Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sambungan cerita Babah

Day 4
Woke up sore because slept on a plastic recliner. Room very, very cold. Babah reminded me about the movers but decided to reschedule the activity. Sms-ed mover to postpone to next weekend.

Went home to get the kids. Set out for the hospital at 10 am and saw 2 lorries parked in front of the house. Went ahead anyway with a suspicion that the lorries are supposed to move my furniture. Turned back at Shell sek 9 and sure enough, there were men hauling my Janine sideboard.

Oh dear. Called Babah to explain the situation and helped with the moving. Done by 1 pm. Babah called to say that they have shaved him. Quickly collected the kids and started for the hospital.

Babah showed me his hairless body. Emm… didn’t like it. Looked like a shaved cat. Both of us very nervous. Babah very hungry. Promised to buy a delicious meal after surgery. Abang and Adik were worried but soon got lost in the Game Boy that re-appeared after going AWOL for a year.

About 2 pm the surgical nurses and orderly came with a wheeled bed. Transferred him and off we go. All of us very nervous. This is the first time Babah was admitted to the hospital. The very first time and surgery is involved. Hmmm…

Kissed him goodbye at the door and saw Dr Foo resplendent in his blue surgical uniform (my sister wears it to sleep. She said it is very comfortable) waiting for my husband.

Took the kids for lunch at the canteen. Then went up to the waiting room and….. well…. waited. 3 pm a staff came to say that we have to leave because they are starting renovations of the room. Now ? He gave me 15 more minutes to stay there after explaining my cause.

3.30 a lady staff came to ask whom I am waiting for. She told me Babah is done with his surgery and would be wheeled to his room soon. Went back to his room and after 5 minutes he arrived. Yeay !!

His eyes were closed. Abang and Adik looked anxiously at him and Abang of course asked a lot of questions. Suddenly we heard a very gruff "Abang !!". It came from his dad who was still asleep. He he….. Itulah, Abang. Orang yang pengsan boleh bangun dengar suara hang, tau dak ? We had to wait outside while they transferred him to his bed.

When we finally went in, the nurses came to take his blood pressure and temperature.

What are you doing ? He groggily asked. Following their explanation, he said can you do it tomorrow ? I am so sleepy…He he… the nurses giggled too and offered their apologies, but they insisted they have to do it.

After that the nurses came in every hour. He slept and slept and slept.

I woke him up once or twice, just to make sure that he is alive, but he still didn’t have his wits on. He kept requesting water but was refused until the Dr Foo comes and says so. But he has got a fever and wanted some pain relief. The nurses said there is nothing they can do about that.

A nurse woke him up about 8 and asked him to pee. He couldn’t. He tried a few times but to no avail. The nurse was concerned because he was already bloated. When the doctor came, they decided to insert a urinary catheter to help him pee. It was painful because when I was allowed in, his face was flushed. They had to empty his bag 3 times.

By this time Babah was ravenous and extremely thirsty. His breakfast privilege for that morning was withdrawn and therefore he had not eaten at all. He was only allowed sips of water after Dr Foo visited and was warned that he can only eat after he passes wind. Pulak.

We slept fitfully again. Him due to pain and me because I was worried. He was injected with pain killers twice during the night.

Day 5Babah wanted the house to be cleaned because he wants to move in as soon as possible so I left that morning and went straight to my in-laws to collect their maid and my mom’s to borrow hers. We worked non-stop until 2 pm. I had to go to Babah. I didn’t want him to wake up alone.

When I went back to the hospital with Abang, Adik and Esya in tow, I saw a bowl of half-eaten soup. I went to get him some jelly from the canteen, which he likes. He was still in pain and slept most of the time.

Went to Subang Parade to get new handphone ( the screen got smashed while I was cleaning the house ) and fed the kids. Went to Sushi King. Mum was worried because I was running around and force-fed me Vitamin C. Went back to the hospital.

He was much better and was allowed solids. Asked me to share his bed because didn’t want to sleep alone. I refused because I was worried about his stitches. The nurses visited him through out the night for his blood pressure and body temperature.

Day 6
I went to work. Luckily SJMC and Glenmarie are 10 minutes away so I went to see him during lunch. The doctor said he could be discharged ! Yeay !!

Still worried though because he was limping and in a lot of pain.

When I got home after work, he insisted to see the house. Didn’t go long because he was still in a lot of pain. We both slept fitfully again.

But the most important thing is he is okay. We got a picture of the said appendics. The doctor said it is mildly swollen but it is infected so they did the right thing. Insurance covered the stay so yeay !!
Thank you to all friends and colleagues who visited and called. Thank you for your concerns.
Appreciate it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cerita si Babah nya….

Day 1

Came home with a painful back. Slipped disc ke, Babah ? Entah, he answered. Sakitnya macam masa kita kat UK dulu, he said again.

We didn’t sleep that much that night. Him due to pain and me because he kept tossing and turning.

