Sunday, March 24, 2013


Today Kamil and I had lunch with an old friend from Uni. We had lunch at the Curve, sambang-sembang and catching up.

Walaupun we had lunch at 12.30 but we were full until dinner so the kids had dinner at home with Bibik while Kamil and I went out to shop for currencies. Balik rumah, the dynamic duo belum tidur lagi. So aku pun duduk lah melepak dengan dia orang, sembang-sembang while watching the telly.

Now, I haven't been to the loo for three days already and thus, my tummy is not feeling right. Rasa macam senak ada, macam gassy ada... madam-macam lah.

So I commented in general, "Sakit lah perut...."

Adik asked, "Where did you have dinner just now ?"

I didn't, I replied.

"Why ?" she asked.

"Well... I have no money... All my money is pay for our holiday...." Heheh... saja je.

"Really ? Why don't you take some from the bank ?" Typical...

"Dalam bank pun dah habis, dik... It is empty now...."

"Okay.. pegi lah masak...."

"No... I wouldn't dare... Takut nanti tak cukup for you guys to eat..."

"Okay... saya ada 20 ringgit dalam saya punya box... Ambik lah.... Go and buy some food...."

Heheheh... You know, all the while we were having this conversation, she didn't look at me once. Her eyes were glued to her iTouch which is so very typical of her. Dari kecik dia macam tu... Tak pandang pun muka kita bila bercakap, but you just had to sit up straight for its contents.

I am touched. She is a good girl, really. One thing I have to say about her, walau pun she is the youngest child, she is very caring, very giving and senang mengalah. Such a loving child. Sayang, she deserves an adik. It is such a waste that she didn't have one.

I love seeing her dok gelek her little cousins on her hips, so willing to please them, so willing to help, so loving them.

Seriously, sayang....


If you are a prude, don't read okay sebab aku malas nak layan orang-orang yang akan bagi comment like, benda macam ni pun nak cerita ke ?

So... don't ever say I didn't warn you, yeah ?

This morning after I buttoned up my shirt, I asked Kamil if you know... my bra is showing. He said no, tak ada. Okay then. So pegi Pasar Tani, pegi Tesco beli ikan, ambik beras, ambik itu ini then while we were waiting for our turn at the till, noticed my husband kept looking at my chest.

Aku biarkan jugak tapi when he didn't even talk to me but to my chest, I just had to ask. "Why are you looking at my boobs ?"

And sheepishly he said, "I can see your bra ..."

Sigh. "I asked you before but you said no... "

"No... you asked something else...."

"So what did I ask you exactly ?"

"You errrmmm... asked if I can see your boobs... and I can't ...."

What the ... ?

Patut le orang dok pandang aku.  And laki aku... instead of telling me to cover up ke hapa, was actually enjoying the scenery. I mean... seriously ? He allowed me to expose the girls to the public !

I have always suspected that Kamil never pays attention when I talk. Remember I have been telling you guys that I have started wearing selendangs ? Tudung lilit-lilit ? I keep on asking him if I actually look okay. He hardly even flicked his eyes my way and just nodded.

No matter how I prodded, he will just nod. And semalam bila aku keras sikit tanya if I look like a right twat in this, he forced out an, "Okay lah..."

Wow... what a way to boost my self-esteem, my confidence.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

What is new ?

I have been tired and extremely sluggish lately. Rasa macam nak tidur aje.... I have been neglecting work... When I say that I strictly mean I have not been taking work home. Well, I do take them home, but whether I actually do something about that is another thing.

I still haven't made my move to the new division. I actually am very worried of not being able to understand the new business. I am old and I don't think I am as sharp as I once was. If I was even sharp in the first place is a another thing to worry about, actually.


5 more days to our holiday. I am soo excited. The kids are excited. But poor Kamil can't be excited due to his work. Sian... 

Tadi Adik told me that sometimes she cried when she looked at our Mekah/Madinah pics. I was about to go awww when she added, "And while I cried, I farted..."

Another geleng kepala moment.

I am soo full. I had nasi goreng kampung for dinner. I really shouldn't on account of my IBS but.. I can't resist it, yeah. Western food bores me for some reason. I can eat them, no problem but I usually get bored halfway.

