Monday, October 29, 2007

Penang food, my roots

Bestnya balik Penang ! This year we didn't celebrate Raya in Penang because since my grandma's demise, there is nobody there except for Mak Ngah, Pak Mat in Jitra and a handful of my dad's cousins and aunts.

For awhile now we have been doing our raya sakan-ing in Perak. My mom and my Maksu are the only ones who are not in Perak. My grandma, Uncle Kamal ( Ayah Alang ), Uncle E ( Ayah Uda ), Uncle Mat and Mak Nyah plus my mom's cousins and aunts are still there. Therefore Raya in Perak equals sheer exhaustion and near exploding tummy.

But going back to Penang has always been a pleasure. I love Penang because Penang is my childhood and my roots. It is hard being kids this age. I say I am a Penangite, but I have never lived there. But there was where I go for Raya and where my relatives are and hailed from. Also, I speak with most of my words ends with a q and rather bahasa baku like pronunciation. So I am a Penangite. But no, some said. You are a Selangorian because you live in Shah Alam ( some even dared to say I am a Terenganuian because of the 11 in the middle of my IC number ).

Eii ? I said ayaq ( sometimes even ayor ) most of times. Besides, what do the Selangorians eat ? The best food seems to come from Penang. Laksa, rojak ( even rojak buah is best eaten in Penang ), sotong bakaq, keaw tiaw goreng, cucuk udang.... Heck even the best keropok udang is sold at Padang Kota Baru.

Let me tell you. Penang is mamak country and you can only get the best mamak food in Penang. Don't believe me ? You try Kayu Nasi Kandar in Damansara and then try the one in Bukit Jambul. The food in Bukit Jambul would make you roll in gastronomical delight.

If you head up north a bit to Kedah, you would not be dissapointed too. Laksa Kedah and Kedah mihun sup are simply devine. Emm... the mihun sup daging with kacang... hmmm.... Lovely. The best kuah kacangs are usually prepared by the northern people too. Dodol ? Try the ones sold at Pekan Rabu... gorgeous. And let is not forget kuih peneram. Still hot from the wok, melt in your mouth heaven... Emmm

Jom pi Penang ( and Kedah pas tu na.... ).

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya !!

So sorry that I only offer my greetings on the 11th day of Raya but I was busy. Busy celebrating and being with my family.

Had a good raya, albeit a rather sad one. But good nonetheless because really I have so many blessings given by Allah that I need to concentrate on, rather picking on all the bad things that happens to me.

Raya is special because it is the time to remember family. Either down under or still well and firmly on the ground. You could not help but cry during raya, thinking about the dearly departed.

Raya is also the time to mend fences and seriously to seek forgiveness without any explaination. A coward's way of getting forgiveness ( a non-muslim local dee-jay remarked that what he likes about Raya is that it is the only religious festival that has the tradition of seeking and bestowing forgiveness.... hmmm... )

Selamat Hari Raya, dear friends. Mintak ampun mintak maaf dari hujung rambut ke hujung kaki. Sorry yek ? Yek ? Yek ?