Day 2

I have low blood pressure, he said. He went to the doctor for the back pain and was prescribed pain killers. Doctor asked for a returned visit to check on his blood pressure when the pain has gone.

He called to complain of dizziness.

Another sleepless night.

Day 3
Urged him to go to SJMC for a check up. Finally relented at 8 am due to intense pain that had spread to his tummy.

Went to see that Dr Chan, the family GP at SJMC. A nice doctor with excellent bedside manners (he is also a mind reader. Before explaining about something that I have totally forgotten about, he asked if I am an Engineer. When I said yes, he said Engineers are smart… Well not this one, doc ). He sent my husband for X-Ray. Found nothing with the X-Ray. Very concern about his stomach ache and loose stools. Asked if Babah would mind being referred to a surgeon. He suspects appendicitis.

Went to Dr. Foo’s clinic. A looooonnnnng wait. Neither of us had eaten, bought some sandwiches ( went to the canteen all nice and clean, came back to my husband with a soiled tudung. Dipped my tudung in one unfortunate person’s mee curry ). Forced Babah to eat a sandwich.

Dr. Foo wants Babah to be admitted. Ordered ultra-sound, blood and urine test. What are all the tests for doc ? asked me. Well….. he said, I want to make a proper diagnosis don’t I ? Wishing Dr. Chan was the surgeon instead.

Went to the administrators outside, waiting for a room. Heard she said on the phone needs a single room. Possible emergency operation. Our heads snapped up ? What ? We said in unison. Admin looked sheepish. You don’t know, ke ? Here, the doctor wrote it here…., she said and checked the file. Well, what a way to break the news to us.

Was sent to give blood and urine sample and after that was sent to do the ultrasound. Since Babah had some sandwiches, can’t do the ultrasound properly. Have to wait 3 more hours.

Insurance agent Al and Hafiz came to help with the admission. Excellent service, guys.

At that time it was already 1 pm and Babah had only had a measly sandwich about 10 am. One hungry guy entered his room, one hungry girl tapau-ed delicious SJMC nasi briyani and ate in the room while the hungry guy looked on.

3.30 pm Babah was wheeled for the ultrasound. Came out looking shocked because they found a small stone on his left kidney. Pulak. So we sat on his bed feeling relieved that he won’t be operated on after all. But still he can’t eat or drink until the doctor came. “Puasa, ye ?” Said the very friendly nurse.

So we waited. And waited and waited and waited until the day turned to dusk. Let me go and buy food, okay ? I offered. I’m so hungry, he said. What are you going to buy ? I smiled. Let it be a surprise, kay ? Said I. Please bear in mind that I am very hungry, was the parting reminder.

I walked to Sheraton Hotel and came back with nasi ayam and club sandwiches. Babah was delighted. Right, all we have to do is wait until the doctor comes, said I. And we waited and we waited and we waited some more. The friendly nurse was very apologetic and kept checking on Babah’s well being.

There are only 2 surgeons left, she explained. Some went for conferences and some went for holidays. So Dr Foo is very busy. He has surgery the whole day. Okay, we said and smiled and bled inside.

11 pm doctor came. The stone is too small to cause you any pain right now. Besides it is on your left side. The pain is on the left side and we are pretty sure it is your appendics. It is up to you, we can operate now or tomorrow. We ummmmm-ed and aaaahhhh-ed and Babah decided to have the surgery the next day. Okay, Dr Foo said. You can eat now but you must fast after breakfast.

When he left Babah said he doesn’t want the doctor to operate on him while looking so sleepy.

So yeay !! we can eat. But Babah’s appetite was small. Maybe the worry about the surgery, maybe angin dah masuk perut….

I didn’t sleep. Neither did he.
To be continued…

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kenapa tikus tu nak makan kacang aku ?

Urrgghhh !! I really hate that bloody tikus, the one that is sharing my room ( and yup, the one who licked me… ). Night after night we would hear him scratching the wooden wall ( he seems to be living in between the concrete wall and the fancy feature wall made of wood ), where our bed headboard is leaned against.

Since we live with Babah’s parents, therefore we really live in the room. All of my possessions are crammed either in my room or in my children’s. Therefore the small space between the said wooden wall and the bed headboard is very useful to me. It is for storing my depleted stash of kain ( which I am sure I will start replenishing with much gusto after raya ), a few slim odds and ends and a huge zipped plastic bag that stores our supply of Penang mari keropok udang ( the best in the world ).

Night after night the little sod would start with his customary scratching of the wall, as if to announce his arrival. Then he would enter our room, through an invisible hole, and start on his attempt to gnaw away the plastic bag and get the goodies. We would usually ask him to cut his crap by banging on the headboard.

He typically gets the message after a few bangings, where he then would start to scurry around the room. I would sometime hear him by my bags ( kalau Prada aku berlubang… siapa ko….), or behind our winged chairs doing God knows what.

