Sunday, October 31, 2010

Speech fits for the Oscars

I am so rajin berblogging this weekend. No lah..I have one story that I have to tell before I forget.

About 1.40 on Thursday Abang called excitedly announcing that he got an A for his karangan.

This mother was shocked because his A for Karangan is as rare as the dodo bird. No lah... that is too harsh. As rare as a good Malay movie...Hahahha....

I quickly called Kamil with the news and he too was overwhelmed with disbelief quickly hung up to get the full story from the tembam one.

Then, I got home. He of course was waiting with his papers in hand. With that A for his karangan he officially got As for all his UPSR subjects. I went up to prepare for Maghrib hugging him by the shoulder as he read (yes... you read it right, he read )the whole paper to me....

I bathed and still he read while leaning on the door frame. Luckily when I prayed he waited patiently for me to finish but as soon as I put down my hand after doa, he started again.

Since I injured my leg, I have been praying while sitting on the sofa. So there I was, seated on the sofa, suspecting nothing... when my son suddenly out of the blue delivered his ... err... thank you speech.

"Mummy, I owe all of this to you and Babah (masa ni aku dah start angkat kening in bewilderment dah). I have to thank you and Babah for helping me to succeed... (This time I have resigned to my fate....). You and Babah helped me a lot (masa ni he choked a bit and I... sorry to say wanted to be anywhere than there sebab punya segan tak terkira)and always pushed me so I am very grateful..."

That was the gist of it lah. What was missing was the little golden man, I tell you.

He then quickly left the room as it was clearly an emo time for him. Mummy was thankful for that because she had to be alone and recollect herself. Hehheheheh.....

However, I won't be me if I did not put Kamil in that exact same spot too. Not fair.

So while he was lounging on the bed, willing himself to mandi I decided there will be no time like the present and called for my son.

"Abang... you delivered such a nice speech for me tadi..(masa ni Babahnya dan tegak sikit....)and I think you should do the same for Babah...(masa ni he had started panicking)....."

Anak aku yang aku tak tau lah mai dari mana ni turned to his Babah and summoned all his emotions like he did with me earlier and performed.

Babahnya merah sampai ke telinga !


Sigh.... manalah hang belajaq nak bagi speech pulak anak ku....Mana ?

PS :

Balik from our lunner (lunch + dinner)he surprised me with his Agama paper pulak. Again he read it to me. While he was reading Adik came and asked "You got an A for Agama too ?" I detected a litlle hint of jealousy there.

When Abang proudly showed his 90% in red ink, she rolled her eyes and mumbled a very insincere "Tahniah, tahniah."

Request from across the causeway

Ah Zee who is still yet to have a blog requested for carrot cake recipe.

I love carrot cake, having eaten them when I was about 9 at a bestfriend of my mom's. Just for the record, her daughter T pushed me to it, assuring me that carrots and sugar do go well together.

However, my family doesn't share my passion. My son doesn't even like cake. Tak laku so I do not excatly have a trusted recipe. My sister-in-law uses Chef Wan's recipe and it is rather nice. Unfortunatley I do not own a copy so I cannot publish it here.

I do have one that I made once upon a time ago though and it was okay. The recipe didn't have any pineapples in it, but I added some.

So here goes;

Carrot Cake

2 cups sugar
1 cup vegetable oil (I melted some butter instead.. Finds butter has more oooommpppphhh than mere oil)
4 whole eggs
2 cups flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp bicarbonate soda
1 tsp ground cinnamon
2 cups grated carrots

Mix sugar, oil and eggs. In another bowl, sift flour, salt, baking powder, soda and cinnamon. Add to first mixture and combine well. Add carrots (and pineapples if you are using them) and mix well. Bake at 17g decC for 30 minutes.


125g butter, softened
8 oz cream cheese
1 lb icing sugar (please lessen the amount of sugar.. 1 pound is too much... )
2 tsp vanilla

Cream butter and cheese. Add sugar and vanilla.

