health ? So-so. Still fat because can’t use my legs. Still short because ubat bagi tinggi belum siap and bottled lagi. Ubat tahan gila well… because I am afraid the Doc would put me straight in an institution rather than giving me pills.

So you see…. A bit difficult kan ?

In conclusion… it is very clear that I am bored. Untuk sengaja mencari pasal last night I asked my husband if he thinks I am fat.

He gave me a cursory glance and said, “No.”

Please… I begged him. I would really like to know the truth. Sometimes my size 12 (UK size okay… UK size !) trousers rasa longgar and sometimes not. Kembang kempis macam hidung my dad when he is lying.

He looked at me again, steeled himself to say, “Berisi lah…..”

Damn. I of course duly reminded him of my useless leg. Seriously lah.. all this weight came about because of my gammy leg, which is refusing to heal properly I must add. And not that doughnut I ate just now.

Or that hot chocolate with ice (which I tried to persuade my colleagues is different from iced chocolate. One colleague said, “I am not going to ask for hot chocolate with ice, Cik Puan when they already have iced chocolate !”) I had Monday.

Or the roast beef I made yesterday, simply drowning in gravy. How could gravy be fattening ? It is liquid !

To further dip him in hot soup, I asked, “You malu tak nak jalan dengan I ? You slim aje….and you are walking with a fat git…”

“Tak delah…” was the very expected reply.

Boring ! Must add some spice to our conversation so I said, “It’s okay, Kamil. You can tell me the truth… If you malu jalan dengan I because the size of my butt I perfectly understand (at this point he shook his head..) because to tell you the truth, I sometimes malu nak jalan dengan you sebab kepala you licin dan bersinar …..”

Now I get the reaction that I wanted because he narrowed his eyes, lips thin and out came his hand to push my head.

And I laughed as I ducked in victory.


Anyway, tadi we went to buy cat food and my husband said, “Ini Moggy punya favourite…”

“Oh really ?” I looked at him skeptically and asked, “He told you ?”

Hehehe... malu pulak dia. Yang best dengan laki aku ni he could be so cute when he is dumbfounded and was trying his darnest to get his bearings again. He was really lost for words this time because he kept going, “Aaa…. Aaa…. Aaa…..”

Then, a lame “Adik you pun bagi kucing dia makan brand ni….”

He he…okay lah, okay lah…. Saja je nak mengusik.