Monday, July 26, 2010

2 days that breezed by...

I have no mood to write today.

But a person took the liberty to inform me that he lives by my blog, so I got no choice but to write as I was afraid he might decide stop breathing if I don’t.

Ha ha…

So, arrived very, very late from Pasir Gudang because we left very, very late.

I was so tired, I forego dinner.

It was pure bliss to sleep with my kiddies again and since Adik slept next to the wall, I hugged Abang throughout the night.

Saturday I made heavy minestrone soup. Then went out to order a playhouse for the kids. Aku yang excited lebih sebab dok terbayang nak menganyam ketupat, bukak puasa in the pondok. I had wanted them to paint it in pale pink… the palest, iciest pink they could find but I had to provide a sample. Tengoklah kalau rajin pi balik to tunjuk contoh colour.

Had dinner with my sisters and that was it. Bosan yek ? Maybe I was too tired to do anything. When CT came to show me the bunga dulang she made for our cousin’s engagement she remarked on how tired my face looked.

I thought I could only feel it in my body but rupa-rupanya kat muka pun dah tunjuk.
Sian aku….

Sunday we made up the number to chop a fiancee for my cousin. It was nice as all my mom’s siblings came and the cousins too. I love being with family.

I got teary eyed a bit when I escorted my aunt to sarungkan cincin on the dainty finger of her future daughter. That girl is truly lucky because she would get the best mother in-law in the world. Yang sporting, yang suka melawak and yang paling penting takde protocol. Asal ko bahagia is her motto.

Dunno if my future cousin would appreciate it if I post her pictures here.. so better not. Manalah tau she might not appreciate it.

Balik and rested and for dinner we went to Subway for sarnies. It was a very cold and wet affair because malaun mana ntah yang keluarkan payung from my car.

Tucked the kids in and then I started my report. Nasib baik I decided to do it yesterday as hari ni kena puji …

He he… suka !

God, I have no real life do I ? What a horribly mundane weekend !

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Melaluts galore..


Last Friday she called me right after school. “Mummy…. XYZ tak nak kawan saya……”
Hmm…. masalah budak darjah satu.

“Itulah…. You selalu kan tak nak kawan dia…. So sekarang it’s your turn, pulak…. “

“But…. Masa saya tak nak kawan dia, I have a reason. But today, I didn’t do anything !!!! Saya sampai sekolah, saya said hai and she said she tak nak kawan saya… I didn’t do anything !!”


“So sekarang, saya nak Mummy… When are you coming home ? I want you, Mummy !!”

How could she made me laugh and cry within half a minute ?

Only she and her brother could do that to me.

Today… well is not a good day. Since yesterday actually I was in turmoil. I was feeling a myriad of emotions too but hurt was the starring actor.. Hence it has a been a simply tiring weekend.

Baru sat-sat tadi, I sat on the sofa in my bedroom, looking outside the window. I was dejected and upset and whatever lah… My angel came to me, face deep with worry. “Are you okay, my dear ?”

Now she made me touched with her concern and bubbling with laughter at the same time. Merepek sungguhlah dia ni.

“Err… hehe… ermm… I am a bit sad….”

“Why are you sad ?”

“Ermm… well about stuffs….”

“Stuffs ? What stuffs ?”

“Stuffs..” I shrugged.

“What ? What is it ? What do you want ?”

I looked at her questioningly. How very astute this little one. You are right lah sayang… what do I want exactly ?

Hmmmmmmmmmm…. (Btw... while I was pondering this question she rubbed my arms and looked sad too... Sian anak mak...... )

I want to be heard. I want my feelings to be respected. To be acknowledged that if I was wronged, I have the right to be angry.

Sometimes I wonder why society loves to condemn how a victim reacted. A blogger friend of mine was criticized for announcing her decision to seek divorce from her husband via her blog. It was a mutual decision only she decided to announce it via the world wide web. She, whether you like it or not is the victim because her husband chose to love another. She was being very, very nice about it too… Wishing her husband happiness but what people chose to comment is her decision to make an entry about it. Memalukan it was said.