If you decide to try, I hope it turns out well.

Anyway Abang's condition is better this morning. All the rashes are completely gone. Now waiting for his Babah to wake up and take him to the hospital again for a spot of nebulizer.

Adiknya pagi tadi announced to us is a very, very scandalous tone that Abang, "Is playing game with his injected hand !"

At my so ? she sheepishly added, "Can I play the computer ?"

Hampeh betullah budak ni.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Multi-tasking lady at 1 am...

It is 1 am and Kamil and I just returned from the hospital.

Abang was scratching at 3 pm and by 10 when I thought he was already off to slumberland, he came in to show rashes all over his body. I freaked out. His Babah freaked out more because when he is worried, he nagged. And nagged. And nagged.

Man... I tell you that man can really give it lah.

Went to DEMC. I wasn't happy with that. Would rather SDMC but when a man is in mak ayam mode, don't kacau him.

Chest was tight so the good doctor said the rashes probably stemmed from his asthma. Injected him with medication that made my baby cried. Sedih giler aku when I saw him cried out in pain because all 38 kg of him is mine. Sian dia.....

Doctor said that he was to put under observation. So we settled in for a long night. Adik slept on my arms and Babah slept holding and rubbing his son's arm. Tulah... tadi berleter... risau gak kan...

We are home now. I am blogging and watching the last CD of Criminal Mind Season 5.

Husband the workaholic is downstairs typing away too. But he is more responsible. He is doing work. I though am a mom so I am watching telly, blogging and watching my son like a hawk. Oh, I am adding packing for my trip to that too.

Please pray for my baby's health. I thank you in advance.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last night in bed

Last night I arrived home first.

When my husband entered our room, I was already in bed.

He smiled, started unzipping and sat down next to me.

I have unzipped a long time ago.

He leaned over for a kiss and I offered my cheek to him.

He then flipped it open and started typing.

I returned to the screen in front of me and started typing too.

He would sometimes reach out for my hand to squeeze and I would intermittently stroke his cheek.

So there we were, 2 employees of the same conglomerate, in bed with our identical lap tops in front of us, working away at 10 pm.

Darn it. I am sure Dunlopillo didn't mean for its mattress to be used as such. I am sure they were thinking of something a little more on the salacious side. What a waste of springs.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Innalillahi wa innailaihi rojiun....

Yesterday around 6.05 I received a phone call from IRM. His mom passed away, not 15 minutes before from her illness.

Oh dear.

IRM is one of our dearest and closest friends. Granted we had only known him for 2 years I think but he has become quite an important person in our lives. And my family's.

Balik raya dia ikut. My cousin kawin dia tolong buat kerja kawin. So he is family.

I cannot take the pain away. Nothing can. I know maybe you are bored to hear this, but you have no idea how sorry I am and please, take good care of yourself. Sabar. That is the best and only thing I can offer you.

You want to sit down and cry ? Come.. we can do that.

You don't want to talk about it ? Sure, whatever makes you happy.

Kamil and I talked last night about how we wish we could stay over his house and teman dia. Or attend the funeral today. But I am too busy and Kamil much more than me. He just joined this new outfit last Friday and there is no way he can take leave.

Hmmm....... How our employers dictate our lives kan ? How we must be apologetic to them when something bad happened to us.

How funny.

How sad.

How exasperating is that ?


PS : On the way home from his house yesterday about half past midnight, Kamil noticed a very thick substance the size of rain drops were on the car screen. He tried water and wipers on it but it somehow made things a bit worse as the scattered droplets spread and smeared all over the screen. After a few attempts then it cleared somewhat.

Then, as we motor on new ones dropped from the sky like it was rain. But it was not rain. It was too thick. Kamil again had to do the multiple water and wipers trick. Then it happened again.

What the hell was on the car ? Or flying overhead us ?

I really do not want to analyse it but gatal nak cakap jugak...


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Peace out

This morning went back to Kamil's kampung. His cousin got married. He didn't go though. He had an event at his workplace so I went with his sister.

