Monday, May 28, 2012

Just like Raya

It felt like Hari Raya last weekend.

Late afternoon CY called ajak buat Cakoi as apparently it is better to knead the batter using breadmaker. When I arrived home, the house was awash with light. From the outside I could see MI at the dining table with Adik, my BIL Hazri (not real name eh…) holding his son, Nabil and Abang hanging next to him.

My sister CY was already in the kitchen, margarine out and there were spilt flour on the table. Heaven. We talked and we ate and we made merry and when they went home at almost midnight, I felt so bereaved, so lonely.

Saturday we were geared to take FIL out again but alas he was too weak to even get out of bed. So after breakfast we went to visit him and I watched while Kamil lovingly gave his father a massage. He coaxed his father to eat and administered his meds while I sat there doing nothing, making small talks and playing Sudoku on my mobile. Nothing can make you feel more insignificant that that. Haha.

We didn’t have any lunch as our breakfast was quite late, so right after Maghrib we went to Citta Mall for a dose oh burgers at Chillies before scrambling to Subang Parade to watch MIB 3. MIB 3 is okay. It was funny and all but I wasn’t that entertained. Something felt missing. The same feeling I had when I watched err….the one with Johnny Depp became a vampire. It was okay, not bad neither it was exhilarating.

As usual Adik fell asleep. It was better this time because she could manage half the movie. Itu pun because she nodded off while waiting for the bill at Chillies and in the car on the way to Subang Parade. And of course we have to hear her grumblings of why we always pick a movie way passed her bed time and all.

We woke up early as usual on Sunday but this time, after Subuh we kitted ourselves in our kenduri best, picked up CY and her family at 7am, then swung by CT’s house for her before starting our merry way to Ipoh. My cousin’s engagement do.

Food and family and merriment all over again. That was why I felt like it was Raya.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yang tergolek di Genting Highland

I have so many things to write but as usual tak tertulis. Sometimes I was burning with ideas to blog about and then suddenly everything is gone. So fickle, the strength of my memory.

Anyway.. I could write about something that happened last weekend, though. Nothing remarkable really, but something worth mentioning. Saturday is a flurry of classes as usual. Keluar masuk numerous times. On Sunday the kids had a break from their tennis class due to cancellation so we decided to jog instead. As soon as we rest our bums in the car, the phone rang and MIL requested for a jalan-jalan trip.

We didn’t manage to grocery shop the day before because FIL invited us out for breakfast, so we had a quick morning meal, then the market then quick bathe and change and off to the ILs who were already waiting.

Destination, Genting Highlands. Hehehhehe….

The drive was slow on account to FIL’s ill health so I was half in slumber land when we ascended. Half because I was still aware of the happenings outside while enjoying the shut-eye…

Not long after we climbed up, I heard the furious roars of superbikes (easily discernible from roars of kapchais… I do not need to open my eyes to confirm that), followed by the ILs and Kamil talking loudly then their yells of surprise and for that, I had to open my eyes.

I was greeted by the sight of a tergolek-ed yellow big bike and its equally tergolek-ed rider. He was pinned beneath his bike but luckily was already at the edge of the winding road. I ordered Kamil to stop (he might not stop because his parents were inside the car. He would have if they weren’t) and both of us ran to him.

As we ran, he got up and walked to the road divider with a wobble and sat on top of it. He was lucky because he fell right at a corner with cars swerving by but still managed to remain unscathed. It took a while for Kamil and me to cross the street to get to him, though.

When we got near I looked at the bike.. it was scratched and dented beyond believe and I couldn’t help but think that if that was Kamil’s bike, he would have been spitting mad. I would have been greeted by the sight of him dancing furiously for all to see, anger usurping whatever pain he was feeling. Hehhehe.

Then I looked at the err….casualty and exhaled. I, my dearest, dearest friends was greeted with the sight of the most beautiful Melayu man I have ever seen. Okay… maybe that came with a lot of exaggerations but… he is beautiful indeed. Even with blood dripping from his nose and mouth I couldn’t help but took a little time (teensiest… I promise) to step back and admire what Allah had created.

When I came to, I quickly looked around for tissues (supposedly for the blood, but really the blood got in the way and I want to get a better look at him) but nada. Alas, I did not plan my rescue mission well and the box of tissue was still in the car. As I said he fell at a curvy corner and I dare not cross the road to get it. Pretty face or not, I do value my life.

Anyway, we asked if he was okay and when a few other superbikers passed by we flagged them down. 2-3 of his friends stopped and they had the good sense to lift his bike up. Before they do that though, each took off their full-faced helmets and I eagerly … well you know, looked and ….was disappointed. Hehheheheh….. Manalah tahu abang ke adik dia ke…. But dissapointingly no...

Anyway, we offered to take him in the car which he politely refused and when we were satisfied he is well taken care of, we bid our goodbye. He looked at me, one thumb up coupled with a very manly nod as a thank you and I was lucky I didn’t swoon.


Okay, I must admit that in between our are you okays and explaining his situation to his friends and looking for tissues to wipe the blood off, my head was whirring with ways and hows to get his number.