But… people didn’t say anything about why she was doing it. Why she had to do it. Her husband cheated on her. Orang tak condemn yang itu. Orang condemn her mode of announcing her impending separation.

She is sad. She is the victim. However she chose to do it, lantak dia lah. She is the one hurting. Unless she capai pistol and tembak laki dia barulah kita cakap kot…

But to me let her be… Even if you have been in her shoes but did no such thing as she did, you still have no right to condemn because… you are not her. All our actions are governed by our personalities and we can’t really categorise everything plainly in wrong or right columns. There are loads of gray areas here.

Just like what I am facing now. Nobody has the right to tell me I am not allowed to feel the way I do now. Jangan mendabik dada and cakap kalau aku jadi kau, aku takkan buat macam tu. Podah ! You are not me.

This is my life and I am the main actor in it. I decide what to do and how to feel. You can guide me and try to pujuk me but to tell me you have more right to feel and I don’t is soooo bloody arrogant.

To force me to do things I don't want is also an infringement of my rights to feel.

That is why I wonder why society likes to judge how a victim reacts. Leave us be.
Dah… buat dah… Tukaq topic dah….

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The things that caught my eyes during the week

I was lunching at KFC.

Meja depan sebelah kiri sat a set of parents with their daughter. I don’t know why the daughter caught my eyes so much. I was really drawn to her. Funny though somehow looking at her brought me a lot of comfort.

I kept looking at her. Dah lama-lama, she started to look familiar. Her eyes, her nose… her skin colour. I felt the hair was a bit wrong though. It should be straight and jet black and has to be just below her ears. Funny.. as I had never seen her before, I shouldn’t remember her with different hair kan ?

Then she chewed again and I caught my breath. She looked exactly like my BFF Amelia. Exactly. Only the hair is wrong. Hers is long and wavy but Amelia’s had always worn her short.I had always thought Amelia had the blackest colour of hair ever.
He he…

No wonder looking at her brought me so much comfort. I miss Amelia… Sigh…….


I was still at that KFC.

A couple sat meja depan belah kanan. The guy was facing me and the girl was facing him.

Aku macam perasan dia dok pandang aku. Because of my new work, aku dah biasa orang pandang. Bila kita pegi site and orang tahu sapa kita, people would always look. In fact at times when me and my team lalu, people would give us a wide berth.

Sad… but true.

Anyway, at times when our eyes met (the man and I), the lady in front of him would turn to look at me.

Aku dah rasa tak best. But I just couldn’t put my finger into what really made me uncomfortable.

Then they got up to leave.

“Apasal pandang laki saya ?” She asked as she passed by.

Hello ?

And I leave everything to your imagination sebab seriously aku tak mau ingat. Aku cerita kat Kamil pun lebih kurang aje sebab aku sangaaaaaattt sedih.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I thought it was going to be a horrible weekend but…

….it was not because Friday at 4pm, we left Pasir Gudang for home.

I was ecstatic and called Kamil to inform him of my impending homecoming. He was happy and I was happy but my happiness was marred a bit when he said, “Okaylah… you cakap betul-betullah bila you sampai….” proceeded by what appeared to me a hasty goodbye.

Hmm…. It could be because

• his boss was breathing down his neck.
• a customer was waiting for him
• he needed the loo
• or…… well… this one I malas nak cerita because the possibility of it cukup untuk membuatkan aku sasau.

So I decided to believe bullet 1 and be done with it. The most important thing is the QUEEN is coming home.

We arrived in good ol’ Klang Valley about 9 pm. N sent me to Kamil’s office first where he was waiting….in the dark…with the pak guards only. I was so giddy with happiness seeing his face and to hug his body was pure bliss.

Had dinner and when we got home the kids were already sound asleep in our bed. Never mind, had no choice but to snuggle then. It was a restless night because the kids sensed me in their sleep and in the middle of the night moved closer to me. Adik who initially slept at the foot of the bed somehow find a space beside her Momma.