The food was good and so unexpected. Yelah, they served kari daging and crispy sambal bilis and tempe, pecal.... Not the default nasi briyani with its normal accompaniments. So it was good. When my cousin got married 2 weeks ago too was a surprise. They served gulai nangka and asam pedas.... Hehhe... my children kawin nanti, I am going to serve just that. No nasi briyani malarky.

Aku a bit meroyan today.

An issue that was not properly settled sort of like attacked me today. On the way home I kept thinking about it because I had no closure. How I wish I could just write about it here.

So right now I am lying on my bed and still bloody thinking about it. I can't broach the subject to the reason I am in this state of tension because he is gonna freak out and a fight is the last thing I want. I am tired.

So... my husband is at work. Sigh. Government of Malaysia should make it a crime for employers who force their employees to work on a weekend. When we as a society are slapped with moral issues one after another, Governemnt blame parents, not the cause of the parents to be absent. Which is usually bosses. Errm... the blame is shared equally with adultery I suppose.


But if they impose such rule, takdelak kedai yang bukak for us to take our kids to. KLCC, One Utama semua tutup.

Maybe because our favourite past times is hanging out at the shopping complexes lah bosses suruh kita kerja weekends. Cuba kalau kita bawak anak2 pi tasik ke, sungai mana-mana, then people in retail can take a rest on weekends too.

Apa aku merepek ni ?

Told you guys aku tengah meroyan kan... Inilah kesannya.

I'd better sign off before I cause a national outcry or a scandal.

Until then...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hari Sabtu

Yesterday as we made our way home across the jerebu (it was sooo bad... giler weii)I noticed the red sun.

Terus teringat the first red sun I saw. It was eons ago, our first week in London. We were in a cab, Kamil and I, and I remember we gawked at the very, very red sun.

So of course terus teringat lah kekasih hati yang dah 5 hari tak jumpa.

I miss him. I miss our kids.

I miss home.

It was nice to sleep in his arms again last night. But early morning he left for work. And is not expected to be back before 9 pm. Repeat same thing tomorrow.

I am busy cooking. A friend ordered lasagnas, chicken pies and tarts.

I worry greatly when I calculated the price. I am sorry. I do not get my ingredients cheap. I got them at Tesco and Giant. Actually my sister did. I was away, outstation, so my sister had to the shopping for me.

Anyway, the food was expensive.

Last week, another friend ordered shepard''s pie. Again the cost was high. What with mozarella that I applied liberally on top.Takpelah nak sedap yek.

Next time, when I do this full time and dapat merchan't price (meaning aku beli secara pukal), then it will be cheaper.

Eh,I want to do this full time ?

Anyway, this friend ordered last year and she likes the tarts. She said she wants custard and choc cream. Topping apa I asked. She said, sama lah like last year.

Errr..... I really couldn't remember what I did for her last year so when a friend hulur a tub of blueberry topping, I took it.

Hopefully sedap.

The lasagna is warming in the oven. The tarts in the fridge and the pies are smelling so damn good.

I throw in butter cake for her to rasa.

Hopefully sedap.

Hopefully semua sedap.

Sorry about the harga again.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Merepek session

Last weekend hari marah...

Feels a bit juvenile for having that breakdown....

Today is hari tension.

Because at site again. For a week again. Next week dok diam-diam for a week before mobilising to site again. For 2 weeks again. Oh, weekends at home of course as usual.

Then I have one review which I know not the location. Hopefully it is KL.

That is 2 weeks. So again, I am hoping it will be in KL or kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya.

Then, Thailand.

So.... if I count, at least 10 nights a month I am away from my family.

10 nights a month.

That sounds a lot.

So I have only 20 nights a month cozying up to my husband and tucking my children into bed.

Yesterday my kiddies and I had a little bedtime chat. Adik asked why must I go again. I simply said because if I don't then she can't attend her tennis lessons and arts classes that she loves.

