Monday, July 01, 2013

Dah lama tak Mai sini

Wow... Dah lama jugak aku tak singgah sini. So many things happened, both that can be shared and those that can't.

We went to see a lot of movies. Basically almost all, except for Too Fast Too Furious. We just didn't have the time.

I had my birthday. I m still 31 like I have been for so many years. Kamil's birthday is today. It is so hard to find him a present because he never wants anything. Well except for a big bike which is way beyond what I make.

So what I did was ordered cakes from his favorite bakery i.e. my colleague (she really should stop working and concentrate on making people happy with her marvelous confections) and planned with his most trusted staff to throw a surprise birthday sing-song and cake eating at the office. I will refrain from calling it a party due to its lack of any other party-ish activities. I really should be more creative. I think I have been secretly colluding with his staffs to celebrate his birthday for many, many years now. I don't think he is surprised anymore....

Hmmm.... what shall I do next year ? Hmmm....

M knackerred, y'all so I will sambung later, yeah .