I waved Kamil goodbye on Saturday morning with a heavy heart. He promised he would come home early and I warned him early on a Saturday would mean him arriving back home in 2 hours time. Just for the record, he arrived home at 1.30pm while we were lunching on Italian meatloaf and pasta.

I opted to remain home because I had been away and will be away again in 2 day’s time. I was missing my home a bit, I suppose. Now is rojak buah season for Kamil so again we visited Uptown for dinner.

Shared a tub of ice-cream when we reached home. I have to say it was a very unfair sharing as I had 20% only.

Sunday morning had breakfast with my family. Went straight from there to look at some lovely, lovely stuffs in Sungai Buloh before looking at new houses in Alam Budiman. My sister bought one. The very last unit on sale. She was lucky as the house was gorgeous. We went to look at the showhouse, visited the Sale Office and there was only 1 left ! Only 1 !

We of course left her to explain the whole thing to her husband who is overseas. Luckily he was okay with it. Sigh… I do envy her. It is not just the house is nice, but the view she gets was definitely enviable. The rolling hills and deep green forests and since we arrived quite early in the morning, we could see mists covering some of the trees. It was majestic. Then it rained and made the scenery more romantic and the weather cooler. Kamil was on rajin mode and consented to all of my sister's wishes. We went to visit a few units and then visited the unit she booked and a few more rounds of it.

I will be visiting often.

Took my mom to visit the upholsterer who was just nearby. We were discussing swatches and colours when a type of design called peri-peri was mentioned. No need to guess where we stopped for lunch next. NANDO’S !!! Hahahahahhaha…

Balik and I started doing my work. Sigh….. I don’t have to but I just wanted to show
my Team Leader what we have unearthed and if we are on the right track.

After dinner I packed again. For 5 more days again with an aching heart.
Adik got whiny before bedtime because she knows I was going and Abang sebek as I kissed him good night.

Kamil hugged me tight the whole night.

You know… I am not suppose to say this, but I have to because I don’t want to forget what he said.

As he hugged me that night, he said “It is not about the sex… It is about you. I miss having you around….”


Friday, July 16, 2010

Cili boh atas motor

I was talking to my mum this morning, listening to her waxing lyrical about the good ol’ days when cili boh (yeah… you read it right… I did write cili boh) was smooth and contained only and nothing but cili kering.

Her topic reminded me of a time when we were younger, mum bought her cili boh at Pasar Kelang, depan Pasar Jawa tu. She was very fussy bout it too as it had to come from this one shop. I haven't been to Pasar Jawa in a loooooooooooooooooooooooonggggg time but if I try to remember that place,I remember small stalls and loads of bananas. Don't know why.

Anyway one day after spending a wasted morning (my opinion, not hers… she was ecstatic) trawling about Pasar Jawa, we waited for my dad to fetch us in his car.

And I tell you it was a wasted and boring morning for us kids and we had all the pent up energy from dutiful following her around therefore at the end of the trip while waiting for Bapak, we of course goofed around. Lari-lari, main tolak-tolak till at one point my brother pushed me so hard, I reeled back from the force of it and accidently pushed the huge bag of cili boh from its perch. The bag rolled down with a huge splat on a mototcycle that happened to be parked next to it.

We stopped our mucking about and looked at the chillies covered motorcycle in aghast. Maybe if you looked at us then, crowding one side of the now heated bike, you would see all our mouths in a round O. Chillies were everywhere ! Some splashed on the rearview mirror. Scarlet liquid were trickling from the handlebars to the floor. Red goo stuck to rim of the tyres. It was awful. It was devastating. It was bad.

Anyway, typical of me I ajak my siblings and my mom lari. Because aku takut the owner of the motor mengamuk sakan bila nengok motor dia tetiba tukar kaler. And sure dia tambah ngamuk when 70% of the chillies were pooling on the seat.

HEHHEHEHE…. Gelak lak pulak aku.

I remember my mom pulak yang mengamuk. She pointed out how on earth the poor unsuspecting owner could ride the bike home now ?

