Friday, January 03, 2014

Demam and painful massage and tayar pancit and jam depan rumah... WAAAAAAAAA !

Aku adalah officially lunyai sekarang ini.

My demam still tak hilang. Aku rasa bertambah teruk because semalam dah keluar hingus and kepala dah makin sakit. Yang bestnya, aku dengan suara serak, dengan muka yang orang dok tegur pucat le , nampak sakit le, kena sign MC staff. Saya demam ni kak, nak balik katanya. Sigh....

Anyway aku adalah lunyai setelah dihempuk, diuli, dilipat dan segala macam 'di' yang ada oleh Bibik. I remember only asking whether she could urut my head sebab kepala aku rasa macam nak pecah masa tuh. I had taken too many painkillers and they don't really work. So thinking that urut is the best alternative, I asked her. Menyesal pulak sebab it turned out she could do it, in fact she is the official urut-er of the bibiks on this street. Menyesal came when it ended up aku sampai bukak-bukak baju and my whole badan was massaged. Hard. My screams which turned to pleadings to soften it a bit was ignored. "Nanti tak jadi kak, kalau bibik buat perlahan kak..."


While the experience was harrowing and oh so painful, the result is good. My body, especially my head is lighter.

Alhamdullilah. Only... would I ever go down that road again ?


Anyway semalam for one reason or another, my tayar kete pancit. Luckily it happened very near home so I decided to just go home and get my husband to deal with it. Aku demam pun kan ? But who would have thought that I couldn't get to my house on account of the jam orang ambik anak sekolah ? I was like 1 minute from my own gate but I couldn't get there. Cars were inconsiderately parked at the side, so the road became smaller, yang mana tak pandai bawak kete makan jalan melampau, so the lane going the opposite way became too narrow for other cars to pass by, cars ahead were stuck for some reason, and I was in the middle of it all. With a flat tyre.

After some time and seeing the situation is not going to change, I called Kamil who as usual yelled at me first. Then he walked to me, saw the state of the tyre and berated me some more. Aku dengan runsing, dengan demam, dengan penat rasa macam nak lompat dalam swimming pool our neighbour (yes I was that near to my own home, I could see the neighbour's pool) and just stay there. Not surfacing for air.

Dasat tau perasaan itu.

He somehow managed to squeezed the car in that narrow, narrow lane (walaupun tension kena marah I couldn't help but admire my husband's driving skills), sensors beeping like mad all the way, pi stesyen minyak and the darn tyre refused to inflate. Kena bubuh dua-tiga das lagi before he started hauling the spare tyre out.

Dalam tension tahap tak boleh blah dengan dia, timbul ikhsan bila tengok peluh mencurah-curah turun dari kepala. Apparently hair is kawasan buffer peluh. So without hair, peluh will just pour down straight away. Macam hujan you..... So aku lap-lap peluh dia... Belai-belai dia while stealing few discreet head push and cubit-cubitan... Sian Kamil.....

He straight away drove to a mechanic to deal with it. No stock pulak so I had to wait until it arrives at 10 am today. So now, I am waiting at home for the tyre to come.

One good thing about it is I get to rest for awhile.

Always look for the silver lining. Sometimes, you just have to force yourself to.

Kena taruh pun, I must say thank you to Kamil who dealt with the situation for me. Cuma darling, boleh tak jangan marah ? Please ? Sebab bukan salah I pun..... Salah tayar and salah orang yang kurang budi bahasa bila time ambik anak sekolah. They only thought of their own comfort, their own senang, and never thinking about orang lain. Nasib baik takde ambulan yang nak lalu. Or fire truck ke.



Anonymous said...

Get well soon :D

Dia marah2 sayang tu. dont worry. kalau tak, dia tak tolong langsung (speaking from experience nih.. hehhee)

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Flowerella, I was told that many times... But still I nak complain..... hehehehhe.