Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Cerita monyet pulak

A friend of mine Sheik commented on my last entry on the porcupines or hedgehogs (dunno the difference). He recounted the story of a monkey that was sharing his neighbourhood and subsequently got shot by Perhilitan.

Of course he pities the monkey, especially thinking about his family waiting in vain for his homecoming. He made a good point by saying that we failed to relocate these creatures before we start our development work.

My mother had a monkey problem too last time. At first they were okay with the monkey and tolerated him. Some even fed him in the name of pity and of course kindness. There is a fish pond in our front garden, just below my mother’s bedroom window with a huge tree nearby where the monkey would jump off from, straight into the pond for his bath. He then would check his appearance from at the side mirror of our cars parked outside. Mummy saw this from her window and she said he would smooth down his hair (?) and pat it neatly into position.

But then of course he caused problems. The food stealing, the throwing of all the clean clothes hanging to dry all over the lawn antics and most of all, his gatal-ness.

He hated any men who came by but loved it if any of us girls dropped by. He would approach us and gave us a grin so huge that I expected wolf-whistles to come with it. After my mother’s repeated phone calls to moan about the monkey, I was somewhat relieved that one day she decided to call Perhilitan.

The first time Perhilitan guy came, he legged it. That guy waited for hours for him but he never returned. When he did return, he was very much upset and showed it to the neighbourhood by baring his teeth.

I was at home when the second guy came. I was about to leg it too when I saw him, totting his gun when he shouted that he came from Perhilitan and came for the monkey. Whew !!

He finally got him when the monkey entered our home to inspect and I very much suspect, mengorat my sister Marlin who was home for the holidays. My dad shut him in the room and Perhilitan caught him without the help of their big weapon.

Perhilitan gave the assurance that they were gonna send the monkey to the zoo. As if !! Why can’t he just say that they were sending him to a monkey farm where he will eat bananas everyday and frolic with his species until eternity ? My relieve turn to pity then guilt. Kesian dia. I am sure he came from Bukit Cherakah. Maybe he was lured by the limelights (he he) or had a taste of the food that we have to offer and was then hooked line and sinker with our lifestyle. He once stole a neighbour’s handphone and my mom saw him sitting on her chair at her desk looking at her papers. We corrupted him thenbranded him a nuisance.

It would have been lovely and more humane if he was sent to some kind of sanctuary for displaced animals. Especially here in the Klang Valley where development is rife and we keep robbing their habitat to make our own. There should be a hutan simpan somewhere, with loads of fruit trees and a nice stream or two to house all these animals, where they can live within the city and we can take advantage of it by being able to see them in their natural habitat if we want.

In truth, we are not that much different from the Zionists who drove the people of Palestine out of their land.

Don’t be too greedy, kemut sangat dengan something that we have to share with all Allah’s creatures. Karang alien datang duduk tempat kita and lepas tu senang2 tembak kita (reference: War of The Worlds, Independence Day etc) we can take it as balasan tuhan ke atas apa yang kita buat to the animals. Lepas tu jangan terkejut jadi macam Planet of The Apes (or Porcupines) !!

Okay… maybe that is a bit too extreme…

PS : It’s very funny really, I am writing this at my other office in Glenmarie and here I actually have a window. We are on the 3rd floor and I heard footsteps outside. I looked and this bird was walking along the windowsill and it was its footsteps I heard…. Comelnya….


Sheik said...

i hope one day all monkeys can live in harmony with human.

macam iklan celcom.."aku sanggup keluar dengan beruk"

Myra Abdul Mutalib said...

Monyet je ? Landak camno.... ?

Beruk dalam iklan celcom tu comei .... he he...