Seriously, I didn’t want to care. Or I just can’t fathom that we were at the position to do something to rectify the situation. I was more concerned because although my brother pushed me, ultimately I have to answer for it since it was body what hurled the chillies to the motor. So I know I have to answer for it and I know it won’t be pretty. So … I need to get my arse away from the scene of destruction.

Then my mom did something .. well… like I said earlier, something that I didn’t think about. She went to try and undo my mistake. She cleaned it up. Or tried too.. as it was a monstrous task.

In my head right now, I can see her emptying the plastic bags of our purchases and wrap one on one of her hand and the other she used to collect the cili boh. She did it slowly, first attacking the ones on the seat. That one she did with extra care.

I can see her bending and wiped the the body of the motorbike. I see her inspecting her work and tidying up some more. I just watched her the whole time she did it. When my sibling got tired of watching, the chillies covered motorbike was already old news to them, and started playing again, I remained there watching her.

I was young but I know how to be thankful. I remember looking at her doing what I was supposed to do with so much guilt. I did offer to help but she wouldn’t let me because she was afraid I couldn’t handle the heat from them later on.

She still cared about me even though I made the mess. As soon as she finished, my dad arrived to take us home. Typical, macam polis yang baru nak sampai after the hero penat-penat lawan orang jahat and berlambak-lambak orang mati.

Moms are wonderful kan ?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I wrote this last weekend but I could only post it today.....

Tomorrow I will be outstation. For 2 weeks. Yup you heard me right. 2 weeks. And I will be busy so I’d better write about my weekend now. While I am still living the weekend.

Hokey. Friday had dinner at Secret Recipe. Kamil loathes Secret Recipe so when he came home announcing he was full from the durian fest at his office, I dragged his now tempoyak filled stomach to Secret Recipe.

Saturday after the usual flurry of classes, cooked Keautiaw Cantonese for lunch which the kids polished off before Kamil got home. Luckily we were going to the movies so Kamil said he could fill his tummy with popcorn then.

Baked butter cake with lemon icing first before jumping into the car to send the cakes then to Cineleisure for ECLIPSE !!!


We were really pressed for time, I didn’t even had the time to change my clothes. I went to see JACOB wearing butter and flour stained shirt and greasy hair.

Jacob was so hot, I was sweltering in the usual cold movie theatre. Did I say he was hot ? Hot ! Those abs. Him wearing shirts should be made a crime. A law forbidding him to cover up those 6 packs should be passed. And that dimpled chin. I mean…it’s perfection.

What was the movie about again ?

We went around the shopping complexes for a bit. Looking at stuffs here and there, trying to source for a decent place to have dinner.

We walked by Vivo many, many times but never stopped to look at the menu. That Saturday we did and since we really had no idea what else to eat, deicided to try their food. And it was delicious. The kids had pizza… no surprises there. Kamil and I shared a plate of spaghetti pomodoro and fabulous seafood platter. Kenyang okay.

Oh, bumped into Zatul and her family who just ordered. They were watching Eclipse too… Same time and theatre as us.

Zatul and I talked about Jacob for awhile which was nice. We are a big fan of Jacob, us. Therefore I love Zatul. Ha ha…

Sunday we didn’t do anything much as I had to send a report to my boss. Lunch masak nasi. It has been awhile since I cooked rice. Fried ikan bawal till crispy. Not so fluffy plain omelette and beefballs soup. Made it a bit spicy so that I won’t go all quesy. That is why I don’t really go for Chinese food. Lauks had to be spicy. Kalau tak rasa macam mual. Paling teruk pun kena ada cut chillies.

Baked chocolate cake after that while Kamil tended the garden. He planted new, more hardy plants. No more flowers for us as we would lose them to the ants.

I started packing for my long trip. Ironed my shirts and trousers. Collected all the toiletries and lined them up so I can see them tomorrow.

What else ? I was too full for dinner so Kamil took us to Uptown for me to graze on rojak buah. But when he ordered naan and tandori, I helpfully specified wings to the waiter as if it was my food. Kamil thoughtfully left my favourite part of the wings for me but tak sampai hati nak makan. Sian dia.

Balik kissed the kids soundly before watching a bit of telly. Then sleep. Woke up to Kamil snuggling closely from behind.