I made chicken in cherry tomato sauce and mascaporne yesterday. Had them with penne. It was delicious. But I only had half of the chicken. It wasn't exciting at all. But the nasi goreng just now, licin. Melayu, kan ?

What else to tell ?

I am fat.

What else ? Something new probably ?

I have started wearing make-up again. I was at KLCC and amongst all the lovely things I could buy, I went to borong MAC. I was just looking at the Archie's themed make-up and I do not know why I bought a Veronice blusher, plus the brush and a tub of lipstick, that looked almost the same as my existing one.

What was I thinking ?

What else ?

My hair is nice. So manageable now that is short.

What else ?

My husband pegi main badminton tapi haram tak call I langsung. The whole day. I mean I know he's going, but at least call lah sebelum pegi. Saja ambik hati kan ?

Mula lah aku meroyan. But that is not something new.

I have nothing new to tell !

Boringnya aku !

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Kami dok busy tengok wayang this month. Oz, Jack The Giant Slayer and last night Warm Bodies. That one is the one to watch, folks. Seriously entertaining.

Weekend ni kami tak buat apa sangat. Well tak buat apa-apa yang fun, I should say. The classes that we have to send the kids to, the visits to pasar and shops and what-nots. Kamil mentioned that weekend is actually a working weekend as we have to manage the other aspect of our life pulak.

I took Adik to the hairdresser semalam. I go to Siti for my monthly scalp treatment anyway and while I had my hair done, Adik had hers too. She felt like a right grown-up, she said. Hahah... dah besar anak Mak. Ila and Siti are really good with hair, I must say as Adik came out with a beautiful bob. Kamil commented that Adik's supposed to look like him, and not me. Nasib lah kau....

Today we went to Ampang Park to order a new box of contacts for me. Dah kat sana I took the opportunity to look around and  jumpa kedai jual tudung bawal ! Bad news, they are expensive ! Ada satu yang super lovely at RM199 sebab it is kerawang goyang. Letak balik walaupun it is white with grey kerawang, a combination yang I tak pernah ada.

I bought a cheaper one at RM85. It is white with small purple flowers all over which is really pretty. I already have that combo but I am just collecting sebab there will come a day where they will stop from producing at all. Upside, I can actually order ! So I ordered one with grey flowers, one with green flowers and one with blue. Aku rasa macam lega sangat sebab masih ada tempat yang boleh aku beli.

Anyway hari tu, a colleague's mom bought me some curry puffs and they were super delicious. She gave me two and there were just Abang and I so both of us scoffed the whole thing. First bite I thought I had beef. I said so to Abang. The second bite, I knew it was chicken and I told Abang that. As I took my third bite, he commented "Lets not hope it is sardine this time, Mum !"

Hehehehheheh......... Kelakar lah kau, nak.

After that, her mom kept buying us some. I am most grateful sebab gerainya kat Klang, dekat dengan sekolah La Salle apparently, and I have no idea where it is ! 

Career wise, I have been moved to a new Division since March 1st but I have yet to make my move. My boss (or erstwhile really) wants me to finish off whatever that is on-going. While saying that, he keeps membebel pasal my move and I cannot help but feel guilty all the time.


Something to look forward to is our holiday ! Yeay, yeay ! Something not to look forward to is reminding my boss of my 8 days holiday. He will go nuts !

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I am poorly - Part 2

One nice thing about being sick is the sympathy I get... heheh.

Mom came everyday to visit and to massage all the sore and aching bits.

My sister came with her son and my nieces.

Kids will do every single thing I asked them without protest. I only haven't asked them to cabut bulu ketiak aje lagi....

Kamil... well.... he has been working and when he came home, he went to bed straight away.

Bibik has been wonderful. My makan minum was taken care of, my bed sheets changed.... She even brought snacks to me, just in case. Problem is, I did not feel like eating. Perut rasa penuh all the time. I could only accept liquid.

I eagerly wait for Adik to arrive home. At least ada orang yang nak layan bersembang as being sick is boring. Bila dia balik, ada aje lah cerita yang dia bawak dari sekolah, merapu semunya but wildly entertaining. Especially her expression when there are things yang dis tak setuju. Like her 1 datang lambat slip. Tak pernah lagi dia datang lambat so she is really, really unhappy about that !