But... are those classes more important than having me around ? Okaylah, memanglah it is just not those classes in jeaopardy if I decide to quit (which I would never especially since they just confirmed me last Monday, ha !)but, would it be soooo bad if I stay home ? Financially speaking, of course.

Ini my boss suruh ambik MBA. Not for him he said, but for me. For my future.

Hmmmm............ Just thinking about it makes me feel tired.

Speaking of tired, he asked me just now if I am okay. He said, my body language screams tiredness. Really ? I thought I am robust and energetic... Chewah ! Hheheheh...

Anyway, berbalik kepada topik asal, I think I should aim to get back into operation. Not now. Give me 2-3 years here then maybe I will be ready for operations. Budak-budak pun dah besar and I believe they actually need me more then... for supervision.

Actually when our kids dah besar2 lagilah we need to diligently pick them up from school and send them everywhere to keep tabs on them. A bit draconian perhaps ? Too controlling you think ? I don't care. I need to take care of my kiddies.

Nak pegi dating ? Okay, Mummy can hantar. Before that give me her/his mom's phone number first.

What ? His/her mom tak tahu ? Then, let's not do this yet.

Saw a lot of benda bukan-bukan. Akhlak budak2 sekarang I mean. I cannot let them go free.

So.... sapa-sapa nak bagi I kerja yang tak banyak travel ? Not now... lagi 5 tahun...

Anyone ?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ini hari aku marah

I am sooooooo bloody pissed off today.

Please understand 2 things about me.

Number 1

When I am at home, my mobile is usually not within my person. I am never bothered about my phone when I am home. Don't know why. It is usually in my handbag and if my husband or my children heard the phone rang then you will get to talk to me.

Typically, aku memang tak teringat langsung pasal my phone. My mother would usually call my husband. People who know me enough know that to get me at home, get my husband.

Kalau dak, time nak kerja lah I will return your call.

SO jangan buat tuduhan melulu kata aku saja tak nak jawab your phonecalls, okay.

Itu fitnah namanya.

Number 2

I am a migraine sufferer. A few things could trigger it. The sun theat shines straight to me eyes tiba-tiba is the favourite trigger.

Nowadays because of me feet, the throbbing pain could trigger it too.

I don't know why and I don't know how but it just happened. I can't bloody well help it. Aku kalau boleh pun tak nak ada migraine okay because the pain so damn awful.

So jangan marah aku if I get migraine sebab aku sendiri tak tau nak marah siapa. After all the pain is felt by me.

The pain is crippling okay, crippling. So most of the times... no make it all the time when it comes, I would usually sleep.

Benci !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Saya nak tukar sekolah

"Mummy ! Mummy ! Mummy !" Was how my daughter greeted me on the phone just now.

"Esok saya nak tukar sekolah !" Again ? Why ?

"Sebab tadi ada kawan saya nama Am. Kita orang tengah buat matematik kan pastu dia datang and tarik kawan saya H punya tudung and kawan saya U punya tudung !"

Err... dia tak kacau Adik pun. Yang hang sibuk nak tukaq sekolah tu awat ?

"Errr..... sebab..... saya dengan A cakap janganlah Am ! Pastu kan dia buat macam ni...*SILENT*.." aku apa pun tak nampak dia buat apa... heheheehehhe

"Pastu dia cakap Uh-uh-uh.. Maksudnya dia cakap saya dengan A ni bodoh !"

Pulak.. Pandai aje buat spekulasi.

"Lepas tu kan dia panggil saya nenek kebayan !"

Valid betullah reason dia nak tukaq sekolah tu.

Fat chance, dik... Fat chance..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dah lama tak tulis...

Gosh ! I haven't written in such a looooooong time. So many things happened. Nice ones of course, like the reception of my cousins in Perak... That one I have to post pictures so nanti lah .....

Want to write about my kids. So many stories to recount, especially about their very, very smart mouths... But just didn't have the time to write so banyak dah lupa. The one that I do remember happened a few days ago.

