Friday, June 22, 2012

Her secret wish

Semalam Kamil had a farewell dinner so it was just me and Adik sending Abang and cousin Hasya to their tuition class.

And as usual, when there are the two of us, we will swing by our secret place to get Magnum Hazelnut for mummy and whatever that takes Adik’s fancy. Mummy thinks her arse is still nice and pert and small. Just let her have her moment, yeah ?

And also as usual when there are just the two of us, Adik will open up. I know she talks a lot but when it was just her and her mum, out will come all her thoughts that she secreted away.

And yesterday she talked about Mekah. “I miss Mekah, Mummy… Saya rindu dengan Kaabah….”

Hmm… macam dalam drama swasta. Felt like looking around for the cameras… hahaha.

“Dah tu nak pegi Mekah lagi tahun depan ? Tak jadi nak pegi London ?” She sighed.

“Saya nak pegi Mekah dengan Atuk… Tapi Atuk sakit…. Saya nak bawak Atuk pegi Mekah…”

And I kept quiet. I cannot say anything to that. I am sad for her. I think she feels that if only Atuk visited Kaabah, he will get better.

After thinking awhile, I know how to use her to turn things around for me. Devious, probably but I think it is actually an epiphany from Allah. You see, Kamil’s father adalah sangat tak mo makan ubat. I know the side effects are horrible. But, it is something that he has to do in order to get better. Berbuih lah mulut anak-anak pujuk and paksa makan ubat, but everytime pergi jumpa doctor, ada aje pills yang terlebih.

So…… I urged Adik to tell Atuk of her wish. Adik was reluctant because as I said, it is something that she chose only to share with me. And she had always been quite secretive of her inner-most thoughts. Aku bukan apa, I am hoping that if Adik tells his Atuk so, Atuk will be more disciplined about his medication. If not for him pun, for his cucu yang want him to feel better so that he can bangun and walk about. For his cucu yang nak bawak Atuk pegi Mekah.

So that he knows that we want him to take his pills to prolong his life. We want him around longer.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jason Mraz

So on Tuesday I went to see Jason Mraz.

And I have to say it was awesome.

Freaking awesome, actually... Hehheheh...

He sounded beautiful, his songs soothing and just the right kind for me. Although he invited all of us to stand and rock with him.. in BM nonetheless, but there is no need because the sight of him made all of us jumped out of our seats. Including le kakak ku yang ku sayang, kakak No Time Off... hehehhehe...

But his music are quite relaxed, and he was crooning more than rocking and it suits me just fine. It was really surreal to hear him sing live. He sounded just like in his CDs.

The funny part is when he commented on the late comers. He actually said, "Look at all these people still walking in..." hahha... Malaysians are never punctual, Jason darling... Not even for you...

I do have to say the opening act, Awi something something was good. The dude can sing live. I love his song yang Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday tu and that got me started really.

It was a marvellous concert. Listening to Jason Mraz, under the stars while holding Kamil's hand was nice. We stayed close to each other, swaying to the rhythmn...


Okay.. who is coming next ?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I am not dusty, apparently

Aku dah 2 hari kena train.... Kat Istana Hotel. Pepagi Kamil will send me and pepetang I will take the Monorail then the STAR to his office. Very convenient. I am proud of our rail system.

Anyway, one good thing and one bad thing happened. Good stuffs first, yeah ?

All my training mates thought I have not even reached 30 ! Hehehhe..... Even the trainer was shocked when I said I have 12 years working experience. Hhehhehe... A sweet boy called Chai said, "Wow... good maintenance..." bila aku habaq I have a 12 year old son and aku adalah kembang. Cuma I suspect that my zits helped give the impression that I am young. I mean who have ever heard of a zitty near 40 year olds ?

Yeah.. I am near forty. I myself can't quite believe that I am that old.

The bad thing ? People commented on what a good presenter I was. The trainer said I am CEO material.

Flattery ? Probably. I should be kembang, reall. But... I am more concerned about what Kamil perceived a good talker, cakap aje banyak tapi habuk tarak. And he had given a lot of examples, which some I should say I have to agree with.

So... I do not even have a speck of dust on my person ?

When I related that story to him, his smug face was freaking irritating. So bermaksud memang all these while he was actually talking about me ? That he has been insinuating that it was me and I missed it ?

Nak aje aku lempang sebijik.


Anyway tengah melepak at Kamil's office sekarang. Bidding for the time to see JASON MRAZ !!! Hehehheheh....

Just now Kamil's Mat Salleh's boss came by to say hello to me. He said, "Enjoy the show, yeah ?" And belum sempat aku jawab, dia pegi cakap, "You are going with him ?" And aku telah buat kelakar bangsat by saying, "No.. I am going home. He is going alone...."

I don't think I will ever forget his shocked face. Hehhehehe.... After awhile baru dia macam berjaya tangkap my meaning and laughed. Relief is not an understatement at that time, kay ?

Note to self, jangan buat kelakar lagi....

Friday, June 15, 2012

The lampu kat luar and the katak

I was on MC yesterday. Actually I loathe to use the acronym MC because it means Medical Ceritifcate... so very tak kena. But takpa... Not important...