He he…. You will miss me, babe ?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Semua orang ada problem

Sunday afternoon and I just e-mailed my report to my boss.

Kamil is slumped on the sofa, asleep. Abang is watching Pokemon, his favourite book on his lap to be read later. And Adik watching the same show while munching on the last of the cookies I baked last week. In front of me is hard butter that is slowly turning to room termperature to be made into chocolate cake later.


She approached me as we speak, showing off the now empty cookie jar and reminding me of the chocolate cake. And now she is questioning why I am using 2 laptops at once as she really, really need to go into the net. I don’t want to ask why.

Last week Abang announced one of his bestfriends was having his birthday party Saturday (yesterday). I told Abang to ask his friend if it is okay for Adik to go along. Adik went ‘HAAAAAAAAAA ?’, eyes all wide and unhappy.

“I don’t want to go to a boy’s party, Mum ! I don’t like boys !”

Huh… sekarang hang cakap lah lagu tu… Lagi 8 tahun… you will be singing a different tune, honey.

I insisted that she goes too and she scowled.

“Will there be any girls at ALL ?” She finally asked, palms upwards questioningly.

“There are girls in my class. They are invited too. And he has sisters, you know …. “

Then, “Come on, it will be fun….” Abang pujuk.

She remained quiet for awhile before breaking the silence with, “Well you’d better make sure those boys don’t talk to me.. !”

Eleh, eleh… Ntah apa-apa ntah. Macam lah depa nak cakap sangat ngan hang…

Anyway, it turned out Abang couldn’t go to the party after all.

I would like to say … due to unforeseen circumstances. He didn’t even go to his piano lesson. It was just me and Adik.

In the car on the way back from class, Adik suddenly said,”Mummy ! Thank you for not letting Abang go to that party !”

Eh ?

“I don’t want to go to the party .. you know that right ? I am so happy we are not going !! Thank you ! Good job !!!”

He heheheh… apalah dia ni.

When the night before the party she appeared like she had wanted to go afterall.

I was quite upset with her that night. DR knows why… ha ha… And you know while I was busy nagging, she dared to ask, “Eh… tomorrow we are going to A’s birthday party kan ? What present are we getting him ?”

My jaw dropped at her audacity. I knew she was just trying to change the subject, deviate from talking about her.

I looked at Abang and he was looking at her with creased forehead. “Wei… that is my friend so that is my problem. Not yours, okay… You have other problems now… “


HAhahaha… and the next day Abang pun ada problem.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

I want to be....

Did you ever wish you have special abilities like those lucky, lucky people in X-Men and Heroes ? When you watch the shows on the telly, didn't you ever think like, "Phooaww.. how I wish I could do that..."

I wish I could read minds. Sure flying would be nice. Or the capability to manipulate the weather. Or to be nude and blue… ha ha…. But honestly I find reading minds the most delicious and attractive one.

And if I am restricted to be able to read my husband’s mind only, well.. that is enough. I am not greedy. Just him and I will be eternally grateful.

Because I am dying to know precisely what he was thinking while he looked at me the other day when I suddenly lost it because I could not find any pens within my reach. I needed to copy a recipe on the net and upon checking the usual place where I know my pens are in abundance, I could find none. NONE !!!!

Plus the repressed annoyance 2 days before when I needed to do some sewing and found my DEDICATED sewing scissors were gone, stoked the fire bigger than it should until I howled in frustration . Sure Adik quickly handed me one from her case and sure I used it but I wanted my pens !!! I kept it there for my usage, for my convenience so that I don’t have to waste time looking for them. But they were inconveniently gone! And I still have to look for them which something I wanted to avoid by putting my pens there in the first place.

You dig ?

