Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Tuanku.

Hari ni Sultan Selangor's birthday. Happy birthday, Tuanku !

He is a kind Tuanku and bestowed us, his subjects, with a holiday. But alas, I went to work. Hehehehhehe...... Well.... am okay sebab I will be getting replacement leave. No point pun kalau nak cuti hari ni sebab tak leh ke mana. Everywhere jammed up ! I was in KL just now and KLCC was just sepelaung from where I was having my meeting. But the road was so freaking congested, what should be a 5 minute drive looked like could turn to an hour. So malas nak go through that so kami balik.

Kami is Kamil and I. If I ever have to go to KL, aku akan cari jalan for me not to drive. Hehehehhehe.....

So we went home, tapi singgah spital jap sebab Kamil's skin is riddled with rashes. Or something of that effect. Then singgah Mydin pi makan sat then home. And tiduq.

I really do not know why kalau cuti aje aku akan automatically tidur siang. Kalau kat office tak ngantuk pun...

Anyway, bagus gak aku tidur sebab I am hiding from Bibik. She asked me to deposit 100 bucks to her kids back home since Sunday but sampai sekarang I just couldn't find the time to do so. We have gone through this process 4 times this year and every single time she expects me to do it like that very day. But I can't ! The process although is short but the waiting ! I once had to wait more than an hour for my turn ! Aku kan keje. 2 hours is precious, especially for me people like me who has to clock every hour spent.

She has taken her gaji until April next year pun, so ni kira aku bagi aje kat dia. Sedekah. But still she gets upset if I don't do it immediately. First time masukkan tu memang I did manage to do it pronto, tapi the second time, aku langsung tak terbuat. For days the realisation that aku tak settle hal dia dawned only once I saw my staffs pack their bags to go home. Eh, dah boleh balik ? Eh, duit BIBIK !

Gitu lah.

Bila aku mengaku aku masih tak berjaya masukkan duit she would give me her sob stories and all. Although dia tak tarik muka, her evident sorrow to yang aku tak boleh nak handle.

So after that I took to lying that I dah masukkan and then came the hide and seek ler.

Lebih-lebih lagi aku rasa waiting for 1 hour just to hantar 100 bucks, macam tak worth it je.

Apa-apa pun I am glad she is around. She is a good one sebab tu aku took the soft approach of.... beating around the bush. Tak sampai hati nak marah pun, kan ?

We had a good scare last month when her FOMEMA tak lepas for her permit renewal. Mula lah aku tension and dok start pikir for alternatives. Admittedly we do not need maids anymore, what with Abang and Adik dah besar. But...... sapa nak teman Adik kat rumah kan once she comes home from school ? We would be okay without a maid by the time Adik masuk sekolah menengah. Masa tu, she and Abang would only arrive home around 5pm, so they would only need to mind themselves for 3 hours the most before we get home.

However for now, we need someone at home to teman dia.

Anyway, Alhamdullilah, our rayuan at FOMEMA worked. Her results were audited and they agreed that she is healthy after all.

So until then, please let this Bibik stay ........ And let me have time to deposit that 100 bucks tomorrow.

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