Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bad Memory

I bought my nephew a pest fish last week. No reason really apart from wanting to see his reaction. He was shy about it surprisingly. But that lasted like 5 seconds before he demanded for the lid to be opened.
My kids of course wanted one too. I am okay about it but you know how errmmm….unpredictable Kamil could get. Free-free aje kena marah nanti so I let the kids stated their case. Lo and behold,  Kamil agreed ! At the risk of him changing his mind, last weekend  since he was away for work, I quickly organized for the kids to have a look at the fish on display and let them choose what they fancy.
Abang took one with 2 guppies in it. He named them Yin and Yang because one is black and the other one is white. I don’t know whether it is true or not as they were too small for my eyes. Seriously.
Adik took a red ikan laga which, after much thought decided to call Dandelion.
“Dandelion ?” Was the incredulous  question from her Abang.
“Yeah…” She answered, head high ready for a fight.
“How could you name a fighting fish Dandelion ? He will be the laughing stock of the fighting fish world !”
Tu dia… aku tak sangka ikan laga ada community depa sendiri.
Ha ha.
Last week, in the car both of them were having their usual chats. I wasn’t listening but something Abang said caught my attention.
“Have you ever seen a fat footballer ?” He asked. I really do not know what started it off.
And the answer she gave was, “I don’t know… you ?”
Hehehehheheheh. Mak bapak kat depan yang gelak while Abang crossed his arms, mulut muncung. The serial Deadpan Girl has struck again.
My kids actually have a lot of hilarious conversations. Sometimes aku rasa macam nak curi-curi record them. I have tried it once but they caught me almost immediately and after that they got a bit self-conscious and eventually stopped. Most of the times, I was desperately trying to record it in my head so that I can blog about it. But often times, I couldn’t. My memory is that bad.
Speaking of memory, I have been forgetting words. And phrases too. I noticed this a few years before but it seemed to be getting worse. Struggling for words in a meeting is embarrassing okay. But try as I might, some words are totally lost from me. Phrases especially. I find that I couldn’t make any witty comebacks anymore as well.
Apasal aaa ?

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