Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I am home. Kelmarin lagi dah sampai.

Penat... but also happy. And I feel soo satisfied.

I had a smashing time. And emotional time.

Boss thought I should feel refreshed coming back from a holiday. But.. it is not a holiday boss. It is a pilgrimage. We were in the mosque all the time, praying and reading the Quran all the time. Hotel was just a place to sleep.

I didn't even have the time to shop ! Only managed one sejadah and one jubah for ihram for myself. Other than that mostly stuffs for other people.

And although it was hectic, I loved it. I am actually quite spent emotionally, crying all the time... at Masjid Nabawi, and Masjidil Haram looking at the Kaabah but... I loved it. I want to go again. London couldn't even compare. Sightseeing at St James Park couldn't compete with tawaf around Kaabah at 3 am like we did. Or jostling with other jemaahs to have a peek of Maqam Ibrahim. Shopping at Selfridges seemed so insignificant when compared to praying in Rawdah.. Buckingham Palace paled in comparison to even a glimpse of Maqam Rasullulah.

It was totally surreal.

Totally an amazing experience.


Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I seem to have some time to write... but I don't know what about.

Maybe about the explosion of zits on my face. There are many, many of them. I don't know how else to control it. Tension. Lagi aku tension lagi bertambah. But how lah not to tension ?

The work is going well. Meaning it is not going well for the clients.

What else ?

No more movies that reminds me of anything. I am duly not going through the memory lane.

Am excited about Mekah though. Very excited. Tak sabar. But before I go, kerja kena siap dulu. Sigh.....

Had Japanese food just now. Yeah I know, Japanese food in Thailand but I tell you it is the best so far. Aku tak tahu kalau kat Jepun is better but Japanese restaurants in KL cannot lawan one.

I got pictures. But no alat-alat to transfer.

Aku serik pegi massage. Sebab the place that we frequent tu ada satu minah ni yang tak pandai urut. Tapi dah dua kali pegi aku asyik dapat dia aje. Tak samapi hati lak mintak tukaq. Satgi boss dia fire dia lak. So nak tak nak I have to endure. Sian aku.

Kamil brought the kids tengok wayang. Sedih jugak sebab cannot wait for me.

Not having dinner as still full from lunch so.... I am going to finish up my reports. Yeap, ada plural di situ.

No, jangan tension. Karang naik lagi satu. But I don't know where the jerawat can bertenggek sebab there is no place on my face anymore.

Oh yeah, Kamil said he a pressie for me. I told him to give it to me before I leave for Bangkok sebab kalau lepas aku pi Bangkok nampak macam Valentine's Day present pulak. Kang Allah marah. Kita nak pi Mekah ni.

Dia kata takpa, he will give to me before Valentine's Day. Huh. Tactic tak menjadi. Apa benda yang dia nak bagi yek ? Aku takut gak.... I know... how can I be scared of presents ? Sebab sekali dia bagi aku madu yang bukan dalam botol punya and bukan dari lebah, susah jugak. He sometimes has a wicked sense of humour.


Well... watch this space if you wanna know.


Sunday, February 05, 2012

Kerana cerita bodoh Jeff Bridges

Am in Bangkok already. Dah pi pusing-pusing sat but I really can't have my day of leisure long. I have a report to submit and until that is done, I would always be on edge.

Anyway, was watching a movie on HBO just now. Saw it right in the middle so can't really understand what was going on. Anyway, Jeff Bridges and Stacy Keach are in it and a bit of boxing and I do not know how Keach and Bridges' stories are connected. They have been on separate scenes so far. Haha..

Anyway, Keach was in a bar and met a woman that he apprently took a fancy on. I dunno why because she ain't pretty and a drunkard. I gathered that all her men hit her and Keach said, "I have never hit a woman in my life..." and kept repeating it and then, they seemed to have hooked up.

Sweet in a disturbing sort of way.

Anyway, after missing a few scenes I saw him cooking while she was sleeping in bed. He forced her to eat but she didn't want to and of course when he relented she suddenly wanted to ! Women ! Hehhehe...