So I ranted and raved, and while I was having a go my husband looked at me with this expression that meant 1001 things. They could be;

1. Here we go again…. or

2. Pen pun nak marah ? Chill lah … or

3. Eeei… kacau lah. Nak nengok tv pun tak senang… or

4. Kesian bini aku… Jadi gila sebab pen hilang… or

5. Isshh… budak-budak ni… Berapa kali cakap tak nak dengar… Memang patut kena marah pun… or

6. Alamak, ada dalam kete lah. All 7s are in the car.. matilah aku… Dia tidur karang kena ambik and letak balik.. Oh… cannot … dia mesti suspect aku punya… Haa… letak dalam bag budak-budak…. Biar dia orang jadi fall guy…


7. Aku kawin dengan perempuan cenggini ? Kena tipu aku, okay ? Buruknya mengamuk…
OWWHHH !!!!!

So which one is it ?

I also would like to know what he really thought when I took off my clothes yesterday before bathing. He was lying on the bed, eyes closed all tired from the day’s toil at work. I caught his eyes as soon as I got my top off, looking at me behind half closed lids.

“What ?”

“What ?” I hate that. Answering my what with a what. I am guilty of doing the same thing but that doesn’t mean I like what I am doing.. Ha ha…

“What are you looking at ?”

“Nothing….” Huh.


1. He thinks my body is nothing.. Something that is dismissible ?

2. He is not bothered whether I am naked or clothed anymore ?

3. Buruknya wei ! Put that away !! &&**((#((#__@@$!!

4. I am going blind !!

5. Ya Allah.. please make me forget the atrocity that just happened.. I am so traumatized Ya Allah !!


6. Nasib baik le badan girlfriend aku tak berbelak, berdimple and everything going South macam dia ni…


So that is why I want to be Xavier. I would kill to know exactly what he was thinking.
Or maybe… it is better for my sanity if I don’t.



Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My clown

Adik kan can really make my day.

Yesterday after watching her and her antics during dinner, Kamil again lamented, “Why orang lain dapat princess kita dapat clown ?”

He he…. Takpelah… Clown pun clown lah, I decided as I watched her making goofy faces. Sat hidung kembang with tongue lolling out. Sat super happy face with eyes crossed. Sat megawatt smile plus the same hidung kembang again. She can really make me laugh that one.

Like the time when we went out, the 3 of us plus Tok. Abang that time had a boys’ time with his Babah. Anyway she told me, “Mummy… I want to have lunch dekat luar. Abang mesti dah puas hati makan kat luar dengan Babah so I want to eat outside too… !”

I laughed so hard because of her usage of puas hati.
Or during that particular lunch while I was busy talking to Tok and I heard the song from Glee was on and I could feel her moving around next to me (we were sitting on a bench seat). I suspected she was dancing to the song but to engrossed in my conversation to look. But what I did not know was that when the song finished, she also finished it with a flourish, hand extended, face in "Yeah !" mode, hair all messy from the dancing. Everyone at the restaurant looked in shock. She stayed in that profile for quite a while too, letting us take full effect of her performance.


Or yesterday while in the car she asked, “Mummy how do I spell nincompoop ?” and immediately afterwards Kamil who was driving received a message from a little girl at the backseat saying, “Babah, dadi (not my usual misspell. That was how she spelt tadi.. or more accurately say tadi... ) kan Abang panggil saya nincompoop”

AHAHHAHAAHAHAHH. I just cannot say anything but laughed when Kamil read the message out loud. She was grinning like a cat behind us, nodding her head saying “Betul ! Betul !”

Or she trying to teach me a game she learnt at school, asked “Who do you hate ?” While I pondered she whispered to me, “You can say Babah.. because later you will love him… You’ll see….” He he.. permainan merepek that was suppose to show that the person you hate is really the person you love.

Or when I questioned the scar on her nose and she told me earnestly, “Semua cats kan tak suka saya… so ini Moggie cakar saya… They only like Abang because Abang is fat and his body macam cushions… They don’t like me because I am thin…. They cannot sleep on me… So Moggie cakarlah saya….” Logic ntah hapa-hapa…

Or the best part is when she suddenly had a sudden burst of love for me, she would run for a hug, squeeze me tight, kiss me soundly on both cheeks and declare, “I love you soooooo much, Mummy !!!”

Awwww…. My little clown…. Sigh…..

