Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Post ketika mengantuk

I am so sleepy.

Bangun pagi-pagi tadi it was raining heavily. I felt like tarik selimut aje balik but of course I can't. Work beckoned.

Kamil couldn't go to work because his dad was poorly and had to be sent to the hospital. He was admitted and is sleeping over tonight at least. As usual whenever his dad is hospitalised, Kamil would not eat. Probably due to worry. So, for both of their sakes, I pray for Abah's health.

Work today was plenty. A-ha.. that is the word, plenty. And pelbagai. Ahahhaha. Yeah, I am surprised I could still laugh at times like this. Something transpired at the work place. Something that made me sad. But there is nothing I could do about it. I was surprised at the turn of events, though.

While Kamil was with his dad, the kids and I took the opportunity to dine on delicious Italian food. We were seated next to a group of mat sallehs...and Adik... started to speak in English accents. Saja je....

She started of with "Mummy.... can I have the steaks, please....." Only instead of saying steaks, she accidentally said stick... Hehhehe.... To her chargrin and Abang's delight, of course. The mat sallehs took her bait and looked at her and then me, curiously. Hehhehe.... Adik saja je....

She is really funny. And she makes me happy. Abang made me happy with his trial results. He got A in Penulisan which is something really rare. Let us hope he can do the same for the real exam.

I just realised, makin lama makin tak de cerita menarik that I can share..... Hmmmm....

Take care, darlings.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Raya ramblings

Selamat Hari Raya !!

And please do not think that I have forgotten this space... I have not. I have forgotten the password is all... Haha... Makcik dah tua ! Semuanya lupa....

Alhamdullilah after many dedicated tries, terjumpa lah jugak akhirnya the password yang selama hari ni hilang....

Puasa tahun ni was not that good. I was busy with work so I had to miss a lot of terawikhs.

Raya is also rather mediocre because I was bogged down with worry about work. Worry saja. Doing the actual work tidak jugak because I was busy. Ada aje rumah yang nak kena pergi and people who came to visit.

Today my BFF came with her sister and their children. Sungguh malu because I had nothing to serve but kuih raya. Tak sempat because I honoured an open house invite so I did not have the time to prepare anything for my own guests.

Tak boleh jadi ni. I vowed to at least simpan keaw tiaw (I seriously do not know how to spell this) dalam fridge. But... keaw tiaw yang disimpan di dalam fridge adalah sangat tak best sebab it hardens and doesn't fry very well.

Raya as I said was uneventful. Salam, makan, melawat. I have no idea how to spice things up a bit. Hehehhe..... What mengarut punya thinking.

Puasa tahun ni we didn't buka outside at all. Only once did we go for a buffet with IRM. The rest were taken at home. Oh yeah. I finally did something with my treacherous driveway. It is friendly and beautiful now. We also knocked down the pintu, tingkap and dinding at the kitchen to make one huge spanking door. And painted the wall light blue which was very nice.

Okay... I wish it was a bit lighter... the blue.... After the wall was painted Kamil looked at me, expecting me to complain. So as expected I did not do the expected and gushed my love towards the now light blue wall. I don't think Kamil bought it but I think he is very much relieved by the lack of drama.

He just doesn't know that I will attempt to re-paint it, fully expecting that he will do the majority of the work. He always does what is expected of him.

The kids are getting bigger. They infuriate me and make me happy at the same time, as kids are wont to do.

I am tired.