Kamil woke me up at about 4am to ask if he switched off the light at the stairs. His question washed all the grogginess away and I said yes because I remembered him yanking the door open to do so.

So both of us sat straight on the bed looking at the bright lit floor from the gap under the door. We tried to listen for sounds but there were none and we ho-hummed what to do next. I was 100% sure he switched off the lights and intruders aside, I reasoned it could be Abang sneaking down to watch Euro Cup. We all know how football mad he is.

Anyway after awhile eventhough we did not hear any suspicious sounds outside, Kamil got worried about his children so he decided to have a look. I dialled 999 and my thumb was ready to press 'call'. Armed with a belt, he opened the door slowly and after about 5 minutes he was back safe and sound, without any incident.

So the question is, did he or did he not switched off the lights ?

We debated that, and wondered and unfortunately failed to go back to sleep. At 6 we got up and roused the house and I went about the usual business with throbs in my head.

By the time I drove up until the mosque the throbs became unbearable so I turned back home, kicked off my shoes and tried to will the pain away...

I consumed a lot of panadols due to my frequent headaches therefore I am always very reluctant to take some. After awhile and I was really gonna succumb to the call of the pills, I decided to drive to the nearest reflexology centre and tried another method... which is drug free, to ease the pain.

It worked. The pain ebbed oh so slowly but at least it went away.

Anyway, the mystery of the light that was switched on still intrigued me. I was very sure that Kamil switched it off because I saw him. Asked Abang and he denied ever going down to watch football.

Hmmmm....... It happened to us one other time before. At a time when we used to hang motion sensors on our bedroom doorknobs. They are cute, really as they came in animal shapes complete with its sound. We hung a cat on Abang's door and frogs for both our room and Adik's. So if there are movements near the door, the sensor would go meow or a 'wibbit' in our case.

And one night the damn thing did go 'wibbit'. Melompatlah Kamil and I from the bed and we instantly pushed the sofa to block the door. We did not think we did not plan, both of us acted immediately.

Then we waited while praying for the safety of our children.

And nothing.

Nothing happened.

The frog didn't make anymore sound, there were no sounds from the outside. All was quiet and still as it should be at 3 am.

I remembered we fell asleep on the sofa still blocking the door and woke up in a fright because Adik wanted to come in and gave a loud knock.

So... why did the frog went 'wibbit' ? And who switched on the light ?


Thursday, June 07, 2012

Of my ex-boss and meehoon

Today, on this very, very nice albeit an extremely hot morning, I would like to announce that I am truly grateful for my ex-boss, TSY.

Even though he has been rotated to other division, he is still taking care of us.. and still mentoring me. Still making sure I am able to cope. Still lending a hand.

And because of him, I can easily meet our numbers.

Alamak... rasa macam nak teriak lah pulak... Moving on...

I had the shock of my life yesterday. Read in the papers, an article on zits. Apparently not oily food nor nuts nor chocolates are the reasons for breakouts... Apart from stress, other contributing factors are white and wholemeal bread and....... wait for it... MEEHOON !!

I who meehon makes about 70% of my diet quickly ran to the loo to examine the detestable Kinabalu on the bridge of my nose which I have been valiantly trying to stem from turning into the Himalaya. 3 days of my life it took and now it looked stunted with crusty skin right on top. Then my eyes reverted right next to it where a Bukit Melawati is slowly growing and emitting angry red signals. When I say next, I do mean next. They are fighting for space, really.

Atas sikit ada dua lagi and just below my lip, one huge one too. Let us not talk about the tiny clusters on my upper lip.

And then I thought about my breakfast which was of course meehoon and I gagged.


Pass me the nutty chocolates !!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Masalah hari ini



I am not preggers. Yeah, why should I be if we are not trying... But we have.

Since Mecca.

Why the change of hearts ? Well maybe because my daughter doa dengan penuh kusyuk di Tanah Suci.

But then, Allah belum izinkan lagi. Maybe because I am old. And perasan fertile.


No seriously...

Moving on to a less sombre topic (well.. a sombre one for me....)..

We are going to see Jason Mraz on the 19th so yeah ! Hehehhe... My last proper one was Alicia Keys and I am not counting Russel Peters as it was not a concert.

Russel Peters is a-okay. For some reason, a person spewing profanities on stage is funny. Don't get me wrong, I was laughing with the rest of them but when I look back, I laughed due to the bad words more than anything.


So... hmmm....

I have started baking again. Well.. when did I stop ? Since Mecca actually. But last month I started rolling my sleeves again and slaved away on the hot stove... or oven. I made Chocolate Cake with sauce last weekend and it was heaven... Tetapi because my pan was not big enough, most of the sauce oozed out and we were left with very little amount of it.

So.... I had an extremely valid reason to purchase a new one. A huge spanking 2L one.. hahah... Kamil could not say anything to that because he too was busy scraping what was left of the sauce. So he must acknowledge the fact that I need a new baking dish. The red brick one at the Curve... about RM200. Or IKEA has nice ones too....

Adik is driving me crazy with her antics.

Abang is driving me crazy with his girth.

I went to the Doctor and after one look and one poke on my shoulder, he said I am stressed out. Why, he asked.

Errmmmm.... my son ?

And he said, well.. if it my son then he will do nothing as a boy who doesn't give problems is a problem...