We were in the car when Adik leaned forward and requested for a school change. Terkejut beruk gak mak dia.

"Because today A and N tak nak kawan saya. I was left alone...."

"What did you do ?"

"Nothing ! I didn't do anything !" Was the very defensive and usual answer.

"Haa.... Mak A told me that you selalu tak nak kawan A kan...... " I checked her reaction and she was smiling in shame.

"So sekarang it's your turn pulak... Tulah... buat kat orang lagi.....Ït's not a nice feeling kan ? So you'd better stop doing that to other people...."

And seperti biasa adalah wise words from her Abang...

"Sometimes kan Mummy... me and Amir or Daniel fight... We will ignore eachother but then eventually we will talk again... Maksudnya our friendships are very tight ah....."


Aku tak taulah nak cakap apa pasal si Abang ni... Apa saja dia cakap mesti nak buat aku gelak punya.

Masa we balik kampung last Friday for my cousin's wedding, my sister CT ikut sekali because her husband had to work. When we stopped at Tapah, CT spotted Emot in the car.

"Abang ni.... tak lepas dengan Emot ni... Kelakar lah aku tengok....."

A-ah... Emot ni Abang will take everywhere with him. Walaupun he doesn't hold him sometimes, Emot must be within respectable distance. Dalam kete or in my handbag.

That is why yesterday, on the way home from Ipoh, when I heard Abang yelled "Adik ! you are sitting on Emot !" And then, "Don't worry ! I am saving you, buddy !" lepas tu dengar Abang sikit punya bergomoi dengan benda alah tu aku rasa, Abang and Emot ni macam Calvin and Hobbs.

Hahhaha..... cute.

Anyway, yesterday we stopped for gas in Ipoh. I heard Adik dok srot sret srot sret kat belakang, thinking it was selsema, I was surprised to see it was actually sobs complete with tears.

Laaa....awatnya ?

"Saya... saya.... sedih sebab sekejap sangat dekat Perak....." Came the mournful reply.

"Usually it is lama... I don't want to go home..... Boleh tak nanti kita balik Perak lagi ?"

Hehhehehehe..... kelakar le budak ni.. Nampak gayanya kena balik for Raya Haji.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Tadi JB... sekarang PG...

Am very, very tired.

5 am yesterday we woke up to get ready for our trip to JB. My cousin is getting married and we were sending him there.

We drove and stopped for sustenance at Pagoh with some of our family then sambung until tol Kulai Jaya where all of us were supposed to gather.

Then, the 30 minutes journey to the bride's house and selamatlah my cousin kawin. Masa dia nak akad nikah tu, aku dok teringat dia masa kecik-kecik. At that time my uncle and aunt lived in Shah Alam. They had like 3 children there before they moved back to Perak. So I had quite some time with these cousins and so very fond of them.

Anyway... my boss when he found out that I will be in JB, asked me to stay on, wait for him to come on Monday and proceed to the site in PG.

Tension ? Of course. I don't want to stay here alone on Sunday while my kids and hubby balik Shah Alam. Plus, we were scheduled to be in PG for 2 weeks the Monday after next week so.... don't see a reason why we can't just wait until then.

But... what to do ? Boss dictates and I comply.... That has been the rule since...well forever.

So.... it is already 7 pm on a Sunday and I am at the hotel in Masai... tired...and not alone !

Ha ! Kamil couldn't let me stay here alone so he decided to stay and teman me with the kids in tow. We are cramped in this very, very small room but it is okay because everybody is here.

Adik whe she saw the smallness of the room tried to be kind to her Momma.

"It's okay Mommy... This is okay.... I like it..." Said she as she looked around.

Abang ? Seperti biasa dengan sentimentalnya cakap, "It's okay Mommy.. as long as we are together...."

Ha ha...

So sat lagi after solat am taking them to eat at our favourite hang out. Bagus jugak dia orang teman I because I want them to see where I usually go and they can imagine where I eat everytime I come here.