Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Post demam

So aku demam. Since Thursday. But tak leh nak cuti sebab most of the managers cuti. So one manager had to duduk and mind the office. Aku ler tuh. Memang aku tak cuti pun sebab late January nanti baru I am having my holiday. Oh happiness !

I have tonnes of work that I could not seem to complete. I am panicking right now because I am sick so I can't concentrate. The deadline is oh so very near.... and getting nearer. I need a clear head to complete my work but all I could muster now is sheer wooziness.

So why am I writing now ? Well because I could talk crap here and nobody would penalise or get upset  with me. This is my domain and I can basically do whatever I want... heheh.....

Just wanna doze off.

Btw, demam pun I honoured my BFF's little breakfast party to celebrate her birthday. It was nice to see my girl friends again. To be with a group of people and not talk about work.

Afterwards because my body ached so much, I singgah pi reflexology. That was nice and provided e with the comfort I so needed. Kamil was out with friends so I dared to take the 90 minute massage... heheheh.

Okay. That is it for now.



Anonymous said...

Syafakillah. Suh bibik yg suka checkmate tu masak chicken soup. This time you checkmate her. Hihi. Hirup panas panas.....nyamannya. take care n get well very very soon dear.

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Anon... hheheh... Yes... I will checkmate dia pulak nanti. Thank you for the idea !