Whatever it is, he seemed like a good man and you know something that woman really needs to get her life back on track.... And looking at him, I was reminded of something my husband did about 2 days ago.

We just got out of the shower when he suddenly pulled me in his arms. He looked at me with this narrowed eyes and I was expecting one of those "You have done something wrong, madam and you are gonna get an earful from me..", but totally blew my mind away by asking, "When was the last time I told you I love you ?"

Eh ? I was flabbergasted. Excuse me ? What ?

I couldn't think at all. I wasn't expecting that. I gulped while trying to think and not look like a ninny. I should have been chanelling my inner Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor or those 50s sexy sirens. I should have raised an eyebrow and said, "Well.. I am due for one right now..." and sexily puffed out the smoke from the cigarette that was suddenly dangling effortlessly from my hand. Haha... Berangan.

But instead, I only managed to look at him wide eyes and shrugged. Shrugged !!!


He then cupped my face and said in earnest, "Well...I love you..." and I totally melted.


Darn it.. Sila muntah sekarang.


Saturday, February 04, 2012


The kids are asleep. Kamil is downstairs watching the telly. I am on the bed, trying to get my bearings right.

I am quite poorly. Been sick since Tuesday. Dunno why I was woken up in the wee hours of that Tuesday morning by this hacking cough. I was coughing like mad in the office so much so by afternoon, my voice was already scratchy.

I could only manage to go for a quick visit to the Doctor's before rushing back to the office. I scoffed a bar of Picnic in the car and that was considered as my lunch. I worked but I can't concentrate as by that time everytime I cough, it sort of pulled all the muscles in my head with it and by 5, I was already nursing a headache.

Can't continue working at home as body had started aching. Kamil commented on my warm skin but Wednesday morning I still dragged myself out of bed.

Tried to work and put up with all the crap at the office. I was trying to ignore the pain and trying to forget how pissed off I was.

Yeah, let's not talk about that one. But I must tell you my annoyance and anger was quite severe that I was contemplating of just throwing the towel and give up.

Sigh... Too bad I love my job too much to do that.

So I tried to concentrate on work the whole darn week. Come Friday when one of my staff was on MC, I couldn't help but feel how unjust everything is. I should have been on MC since Tuesday. My body ache so, my throat do not just have frogs, but bears and racoons, too.

That is why today, after the flurry of classes and preparation for Bangkok and Umrah, I suddenly found myself awaken from slumber. Just too tired. Too darn sick, too.

I need a rest.

I didn't finish up my work. Malam semalam had a Chinese New Year dinner at my ex-boss' house. Pegi jugak walaupun I felt like tumbang-ing.



Oh yeah, Thursday we were summoned to the Group CEO's office. Dah lah demam, dok ketaq pulak tu. But he was nice. He said hai and smiled.

So, okay kot.



About two days ago Abang called me around 5. After the customary hello, he started "Mummy just now I was talking to Jais (next door neighbour) and he can speak English ! You know their orange cat ? His name is Fendi and then while we were talking kan he played with my hand.... He is soooo cute.. !! And the white cat kan, you know Fendi's brother his name is Gucci but he wasn't there when we were talking and blah, blah, blah.. so cute... And then Moggy... blah, blah, blah..... "

And he prattled on and on and on until, "Lepas tu mak Jais joined and she asked me if I want to go over to their house to play... " Then a pause.

"Can I go, Mummy ?" He asked, unsuccesfully trying to stem his eagerness, trying to sound nonchalant.

"It's okay lah if I cannot go.. Saya tak kisah.... But kalau saya pegi I promise I will come home before 6.30..."

Hhehehe..... Aku saja je diam, just wanna make him squirm. When I finally answered, "Don't be late....", I could hear his exhale of relief.

Hehhehe.... Intro punya panjang... Sian anak aku.

Dok pulun siapkan kerja ni. Esok nak pi Bangkok for a week but I still have reports to issue.

Lepas tu balik dari Bangkok for 2 days, then Mekah.