Monday, July 05, 2010

My weekend

Happy Monday, folks… Ha ha… Happy Monday indeed. Iif ever there is a lie, it is definitely this one. The only happy Mondays I ever experienced if that Monday falls on a holiday.

So… commiserations to us all because it is Monday, I suppose. Ha ha…. Doom and gloom me today…. Probably because I feel so lethargic, like the weekend never happened.

Friday we didn’t go anywhere as Thursday we had dinner at KLCC. It was my dearly beloved’s birthday and it just so happened that I have a meeting at the HQ so early morning Kamil sent me to work, I hitched a ride with a colleague to KL and then CT sent the kiddies to their father’s office and 5.45 Kamil was already in front of the building. Off we went to KLCC.

I bought some nice khakis at Gap because I have to be on site again. Don’t want to wear my flimsy work trousers and can’t wear jeans so khakis are the best. However they are so darn expensive I dunno if I hati sampai or not to wear it on site.

Oh yeah, reminder… please bring socks to site in case we have to jump on the barge again. My last trip there, I had to wear smelly work boots without any socks. So what happened after that hair raising episode ? Soaking my feet in Dettol session in the hotel room. It was that bad. My lovely shoes who had to accept my tainted feet ? A good wipe of Dettol . I love Dettol.

I am pretty sure we stayed home Friday night… oh yes we definitely did. My aunt from Perak wanted to visit so Kamil and I went to pasar malam to get satay. Added some nasi goreng and we had a lovely dinner with my aunt, cousins and mom.

For dessert, luckily I baked a nice butter cake with strawberry topping so that went well. At 10, Anu came to pick Kamil up for World Cup screaming session at Shazmi’s house. He crawled to my side about 2 am, true to Anu’s earlier warning and had to wake up bright and early for work.

Tu lah… dah tau kena pi kerja, sapa suruh buat perangai ? World Cup punya pasai….

Saturday I was busy. Very. We had tahlil at a relatives’ house. Then had to rush back home to our new next door neighbour’s house for their house-warming. But we didn’t get to go for that because we were late and had to attend tahlil for our recently departed neighbor at the surau.
So jumpa ajelah orang sebelah dekat surau. Balik totally exhausted because of the non-stop socializing.

Sunday there were no tennis for the kids on account of the rain so we went to pasar first to fill up the empty fridge. Then Sungai Buloh to fill up the empty lawn. Ha ha… loads of empties at our home.

So empty in fact when my cousin walked in our house the night before, she remarked, “Simple aje rumah CPK ye….” He he… takde duit nak fill up lah, yang…..

10.30 am took my cousins and aunt to Gulati’s. She is getting married in December, my cousin not my aunt, and mom gave her French lace for her nikah. Hence the trip to Gulati’s to match the lace. We combined the blue lace with silver lining which was gorgeous. My aunt and her family went back to Perak straight from the mall.

Had lunch at Secret Recepi… well Adik did. Mom and I just grazed on appetizers and cake.

I baked cookies then had dinner with the in-laws at Subang Parade to celebrate Kamil’s birthday. My own family’s birthday celebration for Kamil had to be postponed because MI ada exam… So we had to wait for him first.

Ada aje….

Anyway Giant afterwards for toothpaste and kitten collars then home. Si Kamil keluaq balik around 9 for cat food. Tu lah dia…. Suruh dah beli banyak2 sekali…..

Watched 17 Again on the telly. Zac Effron was surprisingly sexy in it. Surprising because he was a total ninny in HSM 1,2 and 3 … No… not true… I didn’t watch 2 and 3 and could only managed half an hour of 1… So I can’t really say for sure that he was a ninny in the trilogy.

I just can imagine he was a ninny in all three from my half an hour of HSM…

I know… I am that good. I can see the future…. Matilah kena kutuk… Ha ha…

Layan The Proposal sekejap which was nice while sahur with leftovers from our Manhattan Fish Market dinner then sleep..

Hai… and waking up Monday morning needing more of my slumber. I vow to sleep at 9.30 pm tonight sekali dengan budak-budak….. Bukannya ada Mark Harmon nak tengok pun….