Some nights Dan couldn’t take the scratching and would attempt to chase him away, which would result in me waking up too and us watching the telly until sleep claims us again. That is why I am always sleepy nowadays ( and grouchy… interrupted sleeps are non too pleasant ).

But today, today is the day where I am bloody pissed off with that stupid bugger. He ate my peanuts !! That was why Babah heard him in my bag !! He was after my peanuts ! Me… the lover of peanuts is damn angry !!

It started normal enough. Scratch ! Scratch ! Scratch ! Then the sound of him trying to drill a hole at the plastic bag ( that plastic bag is made of sterner stuff… he still had not managed to get through the bag yet ). Then me banging the headboard. Then Babah. Babah then got fed-up and shouted “Oiii !!” while peering at the small, confined space. He saw him ( well or her… but him is easier ) ran underneath our bed.

He ( Babah… not Jerry ) switched on the light and I covered myself with the duvet, just in case if he wants to have another taste of me. Babah jumped on the bed ( he he ). Of course nothing happened. I saw Adik’s bedroom slippers and asked Babah to throw it under the bed, to force him out. Babah did but nothing happened.

We watched the telly. Then the scratching sound again. He had beamed out to his safe heaven. We drifted off to sleep. I don’t know how long we slept before Babah jumped off the bed again. I decided not to bother, but had the foresight to protect myself with the duvet again.

When we woke up for Subuh, Babah informed me that he saw Mickey by my bag. My Furla ? He was sniffing my Furla ? Then I remembered the Red Bean roti I intended for my breakfast. Babah fished it out of my beautiful Furla, didn’t find any holes but threw it away all the same.

When I tidied up the room before I left for work, I saw a tin of cheese balls that had holes on its plastic cover. Threw that away and washed my hands vigorously to kill off the mouse germs. Don’t know where he had been, my friends.

Went to work, not suspecting anything. Had breakfast. By 11 am, my mind started to wander off to the lovely kacangs in my bag. Took it out and promptly saw a hole in the corner. Aiii ? I had it wrapped in paper and therefore tore off the paper wrapping away and saw another hole at the plastic wrapping. Truth dawned and it hurts. But there is nothing I can do about it.

It made a sickening thud as it landed at the bottom of my wastepaper bin.

I bought it only yesterday ( well RM1 was generously donated by my friend Sue and I only paid the remaining 30 sen ) and had only had a few pieces. I had wanted to eat more but Marieanne kept telling me of the calorific horrors of the lovely nuts, I had to put it away… for me to secretly eat it behind her disapproving back of course.

But now… when I am safe in my Shah Alam office ( the lovely Marieanne is in the KL office ), when I finally decided it is safe to eat some, there is a big hole in the paper ( that is why I double wrapped it in paper, tak mau bagi masuk angin… ) !! No doubt the work of the flipping mouse !

Waaaahhhh !!

Tu lah Marieanne !! Sekarang langsung tak dapat makan….

Kurus le aku …. He he….

Monday, August 04, 2008

Abang's doing a good job

I cried again last night… well what is new at that front, yeah ? We were in the car and the sight of tapak pasar tani brought me back to bulan puasa 5 – 6 years ago when Shera and I had a tudung raya shopping spree.

We were there for hours at end, looking, choosing, bargaining… Heat, hunger and thirst forgotten. I remember after we had bought so much we stumbled upon a gerai with a light green tudung on display. She squealed in delight and last night her face ( filled with pleasure and admiration for the said tudung ) at that very exact moment, looking at me while holding the tudung ( she was on tippy toes – both of us are very small ) flashed before me. So of course I cried.

Adik noticed me crying and of course was very much concerned. She touched my shoulder and asked, “What is wrong, Mummy ?” I lied, telling her I was not crying while my voice shook and sadness was much evident.

“Why are you crying, Mum ?” She asked again.

“Tak… I was just thinking of Cik Shera….I miss her….”

“Oh…..” She said and paused before saying, “It’s okay , Mummy. Everything will be all right….”.

Then I heard, “Adik… move away… Let me handle this….” He he….

So my son scooted near, hugged me from behind and murmured, “It’s okay, Mummy…. It’s okay… Everything will be all right….”, which was not different from what his sister said…

Thank you, babies. Forgive me… I do not know when I will be back to my old self… but please give me time. Things will be okay soon…..

But…. He he…

Two days ago, I came home and found Dahlya nad Jazmyn (my children's cousins) at home. Abang who was playing happily stopped what he was doing and approached me. He hugged me and said, “It’s okay, Mummy… Please don’t be sad , okay ??”

I was very shocked because I wasn’t crying or anything so I thought maybe the sadness was written all over my face. I was very touched by my son’s acute observation and obvious care when I heard he said, “Look Dahlya how I take care of my mother… I am doing a really good job….”

Eii… saja menunjuk ke atau memang you saw me very sad and wanted to comfort me ? 

Takpelah… Mummy bersangka baik dengan Abang kan ?