Saturday, December 31, 2011

Busy nya...

I fully expected to wake up with severe sakit pinggang.. Nasib baik tak ada. I woke up with wonderful memories of last night and satisfaction that I had a damn good time.

Belly dancing I semalam ngan kengkawan ketat I. Best !

Pictures ada...but hehhehe.... tarak berani letak....

Anyway lepas kami bergelek sakan semalam, makan... as usual. My mom made mee bandung which my friends proclaimed as delicious. There was also orange cheesecake and brownies... well... sebenarnya bukan brownies but cake that was disguised as brownies...

Lepas tu lepak sambil baring-baring and sembang and gossip....

Kelmarinnya J datang and stayed until 9pm bergossip dengan Kamil. Si Kamil kalau bergossip....orang lain tak ada peluang nak bercakap , hokey.

Last night she went off at midnight. Malu katanya, asyik datang rumah I melepak lama-lama...

Hehehhe... Takde salah nya. We are the best of friends and I love her to bits, so she can tidur rumah aku pun takpa.....


Next session at Lina's place. Rumah cikgu... Hehhehe.....

Okay, nak siap. Nak pegi housewarming pulak. Laki aku jeling aje...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Perihal gajah dalam bilik....

My husband became sick on Tuesday.

That night my mom hantar rice congee. Sedap.

The next day she sent minestrone soup. Amazing...

Thursday she sent lauk... I forgot what it was.

While he was in the hospital she asked every single day if he wants something for her to cook. Tak payah lah Mom... Makanan spital ada...

Yeah... but tak sedap, she said.


Tuesday again and my mom made kari ikan... Sian Kamil... He was sleeping and anak-anak kami balun semuanya.... Luckily he still takde appetite..

Wednesday Mom sent pizza to her son-in-law. Malam she made kari ayam.

Hari ni ? Hehehe..... I am waiting....


But I am sure, reading this mesti korang tertanya-tanya kan ? I mean, there is a huge elephant in this story that I dare not address.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Ada ikan pun payah....

We are home. I finally slept on my huge and comfy bed, in a room that has no icicles formed anywhere. Home is indeed sweet, kan ? It is just at the right temperature I want it to be...

Semalam while Kamil was still at the hospital Mom called to say that she has a surprise. Aku pun tunggulah and tetiba muncul my nieces and my mom following from behind, hugging a super huge fish balloon.

Eh ?

Rupa-rupanya it is an air swimming fish, called so because it could fly. We can control its movement by a remote control that moves the tail left and right. It was super cute, with the tail swinging about around the house. It is filled with helium so it is always up in the air therefore sometimes while we were watching the telly, it will bob slowly towards us like a real pet.

Therefore Abang totally loved it.

U-hm... loved.

Early this morning I was rudely woken up by the most pitious cry I have ever heard. I jumped from the bed, went around the room looking for my glasses and raced downstairs while yelling his name.

I found my 11 year old sobbing desolately in the living room, sitting atop my new coffe table while his new giant pet fish bobbing above him. "He is a mess ! All his parts are coming apart !"

I looked at it again and saw the balancer was undone, a fin kelepet ke tepi and the propeller kat belakang was on Abang's lap. Hmmm.....

I looked at my son again and his sobs were heart wrenching. Tears were streaming down his face and he sported a pained look. His huge eyes were trained at me, hoping that I could do something.

I was stumped of what to do. Really aku masih mamai from sleep and I can't think straight. He then opened the manual and read while sobbing, trying to figure out how to re-attach the propeller. I sighed and said, "Come to me baby, don't be sad. I'll buy you a new one...."

Big mistake because he screwed his eyes shut and said, "Tapi kesian lah this little guy... I just cannot replace him ... "


Okay, okay........

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sejak malam Khamis aku di sini

Al kisah...

Tuesday morning around 10 Kamil called from the office toilet. Stomach pain he said, been purging since he got there and feeling nauseous.

Noon, he called again to say things are progressively getting worse and he felt dizzy.

Afternoon I urged him to go see a doctor.