Not for me obviously. Hello ! I have quite a few unmarried friends that could really use a good looking, hunky guy who exudes manliness to the top most degree. And I could happily watch from the sideline, enjoying what Allah has created.....err.. while sitting beside another of Allah’s creation that exudes manliness and what not …

Yeah… you know I had to say that……

So… I hope he is okay. I mean I couldn’t imagine how his friends organized his trip to the hospital seeing that nobody took their cars. He even wobbled while he sat so I have no idea how is he going to endure riding pillion while trying to keep steady. We did offer but he refused.

Probably because he saw the predatory look I was giving him.


No lah. Mana ada.. Kamil handsome apa ! Despite his bald head.. he is quite dashing.

Kah Kah Kah.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh Mum...

Yesterday I had a headache. A weird one. I have never experienced that kind of headache before and I really do not know how to handle it. I was on unfamiliar territory.

I was at the office at that time, so you can imagine how uncomfortable I was. When things failed to get right and the throbbing in my head intensified, I decided to pack up and went home.

While driving in pain, sempat pulak the perut signalled hunger. Waaaarrrggghhhh ! And when we are sick, husband hensem bak Keanu Reeves pun kita tolak tepi as Mum is the only person that could help. Especially on matters of the tummy. So I called mine.

“Where are you, Mummy ?” I asked. Bila sakit only Mummy will do. Mum doesn’t give the same effect. “I just arrived at the shop”, she answered. “Why ?” Came the very expected question from her.

“Kat rumah ada nasik ? I lapar….” was the very pitiful reply from her 30….something daughter. “Where are you ?” was the very worried reply from her. “I am on the way home”, I whined. I won’t apologise for whining on the account of the throbs in my head. “I have a headache. Sakit sangat. But I am hungry, Mummy……”

As a Mum, anak lapar is a slap on the face. It is a problem that has to be remedied immediately or else she fails… Serious. And lapar while tengah sakit…well.. I think she wouldn’t hesitate to put on a cape and coney bras for that. Haha….

“Mummy nak balik dah ni pun. You go straight home and I will meet you there…. Mummy masak fish ball soup…” Pulak. Kata tadi baru aje sampai kedai… Tiba-tiba dah nak balik pulak….. She had effectively put on her cape…..

And anak ni pulak, was in a dilemma whether nak menyusahkan mak ke tak nak. Her good sense won over and she said, “Nevermind lah, Mum… I will just go home sebab I couldn’t really drive anyway….”

“Laa… balik rumah ajelah (she meant her house) and Mummy masak. Ada ubat geliga kat rumah and Mummy boleh urut….” Sounds tempting… but I know she is tired. And she had just gotten there and I really do not want her to patah balik rumah just for me.

“Takpelah Mum… I’ll buy something on the way… Then terus tidur…” My mother of course tak puas hati and she said, “Okay.. I’ll go to your house….”

Masa tu, timbullah penyesalan kenapalah aku call mak aku. I shouldn’t have really as I do not want to inconvenient her. Sian dia. And then pulak, the throbs were getting quite bad and I got upset for some reason. I do not have the energy to argue actually…so … aku cakap keras sikit… I know.. weird… but I did. And she relented. Kesian mak aku.

So I arrived home (my own) in pain, coupled with guilt and remorse and a little bit of anger and slumped in bed. Bukak-bukak mata a steaming bowl of fish ball soup was waiting for me. I cried while I ate.

Then early this morning she called to ask how I was. She dangled my favourite meehoon goreng in front of me and so I swung by her house. She had it all packed but I ate in her kitchen to her utmost delight while she fussed over me, serving me hot tea and rubbing my head while she gossiped. I know I will be late for work. I expected too. But she just wants to see me, make sure that I am okay. Me, her ungrateful child.

Sorry Mummy.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

What I really want to say...

Okay... 2 posts in a day.... Enough to show what really on my mind was not Adik and her doa for adik... Hehhe... I am mightily uncomfortable now and the dreaded Monday is coming... I love my job. I really do. But tomorrow I have to attend Board Meeting. Board Meeting. Me ? And working for a company as big as mine, that is a big deal. I never expected to play with the big boys. Not so soon anyway. And tomorrow.. with the Group CEO. And Group CFO... Well... I am nervous as hell. Pray for me, friends. I really need it. Wassalam.

Doa Adik...

When we were in Mekah, I saw Adik kusyuk sangat berdoa. When a fellow jemaah Malaysia asked Adik what she asked for, she said, "Abang saya dapat 5A...". That earned her a hug from the lady, a cheek squeeze that looked painfull and loads of praises on what a good sister she is.

Then, "Saya nak adik..." which made myself and Kamil blushed like mad because the conversation happened in a very crowded bus from the airport waiting lounge to the airplane.

Satu kerja pulak.

Anyway... her doa belum makbul lagi... and I must say not from lack of trying ... on her parents' side, of course.

I have to say, she really, really want one. I know enought to expect her requests after each session with her cousins Izan and Nabil (bukan nama sebenar..hahahah). One day though she got really frustrated, she said "Saya nak adik... Macamana haa nak dapat adik ?", fists up, face contorted in desperation.

Kamil jawab, "Jangan ketuk pintu bilik Abah...."


It is Sunday night already. Kamil is making homemade burgers and a mess in the kitchen. Esok dah kerja... Sigh...