Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cringe-worthy tv

Yesterday was a terrible day for Malaysia tv viewers. 3 separate channels showed programmes that I would categorise under 'entah apa-apa'.
Nicole Kidman's wedding to Keith Urban ( whom I have to say are known worldwide ) were much low key than these 2 people who are only known around the Malay Achipelago ( well actually one of them was virtually unknown until about a few months ago ). I was so embarrased with all the hoopla surrounding that marriage.
To rub the salt to my wound, 2 channels decided to team up and try to snatch viewers from watching the so called weedding of the year by airing 'luahan hati' a disengaged ( ada ke perkataan tuh ? ) couple. I don't think we need education to be smart enough to say a big fat 'NO' from being some big corporation pawns. One was even a government channel !! How could you stoop so low in the name of ratings !!
Yang kesiannya, that girl... She really put her heart out on her sleeves as satu Malaya can see that she still has the hots for him... Malunya.....

Monday, August 28, 2006

Rombongan to Seremban

Last Saturday, we sent Ita to her in-laws in Seremban. It was okay, the reception was good and our mood was happy too. But when we get home, when all the relatives had gone home, my Mom and Dad have started to feel the emptiness. They have 8 kids and still they are lonely. I have 2, am I to expect the worse then ?
So this morning, I decided to have breakfast with my parents. Both Umar and I. Mummy made yummy toasts ( kenapa bila my mom tuang air kosong for me pun sedap ? ) and we had a nice, lively breakfast listening to Umar's chatters. I suppose we have to make this a habit then to keep them sane.
I really have to start scanning some pictures or get a digicam. My blog seems empty without pics !!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Raja Bahrin

Hari ni keluar lagi cerita pasal Raja Bahrin, kerabat Terengganu yang dengan daringnya pergi menyelamatkan anak2 dari terkeluar dari Islam. If I dengar his name mentioned, I will always imagine him standing ramrod straight on a sampan, looking out to Australia, looking every inch the debonair heroic prince that we Cinderella readers always imagine it to be. Why sampan I don't know sebab kemungkinan besar dia naik speed boat ke or even a luxury yacht, but the more daring it is, the more romantic it became kan ? He he.
Now, I can imagine his desperation and his determination to act. It was a very brave thing to do, something that we usually see in the movies, a covert and dangerous operation, in the name of Allah and his babies. Salute to Raja Bahrin.
Would I do the same for my children ? Absolutely. But then I would need my dear friends' help because I think I don't have sea-legs !!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Marlin nak balik

Yesterday joined my mom and 2 siblings at KLCC and went for dinner at Chili's. Sekarang ni memang perut Melayu as I couldn't even finished half of the plate. Kalau nasi goreng tu licin kot... he he. My sister Marlin was there. She is home for the summer holidays and Jumaat ni she is going back to Russia to start her fourth year. Marlin and I, we somehow missed eachother. Not even 6 months after I returned to Malaysia for good after my 7 years stay in England, she went to Russia to study medicine.
I looked at her and I missed her already. It will be next summer before I see her again and this is going to be repeated until 2009 before she comes home as Dr Marlin MD. Some people said after you get married, adik-beradik dah tak berat sangat. I don't think that is true as I still value my siblings.
This summer she had to go to Hospital TAR in Kelang to be introduced to all the different wards there. One morning I volunteered to send her. In her bag I saw her stethoscope ( betul ke ejaan ni ? ) and her white lab coat. My eyes went misty with pride. When we get there ( she was already late ) the other students were already there at the hospital's porch and I asked her to put on her coat and stethoscope for me. She looked wonderful. I kissed her again and again and again in front of her peers amid her protests ( I know how she felt. My dad used to do that to me when he sent me to school. There I was at 17, a pengawas pulak tu, being kissed by my daddy in front of everybody to see. It is hard to be cool after that ). Hmm....
Mail is not coming home this holiday. He called up during Ita's akad nikah and had a good cry. He is also doing Medicine but in Manipal India. I miss him so much. I am yet to embarass him in front of his friends but he is wise to expect it. After Ita's reception, when all our guests had left, our family had a good karaoke session. Mail is wonderful singer. I kept expecting him to grab the mike and serenade us with his lovely voice. Waaa..... Mail !!
Ita pulak dah kawin. This morning I went home for awhile and as I jumped on the bed, only Ima and Marlin screamed. I forgot she's not supposed to be there. Pun sedih jugak....
The rest of my siblings are in Shah Alam, but they are here for me not to miss. Alhamdullillah.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Waiting for Dan

Dah pukul 6.30 ni tapi belum balik lagi as today Dan and I car-pooled and he is still in the office. So takde benda nak buat, blog le ( ada sebenarnya tapi maleh.... ). Harga minyak is so darn expensive and my little Gen-2 can consume about RM 800 a month. At least I have done my national duty by buying a Malaysian car. After this, sorry le. Although Satria Neo tu kiut le. I have always liked Satria but it having only 2 doors poses a problem for me.
I miss my babies at home. I really wish I don't have to work and just duduk mengadap depa tapi apakan daya. I really hate leaving them with the Indonesians, especially after what happened with the one before this, tapi again apakan daya. Nak hantar nursery takut ramai sangat and takut they are neglected.
Although I am trying to do my part as a Muslim to aid the Palestinians, I could never look at the pictures of all those lids being slaughtered because all the faces looked familiar and looked like my children. Tang matalah, tang rambutlah, tang mulut terngangalah.
Aiseh, Dan dah nak sampai. Bye.

Hello Friends

Hello Friends,
He he.. excited and seronok tengok blog kawan-kawan ( especially Sheik punya yang I think very hilarious ), so kita ni pun teringin le. Just let's see how disciplined I am to write and how long really I will keep this up !!
Why do I name my blog Hai Mum ? Well, that is usually the first thing I will hear from my son everytime I come home before engulfing me in his hugs. My daughter will just yell "Mummmmeeeeee....!" before she starts to complain about everybody in the house. I know however, that soon she too will greet me like her brother does. Everyday I would eagerly wait for it ( and after that kalau ada yang bergaduh, dah lupa dah how sweet Hai Mum tu ) because it signifies the start of my day with them although the saddest thing is it is usually at the end of the day...hmmmm. Ohh... I eagerly wait for my hubby's "Hai baby" of course. Ha ha...
I have so many things to say actually, tapi since I have to keep this blog up, I will save them for later... shell them out bit by bit huh ?