I arrived home around 6 pm to see a very ashen faced husband. From the time I set foot in the house until about 10 pm, he vomitted like 10 times, couldn't keep anything down. Doctor at the local hospital didn't give him anything for his fever at all.

SO around midnight I took him to SJMC.. or SDMC now. Doctor wanted to hook him up on a saline drip but he refused.

Wednesay and Thursday he got worse. Therefore Thursday night I took him to SDMC again with a night bag on standby in the car. As expected he was admitted.

And so I have been here since Thursday night. It is Saturday and we were hoping that he would be discharged today. No go. He suddenly developed breathing difficulties during the night and has been hooked on nebulizer.


Our children are upset. They have started to get very clingy, calling every hour or so.

I am not upset but the room is really cold. I am left shivering when the sun ain't shining anymore.

Kamil is upset though. He is a terrible patient. No patience what-so-ever !

Monday, December 19, 2011

Quick updates


Last night I had a girls’ night out. We didn’t go far. Dinner at Tupai2 section 13 aje. We went quite early and came home very,very late. Husbands duly notified of course.

We are lucky, all 5 of us as husbands already expected that we are coming home late. Bukannya buat selalu pun. Hehhe…. So when I hantar Amelia and Min home, takde lak drama laki tak nak bukak pintu… HEhhehe…. Jubei’s husband picked her up at my house and Cho… her daughter, mom and siblings waited up for her. Cho is based in Labuan now and she came back for work… So probably her husband waited in Labuan for her call to say that she is already home safe.

Back at work. Problems and worry came back too. Whether we can make the target. Deliver all that is expected. Worrisome, that.

Abang had his snip-snip 2 weeks ago. Sian anak mak. I didn’t do a thing. I didn’t even take a look. Well, I saw… But it was all accidental. And I didn’t sleep a wink that night because it looked monstrous. I was shocked beyond belief at the sight of it. I was convinced it didn’t go well at all, the healing and the actual snip-snip. I thought I saw pus, is why. So I woke up at the wrong side of the bed the next morning, berated Kamil for not taking a closer and proper look at my son’s wee wee and begged my mom to do something.

Anyway, apart from that episode, I let Kamil handled it. It is in his familiar territory anyway. He tried to be very gallant about it, you know being in charge. Tried is the operative word because it didn’t last long. He snapped when I refused to have a look. But I reasoned that I wouldn’t know what to look for anyway. And I promised him when Adik gave birth I will be there. This is really a man’s thing. I have no business poking my nose in this.

He is okay now. And looked so grown for some reason. Anak mak dah besar… WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!

Had a karaoke session with my siblings during the weekend. Biasalah, kena melayan MI. It is our duty to actually entertain him. I have no idea who died and made us his court jester. Adik wouldn’t let go of the mike. She sang every song there is to be sung. Yang mana dia tak tahu pun she duly read the lyrics. Heheheh…

Abang is a serious singer. He didn’t dance or even tap his feet. He stood up straight and sang, face all solemn. Pelik.


Saja nak cerita. One day, after like one whole day of bersabar with Adik’s mucking and clowning about, I said in exasperation, “Kenapalah I am given a clown instead of a princess ?” She stopped being noisy and said, “Allah is punishing you, of course. There must be something that you did !”


Thursday, December 08, 2011


Hey fellas...

It is not that I didn't want to write... or I don't have anything to write about.

I have plenty to write about, actually.

Recent holiday we took,
Abang sunat (Owww !),
Preparation for future trip (this is the best part)

But work happened. I just did not have any time at all to squeeze in blogging.


I have some time now... but I can only manage bits and pieces of news only. I really have to return to my work.

Kamil said work will never end. True, but if I stop then it will pile up and then it will really never end.

Sigh..... Changes again, as far as work is concern.

Good changes. But then added responsibility for me and having to learn new tricks. I have to fill in a shoe, you see. A big shoe at that. So am struggling. Although I am excited. But I am struggling.

I will get better. I know I will. Soon, I hope.

In the meantime, back to work, folks.

See you when I see you.