I do not feel so good today. Driving took a toll on my strength. I was gasping as soon as I got out of the car. Weird huh ?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I am poorly...

I am poorly.... I am a bit better now obviously what with me writing about it here....But not full bill of health... I am feeling it still...

As far as demam goes, this one is quite a nasty one. It started Monday morning as soon as I got to work. I was not feeling it right and when a colleague commented that I looked sick, I felt it even more. By lunch time my body started to ache. I had almost nothing to eat and wasn't very good company. I had also started to feel cold.

I had an appointment after office hours at KLCC and I believe you me, I tried to get out of, unsuccessfully. So nak tak nak, I drove to KLCC and stayed until after 9. I arrived home about 20 minutes after. Amazing....

Anyway, during the meeting I could feel the cold so much, I kept rubbing my arms. It got worse during the drive as my head was so heavy and my throat felt like it ballooned.

I brought home goodies and since it was already 9.30 I drove like mad to catch my kids before they go off to Dreamland. I tried racing the stairs but my feet were dragging me. I forced myself to eat the treats (tiramisu and chocolate mousse with profiteroles on top... super yummmm...!) with my family. Luckily Kamil is rather strict on bedtime so he chased the kids back to their beds 15 minutes after.

I then tumbang-ed.

I woke up at 3 shivering and with my head feeling like it was struck with heavy pipes. I was rather disoriented as soon as I opened my eyes, I started crying. I told Kamil of my ailments and he hugged me to give me some warmth. When it didn't work he put on more blankets and told me to sleep.

Take me to the doctor, I said. He said okay and snored. Typical.

I was restless as I was feeling the cold so much, I cried again. I tried every position I could think of, knees to my chest, legs under Kamil's but none worked.

Take me to the doctor, I said this time with more force and baru lah dia bangun. Men.....

Doctor said my temperature was very, very high. Really doc, I asked. Then why am I feeling cold ? He said that is normal when the body temperature spiked. He then asked me to open wide, which I was rather reluctant to do so on account that I did not brush my teeth. Doc found puss on my tonsil. Great.

I was given 2 days MC with instructions if things did not get better by the third day, I would have to come again for blood tests.

I am better now. No more shivers but my body ache so. And my throat. And my head. But at least the shivers are gone so yeay !

So for 2 days I slept and baring and slept and baring and I think that was enough to allow bed sores to develop. I tried sitting but my head wouldn't let me. I tried walking but my sore knees just would let me.

Therefore I am very much relieved that could sit long enough to write at this very moment.

Okay... I should stop right now.

I need to baring...


Sunday, March 10, 2013


Today is a hot day. So very hot my neck got sticky. Euuuww.....

Today my friends and I went to a rumah anak yatim to distribute telekung and talk about solat. This place is very different from the one that we visited about a month or so ago. That one was well run and clean.

This one is a bit menyedih kan but not because of anything but tangan yang tak menang. It is a bit too much for one person to take on her own. I feel that this is the place that needs our attention.

So our visit next time would be to distribute pakaian sembahyang for the boys and penekanan tentang kebersihan.

I seriously do not know what to write about. Work is fine... boring but fine. Working hard to get good KPI to get good bonus. Smashing bonus in fact.

Still fat... hahahhaha.....

Oh and I have started to change my tudung. I had a very good and emotional talk with Kak Kay berkenaan our affinity for tudung bawal that is slowly disappearing from the shops. My style had always been white tudung bawal with the sulaman or the bunga yang ikut the colour of the baju. Masalahnya, dah susah nak cari tudung bawal yang cantik. Sekarang ni semua sulaman is situated on top of your head. So far I looked ridiculous in one.

Then came the two-toned tudung. That one is nice. It either started with white or black and then gradually gets to the colour intended. Tapi tak lama, sebab tiba-tiba it too disappeared from the shops and came the 5 tones. Punyalah berkecamuk, I failed to identify the colour asal.

So now, I have resorted to tudung lilit-lilit. I usually chose white with coloured motives. White with pink polka-dots, blue stripes or black floral. But... I still look ridiculous. However, better than tudung awning or tudung bunga ataih kepala.

Please.... bring back tudung bawal... Sapa-sapa saja.... Please....